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Very Special Offer on my Book…

Once I was Brave

English: God Appears to Moses in Burning Bush....

I remember, very dimly, stories from Sunday School about Old Testament prophets.  The details are hazy, but there seemed to be several guys, just going about their daily, mundane, earthly existence when suddenly they were exposed to something totally weird.

God spake.

Sometimes there was a burning bush or some other phenomenon to underline the significance of the situation.  They downloaded a pile of information from this God, who then told them to go off and tell everyone what they’d just heard.  Most, if I recall correctly, were totally horrified.  Who can blame them?  It’s one thing to have a transcendent experience and channel information from Source, but quite another to have to go and share it with all and sundry.  Who would believe them?  How would others react?  They’d be on a fast track to ridicule at best; stoning at worst.  Not an enviable position to be placed in.

They have my sympathy.  Really – in bucket loads.  Because although I have not, thankfully, been accosted by voices from burning bushes or anything on that scale, I’ve had my share of, um, interesting and unusual experiences – and the temptation to keep these occurrences firmly to myself has been overwhelming.

Let’s take The Kid as an example.  He’s a real person.  I’m fairly sure he won’t be reading this, unless I email it to him, but a smattering of my regular readers have met him and could, if I asked them, attest to his reality. I’ll put down a few ‘facts’ (if I can use that word) about him and maybe you’ll see the dichotomy I face:

  • I met him as a pupil in my class when he was 6 years old
  • He fairly quickly informed me that he recalled a shared past life with me and that, by the way, he was telepathic
  • His mother died when he was 9
  • Two days before her death, she called me to her bedside and asked me to mentor him as he grew up
  • His father remarried a few years later
  • His mother contacted me from ‘beyond’ and warned me that there were huge problems brewing between him and his stepmother, and asked me to fight his corner

You see?  We’ve only gone a few years into this strange story and I’m ruffling feathers by claiming to have dabbled in spiritual mediumship.  Some will believe it – others won’t.  The whole of that story, by the way, can be found in an earlier post.  To me, each of the above facts is equally true.  Your opinion may be different.  I respect that.  However in my weaker moments, I fear your ridicule, just as those poor prophets did.

Shall I go on?  Should I tell of the time when The Kid was 15?  Might as well.


Anxious (Photo credit: Brian Auer)

I was sitting at my computer, preparing lessons for my class one Sunday afternoon.  Gradually I became aware that a very unpleasant feeling of deep anxiety was building in the pit of my stomach.  I couldn’t account for it.  Nothing was bothering me.  I had no particular concerns about the lessons, the class or anything else, but the sensation got steadily worse.  I went and checked that all my family were well and happy.  They were, but still the anxiety built.  It was becoming quite debilitating.

Then I remembered a couple of similar experiences several years earlier.  I recalled that The Kid had an uncanny ability to project his feelings to me.  That telepathy thing – it very occasionally worked both ways.

I phoned him.  He answered instantly.  His voice had a ‘what kept you so long?’ tone.  Maddening!  He told me he had to attend a work experience interview the next day and was very concerned about it.  He’d never attended an interview before.  Would I help him think of the sort of questions that might come up and how he should answer them, please?

I ran him through a mock interview.  The anxiety, of course, left both of us.  I also asked him why he hadn’t just phoned me, like any normal person.  He told me his way was ‘better’ and laughed.

I could tell many other stories involving this young man; many are equally strange.  In my previous post I told the latest, and strangest yet; one that stretches credibility to its very limits.  And it takes little more than a single sarcastic comment to send the coward in me scurrying for cover and wanting to shut up about the whole thing.


However, I have a problem with that.  Earlier in the year I was sent – from a source I deeply respect – a clear message that I should write the whole story of my encounters with The Kid.  I was told that it would be of great help and value to others and would be well received.  Bravely, I agreed.  I began drafting the manuscript.  Then the doubts crept in – masses of them.  Gradually the writing ceased and I swept the whole idea into a corner of my mind.  When the astral planes stuff started (see previous post), I was very glad I’d done so and congratulated myself on being pragmatic and sensible.  Nobody would believe that sort of thing.

Then I won the prize.


