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Courage Is…

I’m feeling a bit proud of myself this week.

When I got an email from the London CwG group organiser, saying they wanted a guest speaker at their December meet-up, I could have come up with plenty of excuses to ignore it.

  • London is a three hour journey from here; in fact that bit of London is closer to four hours
  • I’d have to do the whole round trip in one day, as I absolutely don’t have time for a weekend away
  • The date (14th December) is only a week and a half before Christmas – and I was hopelessly behind with present buying, card writing and so forth
  • I’d already given them a talk about LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE last year, when they hosted my book launch…
  • …So I wasn’t sure what to talk about…

Yeah, OK, that final point isn’t actually true.  The little voice that nags away somewhere inside me and insistently spurs me on to accept challenges and expand my universe was already in full flow.

“Weren’t you bemoaning your cowardice a couple of weeks back?” it asked, with an audible smirk.  “This is your chance.  Offer to talk about your alternative communication.  It’s a great story.  They’ll love it.”

I wasn’t entirely convinced, but that little voice can be ridiculously persuasive, so I made the offer  – and when the reply came that they would like me to speak, I knew that life had given me this opportunity for a reason.

It will be the first time I’ve talked publicly about this subject.  I’ll be summarising the tale of My Left Knee and its sequels (familiar to some of my long-term blog followers) and demonstrating how to communicate with other realms, using a blob of blue tack, a bit of string and a computer keyboard.  (I checked with my Guide, who has promised to come through with a ‘clear message’ but won’t give me any clues about the content!)

I’m holding the intention that at least some people in the room will be able to link to other aspects of consciousness as easily as I do.  It’s an incredible gift and privilege and I’d love to share it.

That, of course, is far more important than fear.

It would be great to see some of my blogging friends there, so if you’re likely to be in London on Saturday afternoon and would like to come along, you can book at the CwG website.

9 comments on “Back to Brave

  1. Hi Jan. I’m not familiar with Ambrose, but I think he’s got the right idea. Thanks for sharing that. Congratulations for stepping up and offering to present at the CwG Meetup. Wish it wasn’t so far away. I’d love to be there in person. I’m looking forward to hearing how much fun you had with the whole experience. Love, Bob

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