The Game gets serious when children die – but it is still a game

Not what I was intending to do today, but that Facebook picture of the Philpotts and a noose appeared yet again on my Facebook page and I can’t resist putting the case into the context of my own truth and beliefs about life.


For readers outside the UK who may not be aware of the story,  this couple and an accomplice have been found guilty of the manslaughter of their six children after burning down the family home in an attempt, as I understand it,  to frame Mr P’s former mistress and to make enough money to get a larger home.  They were unable to rescue the children from the fire they’d started.

The picture shown above sums up the reaction of, apparently, many people in the UK.

Obviously I feel saddened by the story and very sorry for the suffering of those children, along with all who knew and loved them.  However I want to move away from blame and anger, and to view Mr and Mrs Philpott as souls and – this is controversial, I know – as mirrors for us all.


Soul Contracts
It’s part of my truth that everyone is a soul; one which has chosen to spend some time being human in order to make new choices and expand Consciousness/the Universe.
If these ideas seem very strange to you, I suggest either taking a look at my book Life: A Player’s Guide or at the writings of Neale Donald Walsch or Jane Roberts.

Before squashing ourselves into human form we decide, as souls, what aspect of experience we wish to have in this lifetime.  We discuss this with other souls and form what could be termed ‘contracts’ or agreements with them.  For example if I chose to experience victimhood, I would agree with another soul that he/she would abuse me in some way.  The easiest way to imagine this is to think of actors sharing out the parts in a play.  Remember, the soul is in search of experience – ideas like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ don’t enter into it any more than they would in a cast of actors.  We are, in a very real sense, simply playing parts.

That being the case, I’m quite happy to believe that the Philpotts and their children made such contracts.  At soul level, the children agreed to sacrifice their lives in order for their parents and others to experience the repercussions of the choices that were made.  Having returned to Spirit, their souls can decide what they would like to experience next.

Mr and Mrs Philpott now face prison sentences of life and 17 years respectively.  Their earthly experience continues and few would expect it to be happy on the whole.


Whilst agreeing that the vast majority of people would never dream of making the choices these two made, I believe that every now and then individuals incarnate to show the rest of us just how spectacularly wrong life can go, if we head down particular paths and make certain choices.

Tor des Schmerzes, memorial for victims of Naz...

Tor des Schmerzes, memorial for victims of Nazi eugenics in Karlsruhe main cemetery

Just as Hitler provided the world with evidence of the way eugenics and racism could lead, so, in his smaller way, Mr Philpott has shown where greed, vindictiveness and the thoughtless pursuit of financial gain could take us.

Interestingly, I’ve also received several of those quirky reminders Facebook specialises in, over the last few days, pointing out that money should never be seen as a goal in itself or as a replacement for happiness.

Perhaps part of the Philpotts’ soul purpose was to make that message abundantly clear to us?

9 comments on “The Game gets serious when children die – but it is still a game

  1. how does the idea that the Philpott children had a prior agreement, on a soul level, to sacrifice their lives in order to further the experience and learning of their parents and others, fit with the concept of pre-destination, or pre-determination. That is, was this destined to happen because it had been agreed on a soul level to happen. Should we then not feel grief and sadness for their passing because it was what they chose and because it serves their own purposes on a soul level.
    I agree totally with the concept of practicing non-judgementality toward the Philpotts. They are who they are because of the sum of EVERY experience they have ever had. With different experiences they would have learned different behaviours. It is my belief that they too have been let down by their teachers, their parents and/or significant others, and by society. They, like all of us, have absolute and total free will to choose to do or say absolutely anything (within physical/practical limitations – whatever you perceive them to be!). The corollary to this though is that they, and us, also have to accept responsibility for these choices. Every action, word and thought has a consequence. We shape our own reality.
    In the case of the Philpotts they have been forced to accept that as a consequence of their actions (which broke the law) they have had physical/practical limitations imposed on them that restrict their choices (ie they are in prison for a very long time).

    I love your blog posts Jan. I agree with so much of what you say (but not everything) and you are always very thought provoking

    • Hmmm. Very interesting question, Eddie.

      I agree that the soul contract idea can make it sound as if everything is pre-determined, but I’m certain that isn’t the case. There’d be no point in simply working through a pre-arranged script. I see it more as souls coming together to agree to give each other certain experiences and opportunities to make choices that will allow them to discover ‘who they really are’.
      Difficult to comment too closely on this particular case, since we can’t know what these particular souls chose to explore, but it seems to me the children had selected those parents for reasons of their own as well as to allow the parents to explore choices relating to them (as described in part 2 of my book).
      The father could have decided to abandon his plan – feeling it was too risky. The mother could have chosen to stand up to him. As you say, every experience so far in their lives led them to that vital moment and to a degree influenced their actions that night, but that doesn’t remove the element of free choice.

      Glad you enjoy the blog.
      I’m very comfortable with people holding different ideas and viewpoints, knowing that my truth does not have to be true for others.
      However I think it’s important that we all work to find our own truths if we’re to move through The Game of Life with awareness and gain as much ‘EXP’ as possible, so I’m happy to be ‘thought provoking’.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. A brave and thought provoking post that mirrors a talk I was in audience for just this week. It is a concept that appeals and which makes sense to me. And… I observe the struggle within me between this understanding, my compassion for all souls, and the conditioning from a bombardment of social media and cultural norms that vilify and demonise in order to create meaning out behaviour that is difficult to quantify. I am glad to read other explanations; ones that, when I am inhabiting my 5th dimensional state rather than my fear body, more readily fit my own understandings. Thank you for stopping by and liking some of my posts, by the way. Many Blessings.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful and perceptive response. Yes, I feel many of us are now ‘walking between worlds’ in the sense that we have a fear-based human response jostling a higher, spirit-based self in response to the events around us.
      I’m struggling to react from a place of love rather than fear and it’s clear from your blog that you are doing the same. x

  3. I am so gratified to hear from other folks who share my view of the soul and its ability to create reality in the three-demensional world designed to draw it closer to the universal truth. It’s courageous of you to take on this heart-wrenching event in order for us to see a greater truth. Keep sharing…we all need to seek the greater truths hidden within our actions.

  4. And it’s gratifying to find others who share my views, Paul. Those greater truths can be very difficult to discover sometimes, but worth the search, I feel.

  5. I’m struggling with this one Jan. Leaving the Philpotts case to one side for a moment, can it be that some souls would choose to experience violence and abuse to expand their consciousness? Thinking about this in my present physical incarnation seems quite barmy to me – but on the other hand, maybe souls don’t see violence and abuse in the same way when they are not on the earth plane. Of course I don’t expect you to have the answer to this, but what does your Guide think? I’d love an answer of some sort, but of course if you choose not to, then that’s fine too. Take care, Jan.x

    • Ok Marie. Even with the tiny amount I know about you, I can see why this post jarred with you. I’ve done as you asked, and just had a conversation with my guide. I can copy and paste it here or, if you’d rather receive it personally, my email address is If you email me, i can send you the answer privately. It’s entirely your choice. xx

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