Just a harmless piece of fun – I entered an online draw for a psychic reading.   All I had to do was select my favourite colours.  Where was the harm in that?  These are extracts from the reading I was sent as my prize; a reading, incidentally that was peppered with many very true and relevant observations about various aspects of my life:

“I feel your name was drawn for a reason… This is a message you needed to receive…  I feel this refers to you being a great communicator… drawing upon this innate skill… get your message to others… Spread this knowledge to those willing to listen…Through speaking your truth you will find your message reaching others and helping them…”

Rats!  I think that meddlesome Higher Self or whatever is trying to tell me something.  Maybe I should start writing again before anything in the garden starts spontaneously combusting…

…and I need to get myself back to that brave place I was in when I agreed to tell the story – the place where I understand what ‘truth’ really is.

The not-so-cold shoulder

English: Shoulder pain separation.

People have  – very kindly – been asking for an update on my frozen shoulder.  Umm, yes, it’s getting much better, thank you.

It would be ever so much easier to stop right there.

There’s a great deal more to tell, but many people will find the story impossible to believe.  I suppose that’s okay, though.  I’ll just do the credibility warning here and anyone who raises their eyes skywards and mutters, “Here she goes again!” can click off.

So… Warning:  Don’t read any further if you believe that a frozen shoulder is a medical condition with very definitely medical origins and can have absolutely no connection to psychic attack, astral bodies, telepathy or other weird stuff.  I repeat – leave now unless you want to read a seriously strange story with more things than may be dreamt of in your philosophy.

Okay.  So now those of you still reading can see what you make of this lot…

I suppose my first inkling that something odd was going on was when I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for a while.  She asked how my painful hip was doing.  I’d forgotten about the pain in my hip a few months back.  I’d had a course of acupuncture and the hip improved, but the pain moved to my knee and foot…then the shoulder.  My friend looked at me oddly.  “The same pain?” she asked.  “And it’s moving around and lodging in different parts of your body?”

Now she came to mention it, it did sound very weird.  I hadn’t made the link before, but, yes – I’d been in pain in one way or another for well over a year, and yes – the pain was the same in each case.

When I had my first Reiki healing, as I mentioned in my last post on the subject, the healer saw a face looking out at her from my shoulder.  We were both somewhat alarmed by that – particularly as she described the face and from her description I was able to provide her with a photo of the person she had seen.

On subsequent healing sessions, he appeared again.  As she got to know me better, the healer revealed that the face didn’t just look at her; he glared.  He exuded total fury that she had disturbed him.  He pushed her away and made it clear to her that he felt she was encroaching on ‘his’ territory.

I told her a little about this young man – his first name and his background.  She is a very psychic lady and quickly tuned into him.

He has little interest in his physical life at the moment.  His main interest is with travel on the astral planes.  He spends much of his time communing with others there.  He has a huge astral body.  It looks grey and the energy is rather sticky.  His physical body is quite weak and seems to be shrinking away.

Interesting.   I’d been told very similar things about him in two other readings.  One from a psychic who claimed to see a ‘dark, snaking energy’ coming from my friend and ‘using’ me in some way.  The other – very different in tone – was a channelled message explaining that I shouldn’t worry about his current social isolation, as he was very active on other levels and in contact with many beings but didn’t have much interest in the physical at this point in his life.

Meanwhile, my shoulder was showing distinct signs of recovery except on certain occasions when, for no reason I could discern, the pain suddenly became unbearable.

Now another thing the channel had told me was that my young friend and I had chosen, in this lifetime, to explore telepathic communication.  I was encouraged to attempt to reach him in this way as this was a very important part of our life purpose.

I’d done so, on and off, for several months.  Sometimes there were startling synchronicities and the contact felt very real.  At other times I was fairly certain it was all in my imagination.  (Yes, they’d warned me specifically that this would happen and I was to plough on regardless, but, y’know…)

Anyhow, this seemed like a very good time to redouble my efforts to work on the telepathy.  I had many questions.

English: The astral leaves the body during sle...

To begin with, his responses were grumpy and sullen.  Yes, he told me, he was linking to me when he visited the astral planes (‘plazas’ he called them).  He insisted that it was a mutually beneficial situation.  He reasoned that I’d always wanted to keep contact with him, while he needed a safe anchor in the physical world while he went travelling.  He also said some rather unpleasant things about my healer and suggested I get rid of her.

You may be wondering why I believed all this.  Well, let’s just say we have a lot of history.  Our shared interest in all things numinous was one of the reasons our friendship was so strong.  This included an occasion when, in his mid teens, he decided to tell me about a new type of ‘travelling’ he’d discovered.
“You just sit still and act as if you’re going to sleep, but keep your eyes open and within about ten minutes you find yourself seeing another place.  And don’t ask me to describe it,” he’d added, as my mouth opened, “because there are no words that can explain what it’s like.”

