Discordant Conditions

Things at LIME Cottage could, perhaps, be at their lowest point.

The internet cable, inadvertently knocked aside by the roofers, has left me without broadband for three weeks.  The long awaited engineer arrived today.  He’s booked a second visit from another engineer for next week.  (‘I only do indoor fixes, love.  This one’s outdoor.’ ‘But I TOLD them it was the cable!’  ‘Yeah but you know how it is.  They will only take that sort of information from a qualified engineer.’)

Then there are the rats.  I thought we had an agreement; they could have the roof space if I could have to house.  Never expect to make agreements with rats.  Meeting one in my bedroom at 1am was not fun.  There are now trays of puce coloured poison everywhere.  Enough is enough.

The new shiny shower room is all installed.  Looks great.  Can’t use any of it of course.  The plumber can’t drill the hole for the pipework because the wall is blocked by the scaffolding, which would have been removed last Monday, except that the builders had left all their gear on the scaffolding…  It should all be sorted out next week.

I have two kitchen sinks: the old one in pieces in the garden (need to manifest some kind soul to remove that) while the gorgeous butler sink and hand-crafted solid wood unit almost fill my living room.  It can’t go in the kitchen until the flooring’s been done.  That’s supposed to be happening next week.

Before anyone tells me how brave and resilient I’m being, let me confess to several sleepless nights, outbursts of fury and tears of frustration.  Eleven weeks of living in a rat-infested building site is taking its toll.  However synchronicity has not deserted me.  Today I opened a magazine.  The editorial spoke of the unrest and chaos in the world and included this timely quote from Wellesley Tudor Pole:

Until these discordant conditions have been cleared away it is impossible for a more spiritual order of living to become possible.

So at a fractal level, my petty inconveniences mirror those of the wider world.  I’ll cling to my vision of LIME Cottage as a place where miracles are expected, and if all the discordant conditions are cleared away next week, it will be truly miraculous.

12 comments on “Discordant Conditions

  1. Oh, poor Jan. I guess it was almost inevitable that after all went so well at the start,
    a few bumps in the road were bound to be encountered.
    The rats are the worst. I don’t think I could sleep. Once rented a room in a house
    where they did relay races in my LR ceiling, and gnawed on wires over my bedroom
    at night. Finally got the landlady to have the exterminators in and then had the sickly smell of them dying in the walls.
    There must be a Pied Piper in Glastonbury, no?
    Just remember, they were there long before you and may require some appeasing to get rid of.
    Hang in there!

    • Not sure how to appease rats! However I’m happy to say my unwanted visitor seems to have fled, although the gang in the roof are still there.

      At least the engineer came and I’m back online, so miracles are starting to return xx

      • It’s so nice to think that love from the spiritual part of our self is always there for us to experience and expand into our human reality, and no matter how many times we may forget, there will always be something to remind us. -Bob

  2. Hang in there. Yes, perhaps as the changes are happening, the old may not be leaving as quickly, quietly, and smoothly as you’d prefer, but it is changing. And the rats are being rousted (as were the spiders when we had a new roof put on this summer). This won’t be forever, although eleven weeks is quite a while. Sending you all of the patience I can muster (which might not be very much because it’s something I struggle with from time to time).

    • Well thank you for sparing some of your patience for me, Susan – much appreciated. I’m doing better this week, and back online at last, so a step in the right direction 🙂

      • Glad you’re doing better this week. I think there was something about the energies last week because it was quite challenging for me (and others, from what I’ve read) as well. Yes, better this week, for sure.

    • Very true, Cheryl. The alternative is not good. In my darkest moments last week I toyed with the idea of taking the poison myself, but such bouts of despair don’t last long and I’m back to normal-crazy now xx

  3. Oh Dear, dear Jan!! I’m so sorry you’ve been swamped by such setbacks in spite of all the progress you’ve made…Just remember that everything is almost ready for you and will be all the sweeter for your patience 🙂 🙂 I know it’s not much comfort but “this too will pass” is the only way you can view the situation. One day soon you’ll look back with such satisfaction and pleasure. 🙂 I don’t know how you’ve stayed strong for so long! 🙂 Don’t ever feel bad about those rats – they’re smart enough to know that they have definitely outstayed their welcome and taken advantage of your kindly and accommodating nature. I’m sorry to say that I would have resorted to poison much sooner, so let’s hope they get the message! I’m thinking of you and sending you lots of love, Meliza xx

    • Hi Meliza, thank you for the support 🙂 . Didn’t feel remotely strong last week, but I’m ‘womaning up’ again now and the miracles are starting up again.
      Yesterday the internet was reconnected and the floor-layers are due this afternoon. I’m even told the scaffolder might put in an appearance…
      As you say, it will all pass, and in a global context, these problems are tiny and trifling. Love, Jan xx

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