Life Is Miracles Expected

English: miracles - by Remi0o

I’m trying to convince myself that writing this post is NOT another displacement activity to allow me to put off clearing out the under-stairs cupboard!  In deference to that very necessary job, though – and the other masses of packing jobs that need doing, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Very sweet.

The journey that started for me six months ago is about to be complete.  In a couple of days, I’ll be moving into the 17th century cottage that just managed to catch my eye one blustery January morning in a local estate agent’s window.

Owning my own home – far less a quirky, ancient listed building with a long, flower-filled garden, within a stone’s throw of two of Glastonbury’s sacred hills – was a distant dream.

Since then, I’ve been charting the story of LIME cottage through my blog (in the ‘cottage’ category, in case you’re interested and missed the posts the first time around).

I feel ridiculously happy and blessed to have been given this opportunity to prove that, by focusing on what we would like, we can allow the Universe to give us exactly that.

Mid-century Ironing Board

In the last week, my ‘Lime Curtains’ lady arrived with rolls of beautiful damask curtaining – perfect for my living room.  When I pondered the logistics of carrying the fabric, ironing board and sewing machine to the cottage by hand, I walked out of my house and right into a kind friend who arrived at 9.30 this morning with a van to transport anything that needed to be taken across in advance of the main move.

Tomorrow another friend will be on hand to help me measure and sew the curtains.  Others will be coming to transport the sacks of wallpaper peelings to the tip.

True, there’s still a leaking roof and a large hole in the landing ceiling.  Yes, the conservation officer is still pouring over my renovation plans and won’t yet give me the go-ahead for the works to begin.  But all these are transient details.  They’ll be forgotten as more miracles appear as expected.

I’ll even (miraculously) fight my way to the back of the under-stairs cupboard and pack or bin the contents.

Now, OK.

Honest – I’m on my way!



8 comments on “Life Is Miracles Expected

  1. Hi Jan!

    I’m so glad that your curtains are just what you’d hoped for and that all the helpers for your move are / were ready and waiting for your instructions 🙂 :)!

    With love,

    Meliza x

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