So why is life like a video game?

The idea that life is a game has been kicking around for centuries.  It’s quite a deep one, when you think about it.  Look at it quickly and it seems to suggest that this isn’t the ‘real thing’ – but something else is…

Look at the idea more slowly and you’ll see it doesn’t suggest that.  Games are perfectly real, but there’s something else beyond them.  That, to me, seems closer to the mark.

A couple of years ago, I was listening to a group of friends sitting around together chatting about this and that.  They were a friendly, pleasant enough bunch of people.  One told us that her 13-year-old stepson was visiting.  She went on to say that he’d spent almost the whole weekend playing a computer game.  I expect you can imagine the way the conversation went.  The others shared her exasperation.  They spoke of how, when they were young, they had played ‘real’ games; gone outside and ridden bikes, climbed trees and so on.  They shook their heads and tutted at the waste of time and energy expended on something so pointless.

So let’s think about this.  These people felt it was limiting for someone to spend his life playing out this role in a two-dimensional environment, when there was a whole three-dimensional experience out there passing him by, because he wouldn’t shift his focus to look at it.  Fair point?

If LIFE is a game, though, maybe – just maybe – we are spending our time playing out our roles in this three-dimensional environment, when there is a whole multi-dimensional experience out there passing us by…

If that idea intrigues you, why not take a look at Life: A Player’s Guide.  Not only does it explain how life works as a virtual computer game; it explains how to begin accessing those other dimensions and expand your experience.  It suggests that not only are you playing the game – you’re creating it!


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