Meeting Karma Half Way

Preparing the flower arrangement

Back earlier in the year, I had a dream.  It was one of those coloured, ‘notice-me’ ones.  In it, I was being shunted rapidly between different places and events – very rapidly, so that I was able to see how what happened in one place was affecting what happened in another, although they weren’t connected in any obvious way.

There were many images – most of which faded from my conscious memory.  One that lingered was a piece of intricate lace being worked (this was at the time I was busily restoring my vintage lace curtains).  The scene cut to a flower arrangement which was being created and becoming ever more complicated and beautiful. Cut: back to lace.  Cut: back to flowers.  So it went on, almost instantaneously until I grasped what was happening…  The construction of the lace-work was affecting the construction of the floral arrangement… and vice versa.  In some strange way they were helping each other.

The instant I understood that some sort of symbiotic expansion was involved, I was taken to another pair of scenes, which similarly affected one another.  All the images were repeated many times.  I felt I was being instructed to remember this – to notice its significance.


Cover of "The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: The...

A few days later, I was reading one of Jane Roberts’ Oversoul 7 books.  For those not familiar with Jane, she was a trance channeller in the 1970s.  She would deliver material from Seth, which her husband Robert recorded.  While she was ‘out’, though, she gained extra insights and information from higher realms.  Some of this, she included in the trilogy I was struggling through at this time – a sort of fictionalised journey into the links between various humans and their oversoul.

The synchronicities started buzzing when one of her characters was staring at a huge mosaic panel with ‘living’ pictures, all of which changed in just the way my dream objects had – whatever happened in one was changing certain aspects of others.  This was no simple, linear cause and effect; it was a complex mutual development.

As Carl Jung said,

Synchronicity reveals the meaningful connections between the subjective and objective world.
So now I was on the look out for the meaning behind this message.  Sure enough it arrived.
I was chatting to ‘Higher Will’ and commenting that although the mental body I was connecting with was unimpeded by physical and emotional constraints, it still had his personality and traits I recognised from when we talked at a more human level.

He replied that although all beings are linked, each has a unique personality which extends beyond physical life.

“So all my ‘past’ and ‘future’ lives share the same personality?” I asked.


Although in each life, we develop different aspects of them – becoming more ‘well rounded’?


This links to what I’ve been reading in Jane Roberts, and what I was shown recently in a dream.   So although my lives happen in other ‘times’ they are not sequential – they all happen together?


Fascinating. So today, for example, in this life I mastered two new skills.  Has that had some effect in other lives – like helping me to solve problems in them?


In all of them, or just one or some?



Maybe, if Karma was taken out of time, this is how it would look…

How incredible to think that a simple act we perform today is having repercussions throughout our lives down the ‘ages’ and beyond – and the other way around, of course…




12 comments on “Meeting Karma Half Way

  1. I love it. It twists my mind a little but it makes so much sense. This allows for the culmination of all human life to arrive at its collective expression of its collective God Self. Amazing.

    • It does, doesn’t it! There’s something inside me that feels the rightness of the idea, even though I have to struggle to stay with it.
      Great to have you along on the journey, Cheryl x

      • Do you have any experience with schizophrenic patients? It is coming to be my belief that they are psychically sensitive, seeing and hearing negative beings rather than sifting through the negatively intentioned beings to get through to more positive entities. This could of course be terrifying.

    • My experience of schizophrenic people is limited, but I’ve been told that diagnoses of the same set of ‘symptoms’ vary according to when the patient is seen by medics. So the same person is most likely to be diagnosed with autism if seen in early childhood, with Aspergers if seen in adolescence and with schizophrenia if they are not diagnosed until adulthood. In my non-expert opinion, people with these diagnoses all share a psychic sensitivity and ability to link to realms beyond the physical in a far more direct way than the rest of us. Whether these links are judged ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ would presumably depend on the emotional state of the individual or the judgements of those around them. In other societies, they might be looked on as Shamans, for example.
      Also worth checking out Suzy Miller’s work in the US with autistic kids.
      I’d be interested to know what Higgins have to say on this subject…

      • I read an article yesterday about cultural differences impressing whether schizophrenics tend to hear negative voices or positive voices. Those in the US have significantly greater negativity associated with their voices than Ghana or India, the other two locations for the study. Ghana and India both showed propensity to have pleasant, even inspiring conversations with their voices.
        I haven’t looked into this much but as you say, it is increasingly looking as though these people are especially sensitive to energy with no understanding as to how to cope with it. Society then labels them and that is the end.
        I’ll ask Higgins about it. It helps them to have vocabulary so I need to do some homework first. I’ll check out Suzy Miller’s work as you suggest.

  2. Yes! Absolutely! I love that. And I see, for example, as I’m working on myself and have some dramatic (or even subtle) healing happen, because I am different, it affects everyone around me in my current reality – which in turn affects them in all their different dimensions or lives. And when we raise our personal vibrations, it resonates out to everything and everyone around us, reminding me that we are all one big energetic bunch, like a flock of flying birds or a school of swimming fish.

    Now I understand why and how a healing I facilitated for my mother affected not only her and me, but several generations back. And it positively affected the various potential lives we are all living or did live (in the case of my relatives who are dead). And it also explains how when we heal ourselves, it actually affects the entire planet.

    And from what I’ve experience when connecting through a medium to people I know who have died, they do retain their personality. I’ve also read about this in books of people who can connect with spirits. I watch a popular television show here in the US, where a woman who is a medium connects with spirit. While she is passing information to the still living loved one, she always says things that convey the personality of the person who died, as validation that she is actually connecting to them.

    • Thanks for the validation, Susan. I love the way you are able to add your own experiences to what I write and build on it.

      Yes, I noticed when I was contacting Will’s mum in the years following her death that her personality remained very much as it was when I knew her as a friend.

      It’s great to imagine us as that flock of birds – flying through time as well as space 🙂

      • I love to learn and to talk about things like this, and I have no one near where I live that understands it. I do have one dear friend/ soul sister who lives across country from me, that I communicate with just about daily through texting, emailing, and the occasional phone call. So glad I discovered you!

  3. I can’t say I understand this, but I do find it fascinating! It’s funny though, that (long story short) I wrote a letter to someone who had died (obviously not expecting her to read it), but she replied to various aspects of the letter many years later through someone who has the ‘gift’. It was so weird – I do wonder if she had been standing looking over my shoulder while I had been writing/typing it. She ‘apologised’ and ‘took responsibility’ for things done in life – word for word what I’d written. I’m still amazed to this day!

    • Oooh isn’t it amazing when things like that happen? I’m sure your friend did read your letter. I once had a letter dictated to me from a mother for her young son, who was grieving. Yet the mother had been dead several years…
      Rather a synchronicity for me, too, with you finding this old post of mine. I just reread it to refresh my memory and although I haven’t read any Jane Roberts books for quite a while, I’d recently got the urge to read one and ordered it. The package arrived today!

      • That’s amazing Jan – the letter from the dead mother. The person I mentioned wasn’t a friend (although I can understand why you might have assumed this), it was a letter to my dead mother – we hadn’t had a good relationship in life, and my therapist advised me to write a letter to her in the hope that I would come to terms with the situation.
        ‘Synchronicity’ is very busy today – it seems! 🙂

  4. I think I recorded the whole ‘letter from mother’ incident on here in a series of posts called ‘mother and child reunion’ or something like that.
    Yes, as you say, synchronicity has really settled in for us right now!

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