Synchronise your wishes

More of the cottage saga…  I’m afraid my mind dwells on little else at the moment.

Living on purpose and creating my own reality isn’t quite coming naturally yet, but life is definitely moving in that direction.  I’m getting better at it.

English heritage flag

English heritage flag (Photo credit: Meandering Mammal)

I’m not sure how other countries protect their treasured historical buildings, but here in the UK, they are Listed.  The soon-to-be-my cottage has a grade 2 listing.  That means it’s not quite in the Stonehenge  or Glastonbury Abbey league, but being at least 320 years old means that English Heritage and their minions are understandably protective of it.  they want to be sure I’m not going to defile it with UPVC windows and plastic guttering.

That’s all well and good.  I’m not, of course, but they don’t know that.  On the other hand I would quite like to make a few subtle changes, especially to the back of the cottage which was badly mucked about in the 60s and is now leaking like a sieve.

Sadly, the listing covers the botched 20th century work as well as the beautiful 17th century part.  That means I need to submit detailed plans, technical specifications, before and after elevations and all manner of hard stuff I can’t manage alone.

I asked the surveyor.  He said he’s love to help and quoted me an eye-watering amount of money – a sum I couldn’t possibly afford.

Where once there would have been panic and dismay, there was a glimmer of optimism.  Sure, the panic bobbed around the edges of my mind for a while, but then I remembered that I’m creating this.

I called my brother, on the other side of the world.  He called his daughter’s partner.  That young man called his friend.

Within 24 hours, I’d been given the phone number of an architect and assured that this man would sort it all for me.

* Knight In Shimmering Armour *

What else should I expect, when buying the cottage I first saw five years ago in a vision of a unicorn?  Here, clearly was my knight in shining armour.  He calmed and reassured me, quoted a fee that was a fraction of the surveyor’s and patiently answered all my questions.  He’s going to handle the whole planning application process.

Tomorrow I’m meeting him to finalise the plans.  The synchronicities are back in place.

As it says in Conversations With God,

The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.

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9 comments on “Synchronise your wishes

  1. How amazing that everything is falling into place for you, it just goes to show if it’s meant to be heaven & earth won’t stand in your way 🙂

  2. It’s impressive and inspiring what can happen when we’re willing to look beyond our initial fears and worries, and look for better-feeling ways to think about circumstances in our lives. -Bob

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