Thanks and a Free Mini-Book for You

Big milestone for me this week 🙂

This blog now has over 100 followers!!

Not huge, perhaps, by some standards, but I’m utterly delighted and just wanted to say how much I appreciate these people who have chosen to read my diverse ramblings and, in many cases, to leave comments and ideas.  Thank you!

I’ve made some amazing contacts around the world during my year-and-a-bit of blogging.

lifeisagame-coverTo celebrate, I’m going to give all of you – and anyone else who happens to stray on to this post – a free PDF copy of my very short ebook: LIFE IS A GAME: YOU CREATED IT, complete with snazzy cover by my son – talented graphic designer  Joe Stone.

It currently retails on Amazon sites as a Kindle edition for a modest amount but this version is completely FREE if you  click on >>>>>this link<<<<<.  Please read, print, share or download it as you wish (making sure you include the copyright notice within it, of course).

I really hope those of you who haven’t read it before become intrigued and keen to find out more about the ideas it contains.  I’ll continue to expand on these from time to time on this blog, and of course there’s far more detail in my full length book, LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE.

8 comments on “Thanks and a Free Mini-Book for You

  1. I like the idea in your mini-book that there’s a lot more to who I am than what I’m experiencing physically, and probably also what I’m experiencing perceptually, emotionally, and mentally. And I like your emphasis in the min-book on choice. I like the idea there’s a larger part of me that I can discover if this is what I choose.

    I personally like the idea that the purpose of my human experiences is for me to figure out which choices allow the larger part of me to experience the joy of expanding into these human experiences.


  2. Thank you, Jan…and something curious I want to share: I had that notion of life as a game that we create for two-three years now, it formulated in my head while playing my toon (character/avatar) in a game called WoW. I was very surprised to read my thoughts in your little book, not just the general idea, but exactly the same words and descriptions and even lingo used. what an incredible co-insidence, very exciting 🙂

    • That’s brilliant, Daniela! I have spoken to many other people who agree that this is a way to make sense of life.
      I hope sometime you have a chance to check out my full length book, which explores the ‘life as a Role Player Game’ idea in far more detail.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts x

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