A room without a roof

Yes, OK, could be classed as cheesy, but the song makes me happy and there’s a certain synchronicity or two in there.

crumbly ceilingI lay in bed this morning, listening to the rats scuttling about (boy, they sound powerful beasts!) in the loft above my head and trusting that – being notoriously intelligent creatures – they will steer well clear of the gaping hole that’s gradually replacing the landing ceiling just outside my bedroom door. (Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…)  Well of course they will.  I mean, would you or I wilfully leap down a huge hole into a rat-infested cellar?  I’m sure leaping into a human-infested house is equally distasteful to a rat.

Living at Lime CottageYou see I don’t need the loft, so I’m (reasonably) happy for the rats to live there until my builder comes and puts in the fire break and fills in the gaps that let them through, not to mention repairing the collapsed ceiling.  So I send love and light to the rats, who have been here far longer than me, after all, and respectfully suggest that they stay up there.

I’ll admit that the current state of LIME (Life Is Miracles Expected) Cottage isn’t everyone’s idea of heaven, but I’m deliriously happy here.  I can cheerfully ignore the cracks in the walls and the leaks in the roof, knowing that all that is about to be fixed and I am living in my very own miracle home.

Yesterday afternoon I sat in my shady courtyard, sipping a glass of home-brewed elderflower champagne, kindly proffered by my new neighbour, and realised that I knew what happiness is for me.

As you can see, there is already the odd cosy corner.  I’d add more pictures, but broadband seems to struggle with two foot thick solid stone walls and is intermittent, to say the least.  So I think I’ll give up while I’m winning and try posting this.



4 comments on “A room without a roof

  1. Hi Jan!

    Congratulations! I’m so happy and will “clap along” for you too! Despite my love of, and respect for nature, I probably wouldn’t be as comfortable as you knowing that I had rodents in residence, so I admire your tolerance :)! By the way, if you clap enough and dance around, the rats won’t dare come down from the loft :)! Enjoy every moment in your wonderful LIME Cottage – your courage and energy are so inspirational:)!

    With much love,

    Meliza x

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