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Curtain Pleats

Could there be anything more trite and mundane to write about on what is essentially supposed to be a metaphysical blog than living room curtains?

Probably not.  And yet, read on…

As those of you who have been following the unfolding miracle that is Lime Cottage will know, I’ve been on the most extraordinary journey into conscious creation since the start of this year.

Through an amazing series of synchronicities I’ve reached a point where I’m now signing the contract to own a neglected 17th century cottage with an impossibly pretty garden in arguably the most mystical town in England.  I still have to pinch myself in the mornings to believe it’s really happening.

If you’ve yet to be convinced of the magic involved, take a look at the latest episode of the story:

It started when a friend from California was visiting Glastonbury for the weekend.  She’d heard about the cottage and was desperate to take a look.  The trouble was, until all the legal stuff is tied up, I don’t have access to the key.

Nothing daunted, I went to see the estate agent and asked if it would be possible to take my friend to help me measure up for curtains.  It was the closest I could come to a legitimate reason for being allowed back inside the house.

Luckily I get along very well with the people in the estate agents’ office and one of them kindly offered to come and open up for us, so that we could do the measuring.

Having put the good lady to all that trouble, the least we could do was to take the measurements, which we duly did as my friend wandered about commenting on the potential.  I measured.  My friend made neat notes for me in my little brown notebook – the one I was going to take with me to the weekend workshop on Spiritual Practice we were due to attend.

Cut to a coffee break at said workshop the following day, when we were chatting to one of the other participants and telling her about our curtain measuring escapade.

“But do you really need new curtains?” this lady asked pointedly.

“Oh yes,” I said, failing to see the significance of her question.  “I genuinely do.  I’ve nothing that will fit those windows.”

Then I sat in total amazement as she proceeded to explain that her partner had worked for two very well known high-end upholstery manufacturers.  Both companies had allowed staff to buy old stock at heavily discounted prices, so that she now had a loft full of high quality curtains of all shapes, colours and sizes.

“Let me know your colour schemes and how many you need,” she smiled.  “I’d be more than happy to sort you some out.  They’ll be free, of course.  They’re just sitting up there.  Do you happen to have a note of the sizes with you?”


Unable to believe my luck, I tore the page from my brown notebook and handed it to her.

“Brilliant,” she said, tucking it into her bag.  “I’ll sort you some out and bring them with me when I’m back here in the summer.”

So superficially, yes, I’m lucky to be getting some curtains from this generous and thoughtful person.  But as she zipped her bag shut, she grinned and said, “Well that was meant to be, wasn’t it?”
I nodded and explained that the LIME in Lime Cottage stands for ‘Life Is Miracles Expected’.

Maybe one day I’ll get used to the extraordinary little miracles it gives me…

I do hope not.  I’m so loving the magic!

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15 comments on “Lime Curtains

  1. I hope the miracles continue- you deserve them.

    Just don’t get carried away with lime as a colour scheme!

    Please send special thoughts for my dear friend, Alfred, who just turned 95 and has been placed in a hospice. He and his wife were like family to me, only better.

    Wendy Morgan

    • So do I, Wendy, and thanks for the good wishes.
      Love and blessings to your dear friend. I hope his passing – when it comes – is gentle and free from pain. x

  2. Hi Jan!
    Wow! What an amazing miracle!
    I also need curtains and blinds for my place and am hoping for a similarly happy encounter:)! I admit that I’m probably being a bit fussy and fearful in that respect..:)
    On another domestic note, if you need a good decorator, I know one who might be willing to travel from Hampshire…:) Just let me know! Hope your dealings went well last week!
    Meliza x

      • Hi Jan! I hope you’re well! I just wanted to tell you that your “LIME EFFECT” might have worked a bit of magic for me too regarding my search for curtains and blinds.
        I followed my intuition today and more or less stumbled on a shop that I’d never noticed (despite its proximity to where I live, I’m ashamed to say!) and they can probably source the material I want and fit everything for a fraction of the price one of our leading UK retailers had quoted me! Obviously, I just had to share this exciting development with you 🙂 🙂 Despite trying to live my life with trust, your story has helped me re-focus my intentions (certainly for curtains and blinds anyway – I know I should be more ambitious 🙂 :)), so I’m sending you and your enchanting Lime Cottage much love and heartfelt thanks! Meliza xx

      • Brilliant to hear that the ‘LIME effect’ is working it’s magic for you too Meliza! Hope your curtains are all that you are ‘expecting’ and help your home look wonderful. Nothing wrong with starting small. In fact I think it’s the very best way, given that we are learning to create our universe 🙂 xxx

  3. So enjoyed reading this. I also have lime green curtains in my cottage in Tennessee, which I received free. They are high quality, and set off an unexpected but rewarding color scheme. Everyone loves them…as do I! Luz

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