Be the love you want to see

Love for Arts

The way I see it, we’re all love.  Basically, that’s it.  Our true/real/higher/soul selves are a part of Life itself and that – give or take a vowel – is Love.

Of course because that greater self has chosen to spend a few decades playing at being a human, we can often get so involved in The Game that we forget we’re really life/love itself, but it’s good to stop and remember from time to time.

I’m going to tell you a secret.  I’m going to tell you the resolution I made about a year ago.  The reason I’ve not told anyone before is that I wasn’t at all certain I’d be able to manage it.  It was a huge ask.  I’m certainly not saying I’ve fully succeeded yet, but I’m sufficiently well on the way to feel confident to share my intention with you, and maybe invite you to join in.

I decided to give up judgement.

To expand that slightly: I’d never liked the part of me that was so willing to criticise or condemn others for not behaving or thinking the way I did.  It was a behaviour that seemed to diminish me, so I chose to get shot of it.

So can you imagine what not-judging feels like?  It means not moaning about a political party’s politics; not criticising neighbours, relatives or figures in the media for what they’ve done or said; not even condemning those who have perpetrated act of terror or criminality.

If you’re now bristling with righteous indignation, just be aware of that feeling and sit with it.  Check how it feels within you.  Ask yourself if that’s how you want to be.  If it is, that’s fine.  I’m not judging you, either!  I found it didn’t sit well with me, so I chose a different path.

Of course I don’t agree with everything others do.  I accept that from their viewpoint they are doing what they see as the right thing.

It goes without saying that I feel sad for the victims of crime and repression – and still more sad for the perpetrators, as they act from a place of such fear.

Naturally I hate to see suffering in any form, but having acknowledged that it’s there, I can choose whether to extend my energy in anger against those I could judge responsible or in love towards everyone and everything involved.  Not-judging is not at all the same as not-caring.   I believe love is the stronger energy and will make more of a difference.

English: Albert Einstein Français : portrait d...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

To look at it the way one of my heroes would, if the problems in our world have been created through judgements, fear, anger, spite and condemnation, are we going to solve them by more of the same?

I don’t believe any of the problems were caused by love.  That’s why I am willing to try it as the solution.

I can only say it as I see it.  Releasing judgement is hard work – and life throws up all manner of tests of my resolve on a daily basis.  It takes a huge effort sometimes to walk a mile in the shoes of someone who has detonated a bomb or committed murder and to try to find where they were coming from.  When I do, though, and I feel the sad, lonely, fearful place they were acting from and send them love, I feel expanded, freer and lighter than I would if I had judged and condemned them.  They don’t need my hate.  They have enough of that.  But they’re in such need of love…

…we all are.

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