Eight minutes and counting…

So because I create my own life, and there’s a reason for everything that happens during this life… there has to be a wise and sane reason for my internet vanishing one day early last week.  I suspect the builders on the roof dislodged a cable, but that’s simple terrestrial cause and effect.  The underlying reason must be far more interesting.  My friendly ISP engineer tells me because of a shortage of technicians in my area, they won’t be sending out anyone to fix it until early October.


Well I’m managing.  Just.  The local library provides a free half hour, so I’m currently using that.  Now three minutes remaining, and counting.

Time to publish.  Look forward to returning to the blogging world soon.

Blessings to all.

7 comments on “Eight minutes and counting…

  1. Good luck, Jan. Remember to see the see the situation the way you want it to be and feel the feeling of that as much as possible. Your friendly ISP engineer isn’t the only friend who can help you improve your internet access. -Bob

    • Thanks for the reminder, Bob! Yes, another friend has been busily reminding me of this too. I’m struggling to get into the right mindset. Life is helpfully pushing me into all kinds of situations where I can test out my skills to change my reality – and it knows exactly where it will find the greatest resistance!

      • I like to think getting into the mindset of creating the reality we desire is the opposite of struggle. When I feel something is a struggle that’s a reminder for me to look for a way to think or a focus of attention that feels a little more effortless.

        Life may know exactly where to find your greatest resistance, but I like to think that who you are as a spiritual being knows exactly where to find your greatest ease. Then the question becomes, do I focus on the resistance life is showing me or the ease that my spirit is showing me that is capable of transforming life’s resistance into something better feeling. -Bob

  2. I guess you don’t need it to communicate with some of your friends.

    Poor Jan, you must be bursting with blog.

    Do you have WiFi? Your service must be worse than ours? That is a long time to wait.

    • I love ‘bursting with blog, Wendy 🙂 . I’m using it as an opportunity to focus on other things – my writing and decorating the cottage, for example.
      Only another week to wait now…!

  3. Dear Jan,

    I feel for you! It’s very frustrating to suddenly have no Internet access, but from my experience, it can also be liberating (in a sense), as you really cannot be disturbed by the outside world appearing on a screen in your home. Small comfort, I know – I’m just trying to be positive for you and am keeping my fingers crossed for you that your Internet connection will be restored in a very short time:) 🙂 Sending you love and patience, Meliza xx

  4. Thanks for the lovely wishes, Meliza, and the sympathy. Yes, odd how my focus changes without the ease (and distraction) of the internet. Not entirely unwelcome. In fact I’m getting used to it, but I do miss the contact with friends around the planet. I’ll catch up on all your posts when I’m back online. I miss them! Jan xx

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