Rewiring my mind

Balancing The Account

Here I am at Phase 2.

That’s great, isn’t it?  All the synchronicities and wonders combined to make my dream possible; the cottage will be mine as soon as the money – or at least the electronic messaging system that passes these days for money – has found its way into the vendor’s bank account.


So what is Phase 2?  It’s where I select builders, scaffolders, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, fencers, decorators and so forth… and trust them to rebuild, repair and restore the sad, neglected shell and make it fit for habitation.

Just writing those words makes me quail.

It’s not that I begrudge the money.  I don’t.  Money is energy.  It’s no use to me while it sits in the bank, but when I’m using it to pay craftsmen and they are improving my cottage, we all gain something from that energy exchange.

No, my energy is depleted by the old wiring in my mind; the wiring that tells me of all the things that can go wrong – delays from contractors not turning up on time, shoddy workmanship, nasty and costly surprises lurking beneath roof tiles and plaster.

Well-meaning friends and relatives regale me with stories of botched jobs, rotten timber, un-met deadlines and the like, and at 2 or 3 in the morning those demons hold sway.

Like everyone else, I have to fight hard to defeat the ‘glass half empty’ mindset.  Most of the time I’m gloriously happy in what some would call my fool’s paradise – expecting and creating a life full of wonder and success.  It’s just that when a new and hitherto untested challenge appears, my mind does its best to revert to the old wiring.  It feels safe there in its reptilian ‘realism’.

Electrical Wires Sepia

It takes effort and a huge leap of faith to once again embark on a massive mental rewire.

First I give my mind a big hug.  I tell it how well it’s done to get me to this place.  I praise it for being brave enough to take on all my crazy new ideas and beliefs thus far.  I re-mind it that it has helped me – against ridiculous odds – to become the owner of a grade ll listed cottage, dating from the 1600s.

Next I carefully and lovingly remove all the rusty, crumbly, outdated wiring – the ‘just think what could go wrong’ ideas.  Some are buried deep in my DNA, so it’s quite a job.

Finally I replace them with a new wiring system.  The energy this system runs on is free and limitless.  It links me into a cosmic hub.  It allows me to tap into the potential of pure creation at will.

Free Energy

Free Energy (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

A year or two back I wrote a book that contained all the theory of this new way of being.  But theory alone is never enough, so now I’m creating a physical, tangible worked example of it – walking my talk, if you like.  Several people have told me they find my cottage story inspirational.

For that reason, I’ll finish this post with the words I used to finish the book:

You are a perfect holographic part of the creator.  You are conscious energy; so is everything and everyone around you.  You are creating in every millisecond of your existence.  Given that, you might as well create something astounding.  Make your life a masterpiece.  The whole of Creation will be the richer for it. 


Available in paperback and Kindle editions

Available in paperback and Kindle editions

LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE by Jan Stone is published by FeedARead and available to order from bookshops or via Amazon.  Do give it a read if you’d like some guidance on creating your own miracles.

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2 comments on “Rewiring my mind

  1. Hi Jan! Remember LIME each time you feel apprehensive! Your story is amazing and very inspirational to me :)! If you do hit any problems, be grateful because from my current experience, it usually brings to light something you’d never have imagined but which really needs urgent attention 🙂 Just have trust! I’m looking forward to hearing how this new stage develops for you – it will all be good in the end:)! Love, Meliza x

    • Bless you, Meliza – you always know the right thing to say – whether in comments or in your beautiful blog.
      You’re absolutely right about problems bringing up issues that need attention. I just needed to be reminded of that! Love, Jan x

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