Who is playing Version 2.0 of the Game of Life?

Imagine a huge 3D video screen – bigger and brighter than anything yet invented.

On this screen, imagine a massively exciting, unpredictable and totally addictive role player computer game playing out.   Untold numbers of fully functional little avatars are scurrying around, busily engaged in their tasks, quests and challenges.  They interact with one another and drift apart, making new connections and gaining extra experience as every moment passes.

You are participating in this game.

Yes, right now.

You call it life.

And before you tell me that it isn’t remotely exciting, let me point out that you have completely free choice about where you go and what you do.  There’s plenty of interesting and challenging stuff out there… just be careful what you wish for.


The real question is this: How exactly are you participating in the game?  Are you one of the on-screen characters, or avatars, as they’re called?  Or maybe you’re the person controlling them, the one with the game controller in your hands.  You could even be the designer and creator of the game – the one who came up with the whole idea.

I would argue (in fact I do, in my book Life: A Player’s Guide) that at some level, you are all three.

Insofar as you are linked to the rest of the creative energy of the Cosmos, you have designed and built this amazing, astoundingly complex Game of Life within a 3 dimensional matrix of time and space.

Game Controller

Game Controller (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)


Given that you have a consciousness that extends beyond your physical body, that is the part of you which selected the avatar, chose its start location and the challenges it wanted to explore.  That  greater consciousness continues to provide guidance and set up opportunities for the on-screen character throughout the whole game.  That part of you is holding the controller.  As in any game, though, there are unexpected twists and turns, hazards and surprises.


If you’re playing Version 1 of this game of life, though, you won’t be aware of much of that, because there’s an in-built ‘amnesia chip’ that leaves you believing this 3D action on the screen of life is all there is.  You’re so caught up in the on-screen action that you have more or less forgotten the rest.

In Life: A Player’s Guide I put it this way:

You are more than your avatar. You are a perfect holographic part of the creator. You are conscious energy; so is everything and everyone around you.


Some people, most of whom started ‘playing’ within the last 30 or so years, are experimenting with what we might term the upgraded version.  These people are playing Version 2.0 of the game.  They have an enhanced awareness of the multiple dimensions involved.  In short, they’re less caught up in what is happening on the 3D screen and more aware of all that’s going on around and beyond it.  We can call that the Cosmos, the Multiverse, the Mind or whatever you like.

These people are regarded with deep suspicion by the vast majority of the Version 1 players, who find their differently orientated brains and altered focus strange, worrying or just plain weird.

Having worked in education for many years, I have become an interested spectator.  I have listened in awe and delight to the growing number of young people who have knowledge, innate skills and comprehension far beyond my own.  I have watched parents, the media, the ‘experts’ and those in authority attempt to classify, suppress and ‘normalise’ them.  I’ve watched as they are drugged with Ritalin, branded as disordered, forced to abandon their inner knowledge or derided as geeks, nerds or weirdos.

Yet if we Version 1 players can move beyond our fevered attention to the game and look beyond the screen for a moment, we will start to recognise the gifts our psychic and wonderful young teachers are bringing us.

Though we seem to be sleeping there is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream, and that will eventually startle us back to the Truth of who we are. —Rumi


4 comments on “Who is playing Version 2.0 of the Game of Life?

  1. You might be interested in the “Indigo child” phenomenon Jan, but keep your eyes open. Too many people take it literally. I’ve been called an indigo as well as various other things, but I was only minimally awake at birth. As such I’ve had both the full “v1.0” skin-suit experience and now I’m thoroughly immersed in “v2.0” while still maintaining “backwards compatibility”. It’s given me a somewhat unique perspective that I find a lot of “v2.0’ers” simply don’t have; I understand both points of view implicitly.

    • I’d love to know more about your unique perspective, Spirit of Aleph. Obviously I wouldn’t be writing so much on this subject if I didn’t believe some progress beyond ‘v1.0’ was possible. I’ve also come to know people who were very ‘indigo’ as children and adolescents, but from my perspective seem to be utterly caught up in the ‘skin-suit’ life as they grow older. I’d value your views on this.

  2. Sure. As do I sometimes … and then it’s quite a lurching shift in thinking all of a sudden as it clears and I realise I did something counter to self.

    As for v2.0 etc, I’d argue that we’re all actually having that experience, that’s the “default” setting as it were, it’s just that some people (okay, most) aren’t ready for it.

    Think of a TV. The TV doesn’t care whether the signal is HD or SD, it will display whatever it receives, but most people can only decode SD. Those who can handle HD get the full HD experience.

  3. Note that the V2.0+ experience isn’t constant. If it is, you no longer need to be on Earth. Rather your consciousness varies somewhere between 1.0 and 2.0+ based on how closely you match who you are from moment to moment (to wit “peak spiritual experiences”). So even those people who are well and truly grounded in 2.0 can slip back and those who are 1.0 can (and do) have very brief moments of the ful l experience,during moments of intense psychoemotional arousal. E.g you are deeply in love with someone and you share your first, intimate kiss, on the beach, Your heart swells and fills with love, beyond what seems possible and for just a moment, you feel a sense of peace, a sense that everything is right with the world. That’s not a v1.0 experience.

    If you ask enough v1.0’ers, you’ll find that many, if not most people have had some experience like this. The difference with v2.0’ers is it happens a lot more often and they have some degree of conscious control over when it happens.

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