Lace and Lime

peeping through the cottage window

peeping through the cottage window (Photo credit: troycochrane)

There’s nothing quite as fascinating as a clandestine peep into someone else’s house.

Lime Cottage fronts directly on to the pavement and since it has lain empty now for seven months, there has been ample opportunity for curious passers-by to sneak a glance inside.  In fact, judging by the number of times I’ve arrived there to notice that curious fingers have rubbed away the dirt on the window panes to get a closer look, it’s probably been more than a glance!

Musing on how to keep some privacy without resorting to blinds or nylon nets, which to me look so out of place in ancient buildings, I came across this beautiful post by Anouk, an amazing artist whose cottage interior shots are truly inspiring.  In particular, I was drawn to her photo of a window swathed in fringed vintage lace.  Glorious!  That was the look I was after.

English: Glastonbury: High Street shops

English: Glastonbury: High Street shops (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Now Glastonbury – as locals and visitors will know – is the most wonderful town for buying crystals, candles, incense, esoteric books, anything made of hemp and all things even tangentially connected to faeries, goddesses, the green man, labyrinths and the Tor.  The chances of finding vintage lace anywhere in town, though, appeared slim, to say the least.

Nevertheless, I began my now familiar incantation:

Ideally I’d like…

a length of antique lace, long enough to drape over the front window, hand made, in a cream or ivory shade, preferably with a fringed edge.

Having lightly put out the request to the Universe, I carried on with my day.

Why, you are probably asking, would the Universe bother to supply me with lace window drapes?  Does it not have more pressing concerns:  peace in Syria, an end to world hunger, a cure for killer diseases perhaps?

I’ve often thought about this, as my many miniature miracles have unfolded over the last few months.  I have two answers to the question.

One is ‘because it can’.  This benign and abundant Universe we are tiny parts of will take any opportunity to demonstrate that the old ‘ask and ye shall receive’ adage holds true.  It merely requires a subtle shift from mind-set to heart-set; from ‘Huh, well I’ll give it a try, but some chance!’ to ‘Wouldn’t it be magical if…’.

The second is that we are not only tiny parts of the Universe, but tiny holographic parts.  That means each of us has – locked inside our very being – all the power and magnificence and wonder of All That Is.  We may feel small and insignificant, but in truth we are anything but.  We can select and create our own reality.

Knowing that (and having grown used to the way Lime Cottage’s magic works) I headed into town for the two errands I had to run.  The first completed, I didn’t question the feeling that today I should take a short cut through a tiny mews passage I haven’t used for months, in order to reach my second destination.

There are a couple of shops at the start of the passageway,  beyond them one or two businesses that usually seem closed, and several vacant units.  As I went round a bend, though, I noticed light coming from one of the doorways.  Suddenly I was standing outside a tiny shop with pieces of vintage furniture, clothes, bygones and the like filling the windows and tumbling gloriously into the passage.  Inside a small lady sat hunched over a sewing machine.

The synchronicity key began to turn.  I had the strongest feeling that I’d stumbled into a fairytale.  Draped over the open door of this shop were festoons of – you guessed it – antique lace.

“I had no idea you were here!” I spluttered.

“No, I’ve only been open a couple of weeks,” the lady smiled.  “Do come in.”

I told her of my request to the Universe for a length of lace, noticing as I did so that one of the lengths was exactly the colour, type and size I’d been imagining, even down to the fringed edging.

“Isn’t it amazing how that works,” she laughed.  “It’s happened to me so many times recently!”

There was a large tear and several smaller holes in the lace, which she pointed out.  Easily repaired, I decided, and of course that affected the price.  I opened my purse and there, of course, was exactly the amount of money she was charging – no more, no less.

So I’m spending the evenings carefully and lovingly making invisible repairs to the beautiful length of hand-made lace, noticing the lovely pattern – already meticulously patched at some distant time.  Soon it will adorn the old stone mullion windows of Lime Cottage.


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10 comments on “Lace and Lime

    • That’s quite possible, Wendy! Not me that’s the wonder, though – it’s this amazing Universe we live in 🙂 . The secret is to keep expecting x

  1. Sounds really great for the cottage windows. Hope that your miniature miracles keep recurring until you have everything you need! 🙂

  2. Hi Jan! This is truly wonderful and so heart-warming! Lime Cottage is taking care of you (and itself!) extremely nicely :)! I’m so pleased for you and can’t wait to hear what more uplifting gifts are about to be manifested on your way! With love, Meliza xx

  3. Whenever I read your blog it’s like stepping into a magical book written by a mythical fairy godmother “The Elves & The Cottage Maker” long may it continue

    • It all feels very magical to me too,Roma! I love ‘The Elves and The Cottage Maker’ 🙂 ! In my book Life: A Player’s Guide, I wrote a whole chapter on how to live life as a fairy tale. Seems I’m now doing it!

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