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Abracadabra! (Photo credit: vramak)

I recently read that  Abracadabra is a Hebrew or Aramaic phrase meaning  ‘I create what I speak’.

A couple of decades ago, that would have had very little significance for me, but now, not only is its meaning huge – it defines the way I live my life.

When the student is ready, so the old saying goes, the teacher will appear.  That was certainly true for me.  My first and greatest teacher was a teenage boy – ironically, an ex-pupil of mine.  When he judged that I was ready, he offered to demonstrate how to use intention to make things happen.

We’re not talking about wafty stuff here.  He challenged me to move a bottle of water across a table, using my thoughts and words but no physical intervention.  When I couldn’t do it, he demonstrated, and patiently taught me the importance of intention (e-motion being energy in motion and all that) and how to make use of ‘ertia’ – the opposite of inertia! (“Go with the flow of probability to achieve what you want, rather than fighting against it.  That can be done, but it’s much harder work.”)

Once I was open to the possibility of altering my world in this way, synchronicity kicked in and I found examples and further explanations almost everywhere I looked.

People who have read Life: A Player’s Guide, or followed my recent ‘LIME Magic’ posts will know how deeply ingrained in my life this way of being has become.

So it’s hardly surprising that one of the texts pinned up on my study wall deals with this process of creation.  I originally copied it many years ago from Conversations With God, not because I agreed with it, but because I couldn’t understand it.  I read it often, meditated on it and allowed it to slowly and gradually seep into my consciousness.

I’ve since seen the concept put more succinctly, and I know that some people find the G- word off-putting, but I love this quote because – like the boy with the water bottle – it has expanded my consciousness and allowed me to create my world in completely new ways.


100_0258Thought is the first level of creation.

Words are the second level of creation.

Actions are words moving.

Words are thoughts expressed.

Thoughts are ideas formed.

Ideas are energies come together.

Energies are forces released.

Forces are elements existent.

Elements are particles of God, portions of ALL, the stuff of everything.

Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations with God, Book 1


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5 comments on “More writing on my wall

  1. Hi Jan. I like ND Walsh’s Conversations With God series, and this is a nice quote. But it makes me wonder what part emotions/feelings play in this explanation of creation. Love, Bob.

  2. I have been enjoying following along as you have manifested your cottage. And I very much enjoy Neale. It’s intriguing to think about how before something comes into begin, it has to first be thought of. As simple as that.

  3. Hi Jan! Thanks for this powerful reminder to be more aware of how we create our own destinies by attracting the people, things and events that we need, or think we need :)! Love, Meliza xx

  4. NDW is a good man and those are good words to consider. I get a daily message from him that makes me think.

    The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand. ~Frederic Lawrence Knowles

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