And there on the doorstep…

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So when the doorbell went at lunchtime yesterday, I wasn’t in the best of spaces.

I’d done my back in the day before and was in quite a bit of pain.  I was upstairs in the study and the thought of making the arduous journey downstairs was tempting me to ignore it.

On the other hand, an unexpected ring at the door is an opportunity…

So slowly and uncomfortably I made my way down the stairs and along the hall.  As I approached, I could hear whoever-they-were outside chatting happily – two female voices.

I opened the door and there stood two of my dearest friends.

You know that bit in a dream, when you suddenly think, “This is too far fetched to be happening – it must be a dream,” and instantly wake up?  Well I had that feeling, but I didn’t wake up.

You see – yes – both these people were good friends of mine, certainly, but they should not have been there.  They certainly shouldn’t have been there together.  Even more certainly, they shouldn’t have known each other and been chatting away as I’d hear them doing.  None of this worked.

I stared from one to the other in total amazement.  They grinned.
“Told you this would leave her speechless!” laughed L, the friend I’ve known for years, who lives in a village a few miles down the road from here.
“Not surprised,” agreed V, the friend I’d been on a couple of workshops with earlier in the year, who lives about 200 miles away and wasn’t due to visit for another month.

My mind was trying hard to make some sense of this.  It was failing miserably.
“You came together?” I asked.
They nodded and smiled some more.
“But how on earth do you know each other…?”

“You shouldn’t have any trouble understanding this,” V told me.  “It fits in perfectly with your philosophy of life, and how things work.”

She was right.  It did.

V had come to Glastonbury for the weekend to attend a workshop.  She’d forgotten to bring my phone number and didn’t know where my house was, so hadn’t been able to contact me.

L had, quite separately, signed up for the same workshop.  She’d arrived that morning and chosen a chair to sit in.  V had chosen to sit in the chair next to her.  They’d instantly found many things in common and decided to spend their lunch break together.

As they were walking along the High Street, L had expressed her interest in Mayan astrology.  A few quick mental calculations later (L has a mind like a computer) she’d discovered that, like herself, V was a Blue Lunar Eagle.

“That’s amazing!” L said.  “You’re only the second other one I’ve found.  It explains why we get along so well.  The other is my friend Jan.”
“Not Jan Stone?” V asked.

That was how they discovered that both of them knew me.  Obviously,  they then carried on down to my house to share their discovery.

Simple really, as long as you believe in miracles and synchronicity…





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8 comments on “And there on the doorstep…

  1. How nice for all of you. 2 amazing days in Iceland and now here we are in Glasgow! Have a nice flat to stay in & hope to see some Mac Intosh tomorrow.

    W. xo

    Sent from my iPod

  2. This happened to me once when two friends had arrived at my previous home and I was out. They went for a coffee and when they returned, I was home and had a similar reaction. One was over from Holland and had decided to drop in and the other was a friend who had arrived an hour early and had realised her mistake and knew I’d be home then. It really is a small world at times or like this, and similar situations, does something happen to help those who would be at an otherwise loose end! 🙂

  3. How lovely, Jan! What a blessing to have two separate friends unknowingly (in a conscious sense anyway) come together with you as the link. Thanks for the powerful reminder that all of us are connected 🙂 I hope your back pain was totally lifted by their love and friendship for you! With love, Meliza x

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