Acronym seeking the right words…

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I bet someone, somewhere has identified acronym-blindness as a human dysfunction and written an academic paper on it.

For many years I suffered from the condition.

I think being dragged kicking and screaming into senior management was responsible for the onset.  SMT (acronym for Senior Management Team) meetings at our school went something like this:

One of them:                     We need to get the WTF completed by the 25th.
Me:                                        Someone remind me – WTF??
One of them (wearily): Weekly Target Forecasts
Me:                                        Oh, right… Of course.
Another of them:            So are all the LMAO forms up to date now?
Me:                                       Er, LMAO?
All of them:                      LITERACY MARKING ASSESSMENT ONLINE…

And so it went on.  LYAO?

However I’ve been in recovery for five and a half years now.  Even the home-educated kids’ facility I co-run has an acronym – one I rather like – cleverly thought up by my ex: Glastonbury Learning OtherWise = GLOW.  The initials came first and he found the words to fit.  (GLOW came from the writings of Plutarch, many centuries ago, who said that the mind was a candle to be lit, not a vessel to be filled.  It fits our educational ethos rather better than that of the state system, I feel.)

Now I feel a new acronym coming on.  It all started when I was chatting to some friends about the cottage I’m buying.

“You must give it a name,” one insisted.

crumbly ceiling‘Crumbly Cottage’ was the first that came to mind, given the sad state it’s in at the moment.  I regaled them with the long list of ‘urgent and necessary repairs’ the surveyor had given me:

        • rake out and re-point chimney with lime mortar
        • remove peeling wallpaper and repair lime plaster, redecorating with limewash
        • remove masonry paint from stone mullion windows and repair with lime mortar…

“Maybe you should call it Lime Cottage,” another friend remarked with a grin.

I looked at her with interest.  That very morning I’d been admiring and planning to buy a beautiful lime-green sofa as a welcome-to-your-new-custodian present for the cottage…

Was this a synchronicity starting to build?

I gave the name some thought, and decided LIME was almost certainly an acronym.  I still wasn’t completely sure what it stood for, though.

The whole cottage experience has been a masterclass, delivered to me by the Universe, in creating, manifesting, or as Craig Kimbrough so eloquently put it in a recent post on his blog, ‘lightly deciding’.

So perhaps LIME stood for Lightly Into Manifesting Everything, or Letting In My Energy or even Living In Manifested Excitement…

None of those felt completely right.expect a miracle

And then, while wandering around a market in a nearby Somerset town a few days ago, I spotted a huge wall sign poking out of a bargain sale bin.  As you can see, it now has pride of place over my bookcase.

Now I knew Lime Cottage’s true message for me:

Life Is Miracles Expected





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11 comments on “Acronym seeking the right words…

  1. What a brilliant post, so lime cottage it is then, we have to have that light bulb moment, the end room was a butchers at one moment in time but being a vegetarian I don’t want to call it “The Old Butchers Shop” one of the first inhabitants in one cottage was a tailor so that’s an option, while in the second cottage it was a railway worker, I live next door to the pub and thought “Temperance House” would be funny, something will call to me soon I’m sure

    • How lovely! I have an image now of you sitting like one of Beatrix Potter’s little creatures, being a tailor as you make all your beautiful creations, Roma x

    • Amazingly, just last Tuesday I met someone who has just moved to our town. We connected straight away, and when she left, she handed me a small red badge with the words, “Something Wonderful Will Happen”.
      How’s that for synchronicity, Bob?!

      • I love that. Finding a way to truly feel that something wonderful is about to happen seems like an excellent way to increase the likelihood of something wonderful coming into our experience.

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