Meeting New Life

Sophia1On Valentine’s Day (how lovely!) we welcomed Sophia Joie into our family.  She’s impossibly tiny and utterly perfect.

My second grandchild.  My first granddaughter.  Wonderful.

Of course a new arrival sends any family into overdrive, especially when there are also the needs of a wildly excited and exuberant three-year-old big brother to consider, so I stuck around for a few days, helping out where I could.

It wasn’t until my final night there, when her Mum and Dad were in desperate need of a few hours sleep, that I spent a long, silent and special time connecting with her.

It was well after midnight and she wouldn’t settle in her cot.  So I sat cross-legged on a spare mattress in the dark, silent house, cradling her in my arms and rocking her gently.

She’d been crying for ages.  It took a while for her breathing to settle and her heartbeat to return to normal.  Then she gave a couple of miniature sighs and nestled down.

I felt the warmth of her little body and meditated on the magic of a whole new beginning for this little being.  All was pure potential.  She had burst into this world to experience and achieve who-knows-what.  She was only a few days away from having been pure spirit, yet now here she was, in a perfectly fitting suit of human skin, ready to play the game we call Life.

Gradually I became aware that my hands were tingling where they touched her.  I could feel – I don’t know what to call it – Life Force perhaps?  Light?  Love?  The names don’t matter.  All I knew was that something wonderful and powerful was pouring into me from this tiny body and it was moving straight to my heart.

IMG_20150214_151558Perhaps we’d been so caught up in catering for her physical needs that we’d forgotten that she had so much to give to us.

Tiny she may be, but I was moved by the power she holds within and the love she has brought to our physical world.

Perhaps that’s why everyone is so moved by seeing tiny babies; they are still so close to being pure love, pure spirit.




9 comments on “Meeting New Life

  1. The wonder that life is and the wonder that life brings is so delicately worded. Can only wonder at the beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder. Tnx for sharing the joy.

  2. Sounds like Reiki energy (the universal life force, love, whatever) moving between you two. Lovely! What a wonderful opportunity for you, for little Sophia, and for her parents (to get some sleep). Congratulations!

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