Spiraling through time

Odd how, in the West, we have this idea that time travels in some predictable, linear way, moving inexorably from the remembered past, hovering briefly in the present and flowing into an unknown future.   It’s been suggested that the Eastern idea of time is more a circle – the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth flowing around like the snake biting its tail.  Can I suggest that time doesn’t truly work in either of those ways?  My perception of time – insofar as it exists – is of a spiral.

We are currently participating in a three-dimensional game called life within a matrix of time and space.  Because we’ve been at it for quite a while now, we’re beginning to see where it gets a bit fuzzy at the edges.  Scientists are discovering places, both down the microscope and through the telescope, where it doesn’t follow those 3D rules at all.  Seers and mystics – the genuine ones – have been doing this for generations.  Nevertheless, in our day-to-day lives, we tend to put such things aside, keep an eye on the clock and block out our more inexplicable deja-vu or precognitive experiences.

Personally, I like the fuzzy edges of perception.  I enjoy exploring the synchronicities and portents that take us beyond the mundane.  I think it makes the game more interesting.  That’s why I live in spiral time.

It works like this:  My lifeline has been bent into a spiral.  It may help to think of it like a ride down an old-fashioned helter-skelter.  While I’m on this journey,  something out there in the fairground – the candy-floss stand perhaps will catch my eye every so often.  Every time I complete a turn, that candy-floss stand will flash into view.   I’ll think, “I’ve been in this situation before!  This all seems very familiar.”

However if I look closely, I’ll notice that it doesn’t look exactly the same.  I’m in a different position on the helter-skelter now; I’ve covered more ground.  That means I’m able to perceive it from a slightly different angle.  Maybe I’ll spot details or aspects of it I didn’t notice before.

Life’s like that.  We find ourselves thinking,  “Oh boy – been here before!”  New people or places, perhaps, but they press the same buttons, dredge up the same insecurities and pose the same challenges we faced last time.

If life was a line, we could put it all down to co-incidence.  If it was a circle, we could put it all down to karma.  If it’s a spiral, though, we can look back to the way we dealt with this problem last time and see what we’ve learned from that.  We can also look forwards and see how this situation will look once we’ve found a way to overcome the challenges.  I’ll even dare to suggest that dreams and portents might help out here, once you’re ready to open to them and understand that it’s possible to look forward as well as back…

I’d love to know who else out there is living in spiral time.

2 comments on “Spiraling through time

  1. Very thoughtful–thanks for sharing. As I was reading it I was reminded of the song linked below; it was an old friend’s favourite and we played it as his funeral last year. Although Harry C stuck with the circle metaphor I think that maybe he, too, would have liked your metaphor better :>)

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