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We’ve been reared on the idea that ‘seeing is believing’.  I’d like you to stop for a moment and consider the possibility that the reverse of this is true.  If we can believe in something – if our imagination is rich enough for us to create the thought – then it has the potential to become a part of our reality.  We can observe it, and we now know what happens to thought waves when we start observing them; their wave function collapses and the energy potential turns from thought into matter.  That seems to imply that we can somehow believe things into existence.

Recently, I went along to a talk on UFOs and aliens.  It isn’t a subject I’ve given a great deal of attention to, but I was interested to hear what was said.  I listened to accounts of sightings and encounters by people with impeccable credentials, apparently free from the influence of banned substances.

In some cases, they had taken clear and unmistakable photographs or video footage.  Other people had aimed cameras towards what they saw, yet captured nothing on film.  A third group had ‘felt’ something strange and, despite not being able to see anything unusual, had taken photos of the scenes, to discover that the ‘invisible’ whatever-it-was showed up on their pictures.

So what is going on here?  Just maybe it is cutting-edge creativity.  What we could be discovering in this example is a group of people at various stages of creating physical manifestations of what they were able to believe in.  Some believed so completely, that there was a physical presence which other people could see; one which could even be filmed or photographed.  Others were at a point somewhere between thought and belief; for them, the UFOs or ETs had a degree of reality.  They were reaching a point where their observation was in the process of turning their thoughts (waves) into matter (particles).

Yes.  I’m saying they ‘made them up’.

Had you worried there for a minute, I expect.  After all, for 21st century humans there is a very clear distinction between real stuff and made-up stuff.  If several of us can see it, poke it, measure it and otherwise observe it, it passes the test and is accepted as reality.  Our Greek, Roman and medieval forebears were far less rigid in deciding what was ‘real’.  After all, their entire belief system was built around divine beings – gods, goddesses and so forth – who could generally not be observed but were nevertheless a hugely important part of their lives.

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So anyway, our UFO observers ‘made up’ the aliens.  A devout young Catholic girl ‘made up’ an encounter with the Virgin Mary at Lourdes.  Many people ‘make up’ encounters with angels, while others ‘make up’ sightings of faeries and other elemental beings.  You ‘make up’ a flat-pack wardrobe or a delicious cake.

Some of these things are within everyone’s belief system – what we might call their reality field.  Some of the others may be within some people’s reality field but outside of yours or mine.  That doesn’t matter.  If we don’t believe in them, we won’t be able to see or otherwise sense them.  They won’t exist for us.  On the other hand, if we use our imagination and creativity, we may be able to control and influence that potential energy source beyond just being a thought, to form it into matter.

So am I saying you make everything up?  Everything?  Even the everyday stuff that everyone else can see as well?


I am.

After all, it’s just a game – and you created it.

The above is an extract from the final part of LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE, the book I wrote and published a little over a year ago.  It’s possibly the most contentious claim in the book, but there are plenty of others to get you thinking and wondering!

If you’d like to read more, or know someone who would enjoy it as a Christmas present, go to this link.  The Kindle edition will be on a special promotion offer from Saturday 7th December 2013.  See previous post for details.

2 comments on “Your Reality Field

    • I agree, Bob. It can feel very counter-intuitive when we first start looking at life that way, but I’ve found many channelled sources – The Council included – who put it in exactly those terms. It turns up all the time in Conversations With God.
      In fact, even science is edging this way. When I get the chance, I’m going to try putting together a post on some of the amazing work Robert Lanza has done on the consciousness-based universe. Jan x

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