Where wondering leads…


Dream! (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

Be careful what you ask for!

I finished my last post by wondering how ‘real’ a dream had been.

Since then, I’ve been bombarded with messages from all directions – messages ‘reminding’ me (as we all have the truth within us already) how the worlds we dream interact with the world we believe ourselves to be living in.
So huge thanks to Paul and Suzy, Rory and Sarina, Cynthia and Bob and all the others who have unwittingly handed me pieces of the puzzle and helped me to slot it together.

Same Place – Different Frequencies


This one turns up everywhere – the analogy of self as a radio, able to receive all kinds of messages on different frequencies, depending which part we tune into.

Seth, via Jane Roberts, insisted that we are living many different lives at once but as we’re ‘tuned in’ to this one, we are normally unaware of the others.  Sometimes they come to us as fragments in deja vu, dreams, ‘past’ life regressions and so forth.

As I say, I’ve been receiving many reminders of that over the last few days, so perhaps I’d been ready to start experimenting with twiddling the dial a little more than I usually do: I was willing to take a glance at those other frequencies.

Switching Channels

Last night I was re-reading an amazing channelled response I had from The Council via Cynthia and Bob Dukes on their blog Ask The Council.  It concerned an alternate/past life with a young man I’ve worked with during this lifetime.  Here’s an extract in which the council explain how we worked together to teach telepathy to children in that other life:

ًQuartz Crystals.

“He was a young child who learned very quickly this [telepathic] communication and was a bridge, in the beginning, of her communicating with…the infants. And so they worked together to reach these children and then begin to… surrounded by clear quartz crystals… to magnify their vibration [and] receive the communications with these children. And because they [the children] were so recently departed from what we would consider the spiritual realm, they were very aware of this [communication].” …

“By raising the vibrations in these particular places where they worked with the children… they used crystals, sound, and music to reach the infants… and again we say, because these children were so recently leaving the spirit world, they were very aware of vibration, and spirit contact, and mind communication.”

This all made perfect sense to me.  The young man in question has – in this life – had a deep love of crystals since early childhood, and as a small child in a class of infants with speech and language difficulties, he was able to communicate telepathically with other children and taught me (the teacher) how to use this skill.  I won’t say we developed the levels of expertise outlined above, but I was certainly often able to pick up their thoughts and emotions and respond to them in the same way.

The Council insisted that we’d chosen to work more on those skills during this lifetime and that one of my major life purposes is:

“…helping younger children… teaching them about reaching for the feeling of understanding they are more than this physical body.”

Back to Dreams

Now let me share with you the portions I can remember of the dream I’d been having when I woke up this morning.

Once again I was teaching.  My co-worker was young and male, although I didn’t get a look at his face.  We were doing an important activity with a class of very small children.  It involved working virtually one-to-one with them.  This meant that those who had finished were free to play in a huge sandpit with bright plastic digger trucks and similar toys.

Sand toys

One child seemed unhappy with this.
I heard his companion say, “But we’ve got all these toys.”
“Yes, but I want to do some more of the work,” he complained.

I told my colleague we had to give these kids some attention.  He reminded me how important our ‘work’ was and insisted he was going to continue, so I devised some kind of electronic sheet (the technology – though familiar to me in the dream – has no counterpart in our world) that allowed the children to recap on the one-to-one activity they’d been doing.

I was beginning to wake up at this point – still dreaming but able to recall images and ideas and bring them back with me to this life.
“So where does the energy come from?” I heard my dream-self asking the group.
“Our HEARTS,” they chanted, cheerfully.

I was sufficiently removed from the dream by this point to be able to observe – and be amazed by – the diagram we’d created.  In the centre was a bright red heart.  It was surrounded by a torus of energy lines.
Other, differently-coloured lines flowed out from this into the Earth and in other directions.

Back to Reality?

Then I was awake – here.  I was recalling remarkably similar diagrams produced by the Heart Math Institute.  I was wondering about the technology I’d been using, and whether it related to quartz crystals in some way.  I was thinking how young those children had been, and yet how complex the work they’d been doing with us.

What I wasn’t wondering, though, was whether that was ‘real’.

It was.

On a different frequency, certainly, but just as real, whatever ‘real’ may be!

4 comments on “Where wondering leads…

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  2. Thanks for sharing this dream, Jan. It feels like it becomes even more real in the sharing.

    I like your reminder how Seth says we’re living many lives all at once. The Council is also fond of mentioning this, and it’s nice to hear it from other trusted sources, even if it’s not always easy to understand or consciously experience. -Bob

    • Hi Bob – yes I’ve seen many references to the multiple realities/lives/frequencies from The Council on your blog, and from other sources too.
      The latest was an Einstein quote that turned up yesterday:
      “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”

      It helps me to remember that time as we perceive it belongs in our 3D reality. Move beyond that and there is ‘time no more’. As The Council points out, what we’d see as past or future lives are happening somewhere outside of time. I suppose that explains why clocks are always blurred in dreams and shadowy Roman soldiers can be seen marching through walls in the city of York. They’re just on a different frequency.

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