Dowsing with Death – Part 2 of my journey into alternative communication

26 marzo 2011 - 26 March 2011

So here it is – the long-awaited sequel to My Left Knee .  Probably best if you follow that link to Part 1 if you haven’t already seen it.

To recap briefly, I was the most down-to-earth and non-flaky individual you could wish to meet, almost, when I discovered that a dear friend who had passed away was apparently contacting me from the other side.

I’ll leave you to imagine the mix of emotions swirling around in my head at that point.  A ghost with a quirky sense of humour could get my attention any time she wanted by applying a vice-like grip on my left knee.  A pun: she’d ‘left’ some years before and her name was Nina – Ni for short.


Well I’m a pragmatic soul, really, so I decided that a) she must have a pretty important reason for going to these lengths to get through to me and b) knowing Nina as I did, it probably had something to do with her beloved family.  I therefore decided I’d better find a way of communicating with her – preferably one that didn’t involve any more excruciating pressure on my knee.

Well it ‘just so happened’ (Like I believe that – no such thing as coincidence!) that I’d recently been reading an article on dowsing in a magazine – one of those glossy ones aimed at women with an interest in angels, horoscopes and the like.  I was, remember, at the very start of my spiritual journey!

I’d mastered getting the pendulum to nod affirmatively backwards and forwards in reply to questions such as ‘Is today Wednesday?’ or ‘Is my name Jan?’ and to shake its little bobbing head from side to side if I asked ‘Am I Mickey Mouse?’Mickey Mouse in the Disneyland Resort Station ...


Well it was a start.  I figured that if it was that sensitive to ‘lie detector’ vibrations, she ought to be able to use it to communicate with me.

“Are you Nina?”

Nod, nod, nod went the pendulum, very emphatically.


“Is there something you need to tell me?”

Again, nod, nod, nod.

Ah.  I’d hit my first snag.  The pendulum could only do nod, shake and a manic spinning that seemed to mean I’d confused it utterly.  There was no way it could respond to “What is it?”

So now I had to be a spiritual medium and a mind reader?  The pendulum could only deal with yes/no questions.

“Is it to do with your family?”

Nod, nod, yes.

Hmm.  Her family were going through an interesting transformation at that time.  Her husband had fairly recently remarried, her eldest child had recently started secondary school, the new wife had insisted the dog was rehomed.  I had to find a way of narrowing down my questions.

Back to the magazine article.  After explaining the lie-detector bit, it had a full page diagram – a circle divided into slices with pictures representing aspects of life the readership might be interested in: travel, romance, home, money and so forth.  The idea was to hold the pendulum over the centre of the circle, go all calm and relaxed, ask it what you should focus on in your life and see which section it swung to.

I could adapt this!  I grabbed a box of coloured pencils (do ghosts see in colour?) and drew a set of little pictures to stick over the magazine’s symbols: her husband, his new wife, the two children, the now-absent dog, her sister, Nina and myself.  This should at least narrow it down a bit.

Simple emoticons of the five temperaments: San...

After some thought, I made a second circle with what would now be called emoticons – little symbols for happy, sad, worried, help, danger, excited etc. so she could tell me how she was feeling about these people.

Ni was a quick learner.  So was I.  Within the space of half an hour, she was communicating with me and my pendulum.

No, she was fine about the dog going.  She was delighted for her husband and saw how happy he was in his new relationship.  That was a relief – not a lot I could have done about either of those.

Next, though, the pendulum veered towards ‘danger’.

Danger to…?  It swung to her eldest child.

Is the danger from someone on the chart?  Nod, nod, nod.

My mouth went dry.  I held the pendulum again over the figures.  It swung to the new wife.

Impossible!  She was a sweet, lovely lady.  She seemed genuinely fond of the children.  Just the week before, that boy – the eldest child – had told me how much cleaner the house was, how good her cooking was.

But Nina was adamant.  She showed me new wife, dog.  Then new wife, son.  Then danger.  Then repeated.

“Are you telling me she wants to get rid of your son, like she did the dog?” I asked, finally.

English: If the amplitude is large, the period...

The nodding of the pendulum was so strong it was almost wrenched out of my hand.

Next she moved to my little image of myself, then the ‘help’ icon, then the boy.

Did she want me to speak to her husband or sister about this?

A vehement no.

This, it seemed, was down to me to sort out.

And you know what?  It was true.

It took me a long time to figure out what was going on there, but the clash between the new step-mum and the eldest child had started.  He was in great need of support.  So was she.  I did my best and staved things off for a good long time.  It wasn’t until he was several years older and my back was turned for a while that she finally managed to get that boy removed from the family home.

Without Nina’s warning, I wouldn’t have seen it coming, and this was just the start of a long and magical communication with her, and later with others…

…but those stories can wait for another post.


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