Exploring life through the autistic spectrum

Earth and Moon from Mars Reconnaissance Orbite...

Earth and Moon from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter taken by HiRISE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Either you subscribe to the view that we are all spirit and are temporarily engaged in playing an elaborate game called Life or you don’t.

I’m not attempting to make converts here – just discussing this Life the way I view it.

I’m reaching the end of my professional career now, but have been working in education long enough, and had enough encounters with children and young people to have formed some interesting ideas.

So the way I see it is this:  Before you or I were born, we existed as consciousness/spirit which made a conscious choice to head for Planet Earth and spend a few decades in a skin-suit, exploring and expanding our experience in a way that only physical life allows.

Some of us chose to completely forget our greater, spirit selves and to become so utterly immersed in The Game that we remain unaware that there is anything of us beyond the skin.

Others started off that way, but through spiritual, ritual or religious practice over the years, have rediscovered that greater consciousness and have linked back to their spirit selves.  People who are able to do this – mystics, gurus, saints, shamans and the Hay House brigade amongst others – are often revered and followed by those seeking enlightenment.

A third group, and these are the ones who fascinate me in particular, have chosen a third path.  In LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE I called them the Version 2.0 kids, because they appear to be playing this Life Game in an enhanced and updated form.  Many in this – very loose – grouping display, from a human perspective, features that have been labelled as autistic spectrum ‘disorder’ or one of the range of ‘disorders’ and ‘syndromes’ which roughly translate as ‘not like the rest of us’.

The ‘skin-suit only’ brigade work tirelessly to cure or alter the Version 2.0 lot and force them to conform to the skin-suit-enclosed way of perceiving the world.

I’d argue that many of these very specialised humans have arrived on the planet with a far greater awareness of their spiritual origins, and are far less strongly tied to their human existence than those around them.  That’s not to say they are gurus and saints, just that they are exploring the Life experience in very different ways.  They have by-passed the years of meditation practice or other paths to opening up to their greater selves by refusing to become so besotted with the Earthbound experience; they’ve retained a sense of perspective, if you like.

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

This would explain why so many so-called ‘disordered’ people have skills and gifts the rest of us don’t.  I once taught a whole class of ‘special needs’ children who were able to communicate telepathically with each other – and eventually with me – although (or maybe because) they had not developed speech and language skills.

Interestingly, a sizeable proportion of these children start to develop spoken language in typical fashion and then stop at around 18 months.  Although devastating for their families, this seems to me to be because they find themselves losing the pre-verbal language they had been using – the one that depends on intuition, telepathic skills and subtle sensory signals the rest of us have largely forgotten.  This language dwells in pictures, thought forms and ideas, and provides a clarity and subtlety no human spoken language can achieve.

English: A little autistic girl.

Our Version 2.0 brethren are not prepared to relinquish their spirit selves as completely as the rest of us have.  They have chosen to explore the Life experience in a new and – to my mind – exciting way, although their path, like everyone else’s, is far from easy or straightforward.

They wear their skin-suits loosely.  They do not need to seek enlightenment because they have never moved fully out of the light.  They are here to test – and perhaps to show us – another way of playing  The Game and one of our challenges is to allow them to be as they are.

In my opinion, this lady has got it right:



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13 comments on “Exploring life through the autistic spectrum

  1. How very cool that you were able to communicate telepathically with your class of students. Absolutely loved the video. I actually saw that TED talk a while back. More people need to have this information.

    • Yes, I remember being blown away by that TED Talk when he first did it. Lovely to have the background to that remarkable young man’s life.
      Being taught to communicate telepathically by a bunch of non-verbal 6 and 7 year olds was incredible. I feel another post coming on… 🙂

  2. I guess that you have learned as much as you have taught and inspired from
    these remarkable children. And spreading your wisdom must help so many others.
    You simply cannot retire!

    • Well I think I probably have a good few years of writing and heckling left in me Wendy, and if young people and I have something new to learn from each other, I’m sure we will meet up somehow – because that’s the way it works!

  3. I was concerned about the medical discovery on the news a few days ago which stated that the cause of Autism was that wiring in some babies brains get mixed up before birth. There is thought that this may be able to be rectified in the unborn child!

  4. Hmm. Obviously the ‘mixed up wiring’ idea has been around for a long time, but the suggestion of pre-birth intervention is a new one to me. I share your concern, Debbie.
    Of course I fully understand how hugely difficult and challenging the task of parenting or caring for a child who perceives and experiences life that way is, and can see why so many are eager to ‘cure’ their child in whatever way the medical profession offers.
    I’m sure we (or, more likely, the Version 2.0 kids) will find ways to bridge the communication gap in far less invasive ways once the chauvinism of the ‘experts’ is replaced by humility and a genuine desire to understand and broaden their perceptions.
    In the US, Suzy Miller and Dr William Tiller are engaged in some ground-breaking work in this area. http://www.suzymiller.com/

    Many thanks to you Debbie for sharing this post link on Facebook 🙂

  5. “V2.0’er” checking in. This is pretty much my experience, they tried to drug me, encouraged me not to question things. Sigh. They don’t understand, so I feel no anger towards them. They are simply ignorant, as I was when my soul didn’t know any better. I’m sure, like them, I too tried to place those who were here for different reasons into neat little boxes and grew angry and upset when they defied them. I know better now.

    As you so aptly described, Jan, we are all playing the game, but different versions of it. I talk about this as “Points of Consciousness” but it’s essentially the same idea. We are here for very different reasons.

    Whatever the metaphor, V2.0, rainbow warrior, indigo children, old souls. We are here. We are watching.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experiences here, my V2.0 friend. How very understanding you are.
      Yes, you’re right, the people who try to fit you into boxes know no better, but maybe if enough of us spread the word, some of them may begin to wonder…
      I like your ‘Points of Consciousness’ terminology, but the words don’t matter. The Knowing does.

  6. It doesn’t really matter whether we spread the word or not, Jan, because if someone isn’t ready, they aren’t ready. Their spirit decides that, not us, we just have to accede to it’s wishes.

    And thank you for the kind words. My compassion for them is rooted in their lack of compassion for me. I don’t wish them to suffer as I have.

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