Are you beta testing this game?

The gauntlet had been thrown down.

I stared incredulously at the message that had appeared in my inbox.

“Every person is born with a different level of psychic ability.  Though for some it may be too low to notice, for others it is an amazing ability with limitless potential.  With every generation a higher percentage of the human race is born with the higher levels.  It is possible to increase someone’s level through psychic activities, including using crystals, dowsing rods and other similar items.  Expanding someone’s knowledge of psychic phenomena and related issues also assists in raising their level.  Somebody with an extremely high level could achieve anything.”

It wasn’t – trust me – the kind of email most teachers would receive from a teenage ex-pupil, especially one who had left school aged 16 a year or two earlier with a cluster of mediocre GCSEs and a fairly comprehensive range of ‘special needs’ labels.  His words had not been copied from an article or book he’d read.  This young man didn’t need to read books – he simply ‘knew’.

One sentence stood out for me from all the rest: With every generation a higher percentage of the human race is born with the higher levels.  He was right.  I’d seen it myself.  When I started teaching, back in the mid seventies, there would occasionally be one child in a class who stood out.  Often socially isolated, with a quirky mixture of brilliance and learning difficulties, they held a barely-concealed contempt for the irrelevant and outmoded education system they were forced into.  Frequently, like my young correspondent, they were highly telepathic and empathic.  Most had super-sensitivity – loud noises were painful, rather than distracting; tastes and smells were often overpowering; only certain fabrics could be tolerated next to the skin and so forth.  By the time I left mainstream teaching, five years ago, every class appeared to have at least a couple of these ‘special’ young people.

Recently I told another of these special kids my theory of life being like a computer game, and that there is an upgraded version now being released.

“I get it,” he said, instantly.  “And the people like me, we’re kind of beta-testing this new version.”

Once I’d looked up beta-testing, I saw that he was exactly right.  Many of them are finding it quite a struggle.  There is a whole raft of new aspects to Version 2.0.  But those who hang on in there will be able to guide the rest of us.  Once they’ve got it sorted, we’ll maybe all be able to play the Game of Life as conscious players, creating it as we go along.  The least we can do in the meantime is to support and encourage these special and highly evolved young people.

2 comments on “Are you beta testing this game?

  1. Look. I red ur email.understand nothing .use everything..feel something..accept anything…I think u think to much…I am the same as u weren’t…..people shake their heads and nod as if they know……….look at Isis …what do u think…their body’s are so strong their weak ..they look at women as if they are . whores…muscles are not movement ,movement belongs to weak .though people killed generations of younn that can fix…..only god can restore

  2. Thanks for your comments, Sean. Yes, I tend to think a lot – too much? Not sure. You make some interesting points… As for my views on god – you’d need to read my book to find out what I think about that.
    I think strong bodies, and even strong minds are of limited use. A strong spirit is what matters, and I feel you have that.

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