That was nearly ten years ago.   That’s why I wasn’t altogether surprised by this latest turn of events.

Well the telepathic sessions continued over the next few weeks.  The subject matter and form of communication may have been somewhat unorthodox, but the conversation we had went very much like countless arguments we’d had before.

“Why can’t you link to your own body when you go travelling?”
“Yours has more light.”
“Tough – it bloody hurts.  Either use your own silver cord, or whatever it’s called, or stay in your physical body.  What you’re doing to me is definitely not okay.”
“You’re the one who’s always going on about us staying in contact.”
“That’s human contact. Not this stuff!”

I learned a great deal from him about his astral travels.  He’d apparently become obsessed with travelling to the furthest reaches – including places where it was frightening and unpleasant.

English: The Flammarion engraving is a wood en...

A new tone entered his comments.  It was a lonely place, he said – full of fellow human travellers and spirits, full of emotions but with no real contact or feelings.  That, I reminded him, was what the Earth experience was for.  That was why he’d incarnated.

Maybe – just maybe – our telepathic wranglings had reminded him of how much he’d enjoyed human conversation and relationship.  He was nervous initially, doubtful – referring to his physical body at one point as an ’empty cadaver’, but as we talked and I reminded him of the fun he’d had and things he’d done before he turned recluse, his mood softened and his confidence seemed to grow.  Finally, he agreed to stop the travelling and to let go of my shoulder.

I could barely conceal my excitement as I went for the next healing.

“Well?” I asked, when the healer had finished.  “Did he try to stop you again?”

She looked slightly surprised, as if it had only just dawned on her.  “He wasn’t there at all,” she said.  “I didn’t see him.”

Unsurprisingly – to me, at any rate – my shoulder is a great deal better.  There is some stiffness remaining but the gnawing, wrenching pain has gone from my entire body, and my well-travelled friend and I are still talking… 🙂

Do I believe in Cause and Effect?

Weird blue dot

No matter where I look, and what I’m studying, that same question keeps surfacing at the moment.  It’s as if it’s waiting for an answer.  So I suppose I’d better stop and give it one.

The latest attempt to get me to look it squarely in the eyes came early this morning, somewhere between sleeping and waking.  It was one of those little video things some part of the consciousness lobs at us when it wants us to hang on to something important we discovered in the dream state, and are in danger of forgetting when life gets in the way.

So here’s what happened in my ‘video’:


Deep blue background with luminous spheres of light whizzing this way and that – rather like one of those speeded-up films of commuters moving through a railway station.  A voice says, “What if there’s no time?”

The spheres stop and just hang there, then, suspended in the blueness, going nowhere.

“What if there’s no space?” she asks next.

Thunk.  All of them sink and congeal together in a globby white mass with no discernible end or beginning.

“Is there any room for cause and effect?” she asks, finally.

It repeats a few times, until I’m properly awake.

TIME FLIES.....................*

TIME FLIES…………………* (Photo credit: Neal.)

Albert Einstein allegedly said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” He also called time a “stubbornly persistent illusion“.
Just about every channelled source that really makes sense to me insists that time is a construct of our 3D universe.  It allows us to experience life one bit at a time, but doesn’t exist at higher dimensions, or once we have passed over to our wider spirit state.  It’s not even there in dreams, when you think about it.

And what about space?  Maybe that’s here so that everything doesn’t happen in the same place??  Given all the material I’ve read on ‘non-local’ events in the realms of quantum physics, and the way in which spirit (and even my own thoughts and imagination) can be everywhere and anywhere, I’m happy to dispense with space once I move beyond this Earthly game we’re currently participating in.

I’m not saying that time and space don’t exist.  I’m just saying that they exist only within the parameters of the life experience we’re creating for ourselves – the HERE and NOW.  And since to my way of thinking life itself is a ‘stubbornly persistent illusion’ which a portion of our consciousness chooses to inhabit in order to gain experience and thus expand, I also have to accept that cause and effect – those twin sacred cows – are merely a by-product of our perception of the way life works.

Could we imagine a system in which there was no cause-and-effect?  Yes, easily.  If, like the blob of spaceless matter in my semi-dreamed movie, all is One, then everything is both the cause and the effect.  As I watch the movement of water on the surface of a stream, I don’t feel that one swirl of movement causes another.  They exist as parts of the whole water-skin, sharing a great single movement in fractals.

