“Have you ever written a story, then found out it was true?”


The title of this post is a question that was put to me by a 7-year-old girl I was working with a few years ago.

I knew exactly what she meant.  I even quoted her in Life: A Player’s Guide.

Of course the book I wrote wasn’t a story.  I truly believed every word of it as I wrote it.  I just never imagined I’d be given such fantastic proof and validation of what I’d said.  And I certainly never would have expected it to be playing out in my own lifetime in such a dramatic fashion.

What follows is quite a personal story, and I could have chosen to keep it to myself.  In many ways that would have felt more comfortable.  There’s something so amazing about it, though, that I feel I want to share it.


So here goes… a True Story:

Well yes, ok, you do get some very funny looks – and a few not-very-funny comments – when your best friend is an ex-student, on the autistic spectrum, and you’re almost too old to be his mother.

Regardless of all that, we spent many long and happy days together when he was a child and teenager.  We spent hours on the phone and on interminable train journeys, chatting about science, theology, spirituality, channelling, dowsing, philosophy, time travel, past lives and all the kinds of stuff we both found fascinating and most of our friends and family members found downright weird.

Then – well – he grew up.  The phone calls and visits became fewer and further between and eventually stopped.  An occasional word or two in reply to a text was the best I could hope for.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  That’s the way it should be.  The young man had the sense to stop hanging out with his ex-teacher and found more suitable companions.  Good job too.

Except he didn’t.  He seemed to retreat into himself and speak to no one.  I’d have been fine about it if he’d gone off to enjoy life with mates and found a girlfriend or two, but I hated the thought of him being all alone.

So now you’re saying, ‘Ok, the brown stuff happens.  You did your best.  Get over it.’

But I couldn’t.

You see I know how LIFE works – for me, anyhow. I wrote the Player’s Guide.  There’s a whole section in there on synchronous relationships – the ones that are ‘meant’; that have clearly been pre-planned at soul level before we started on this particular lifetime.  In those relationships, people come together in order to fulfil some particular purpose.

If you’ve read the book, or seen similar ideas expressed elsewhere, you may be saying, ‘Yes, but you had about ten years.  Surely that should be enough to achieve whatever-it-was?’

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

It was just that I knew – deep in my soul – that there was more.  I knew I was missing something vital.  I knew it was all happening like this for a reason.  I just couldn’t figure out what that reason was.

So what else does my book say?  It says we believe everything in our lives into existence.  I believed there was an answer, so there was, and I set about hunting for it.

That has been a long process – long and painful.  So many kind and well-meaning people have tried to help from a human perspective.  None of them has understood that I was searching for an answer from a soul perspective.

English: A woman walking a prayer labyrinth

Then, a few weeks ago I discovered – on WordPress, no less – a couple from the United States.  The lady, Cynthia, channels a group of Spirit Beings known as The Council.  Her partner, Bob, asks questions and meticulously records the answers.  They offer this service on their blog, modestly titled ‘Ask The Council’.

I started flicking through their posts. This was all so familiar – and so RIGHT.  It was like listening to the words of Seth and other higher dimensional beings whose words I’d read and marvelled over.  These answers didn’t come from wise and thoughtful people – they came from Spirit; from a Higher Consciousness.

I felt an instant resonnance with what was being said.  With mounting excitement, I wrote my question for The Council.  Then I waited.

I believe we are all souls – great, expanded, powerful beings – who have chosen to spend some time being human.  I believe there’s a deep and important reason for this.  My book explains all that.  I also believe there is help available when it all gets too difficult.  That help can come from all manner of sources, so why not a blog?

Yes, I received an answer from The Council.  It told me several things I’d known or suspected, and many others I had no idea about.  It completely transformed my understanding of this very unusual friendship and its purpose.  It made perfect sense of matters I’d never understood and it made me incredibly happy.

If you click on The Answer from The Council, you will be able to see what I was told.

Maybe you have a few questions about your own life, too?



2 comments on ““Have you ever written a story, then found out it was true?”

  1. Not only is this a true story, but it’s a good-feeling true story, which (for me) makes it one of the best kind of stories.

    I love what you say about ‘believing’ things in our lives into existence. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it said quite that way and I think it’s brilliant, It seems exactly what The Council is encouraging people to understand.

    Your surprise at your own life becoming an unexpectedly dramatic validation of believing something you desire into existence is interesting. It makes me wonder how much more dramatic our creating can become as we learn to play with expecting the unexpected and believing the unbelievable.

    Thank you, Jan, for sharing this heart-felt personal story. It’s a wonderful and encouraging example of trusting in yourself to follow your intuition and inner guidance when popular opinion seemed to encourage you to adopt a more conventional way of dealing with your situation.

    I like to think that when I’m facing resistance to following my own inner guidance that I’ll remember to think of your example and be encouraged by it.


    • Thank you Bob.

      I’ll expand a bit on my ‘believing is seeing’ concept in a future post. It takes a while to get your head around it, but is just what we’re being told in terms of manifesting, attunements and so forth.

      Delighted if I’ve managed to inspire you a little, since you and Cynthia have given me so much inspiration through the words you have channelled.

      Jan x

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