English: Acrylic paint on canvas. Theme quantu...

I’ve a feeling that my semi-dream interrogator was getting at something rather more pragmatic than this, though.  I think she was asking me whether I could dispense with cause and effect in everyday life – in relationships, for example.  That would mean no guilt or blame, no tit-for-tat ‘karma’, no ‘what goes around comes around’… just a constant swirl of movement between the many parts of All That Is, allowing each of us to experience all we choose to experience.

Having someone or something to blame has always been a very comforting prop; so has believing that the majority of life is completely beyond my control.  Letting go of all that and believing that I’m solely responsible for what shows up in my life takes courage – huge amounts of courage.

Perhaps the real question is this: Am I brave enough NOT to believe in cause and effect?


Thanks and a Free Mini-Book for You

Big milestone for me this week 🙂

This blog now has over 100 followers!!

Not huge, perhaps, by some standards, but I’m utterly delighted and just wanted to say how much I appreciate these people who have chosen to read my diverse ramblings and, in many cases, to leave comments and ideas.  Thank you!

I’ve made some amazing contacts around the world during my year-and-a-bit of blogging.

lifeisagame-coverTo celebrate, I’m going to give all of you – and anyone else who happens to stray on to this post – a free PDF copy of my very short ebook: LIFE IS A GAME: YOU CREATED IT, complete with snazzy cover by my son – talented graphic designer  Joe Stone.

It currently retails on Amazon sites as a Kindle edition for a modest amount but this version is completely FREE if you  click on >>>>>this link<<<<<.  Please read, print, share or download it as you wish (making sure you include the copyright notice within it, of course).

I really hope those of you who haven’t read it before become intrigued and keen to find out more about the ideas it contains.  I’ll continue to expand on these from time to time on this blog, and of course there’s far more detail in my full length book, LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE.

Living in Fractals

Fractal Art

I could easily get lost in fractals.  If you clicked on the link in the previous sentence, you might begin to see what I mean.

There’s something about fractals that has fascinated me since I first started playing with them in the early eighties on my Z X Spectrum.  I had no idea what they were, back then.  The mathematics completely passed me by.  It still does, to be honest, but at least now I know how they work and why they matter so much to LIFE.

I could explain fractals simply by saying they are self-similar patterns that repeat at many scales, from the cosmic to the microscopic – like the way a branch from a tree resembles the shape of the tree itself, and a twig from the branch resembles both and so on.  A picture can paint a thousand words, though, so I strongly recommend that you go exploring the breathtakingly beautiful fractal patterns to be found on You Tube.

If you have about an hour to spare sometime, there’s a good overview of fractals in this film, made while Mandlebrot – the man who discovered them – was still alive:

Benoit Mandlebrot is a total hero of mine.  His genius in moving away from the traditional smoothness of geometry and “opening up roughness for investigation” allowed the discovery of a dimension somewhere between the second and third – which is truly awesome.


Fractal Cauliflower!

The more you look for them, the more you find fractals.  Obviously they are there in nature.  We see them in cloud formations, coastlines, mountains, plants and within our own bodies.  It’s no coincidence that a frost pattern looks like a fern or that the structures in my lungs branch like a tree.  No such thing as coincidence…

English: Julia set, a fractal. C = 0.01. F...

I have another theory, though.   I think fractals operate in time just as they do in space.  I think we live in and through fractals.  They explain why patterns of behaviour keep on repeating through history.  They allow us to see why ‘self-similar’ events, ranging in scale from one person’s internal conflicts, through family or workplace disputes to full-on civil wars continue to rattle through time and space, reappearing with the same swirls and eddies we see in a Julia set.

Once I look at at the underlying pattern of ‘life, the universe and everything’ in fractal terms, I can see how my mood or health at a given point relates to what is happening for people I’m connected to at an emotional or mental level despite being many miles away in physical terms.

Even the transits and conjunctions my astrologically-minded friends describe to me in terms of planets, eclipses and new moons fit in effortlessly to the pattern.  I no longer have to struggle to see how or why Mercury retrograde  is ‘causing’ me communication problems.  It’s pure chicken-and-egg – with all the patterns (cosmic to cellular) being intricately bound together in an ever-changing pattern, of which my – and your – life is an infinitesimal yet vital part.




Available in paperback and Kindle editions

Available in paperback and Kindle editions

I devote a couple of chapters to the way fractals and physical life are interconnected in my book LIFE: A Player’s Guide – my best attempt to date to explain how LIFE works.