Crystal clear

Easy to be wise after the event, but I really did wake up that morning knowing that something interesting was going to happen…

Next came an email from a blogging friend in the US.  She’d had a dream and I was in it.  I was sitting talking with a group of people about my experiences concerning Andara Crystals.  Upon waking, she wondered whether I’d be interested in finding out about them.

IMG_20150222_132844Never having heard of Andaras, I checked the site she mentioned, and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous, glass-like stones.  They were unbelievably beautiful.  And expensive.  Bear in mind that I live in an area  where crystals are available at every other shop and prices to tourists are easily double what locals are charged if they shop slightly off the beaten track.

I went for a stroll through town, asking all the retailers I trusted.  Most had never heard of them.  Those who had said they weren’t prepared to stock them as too many unscrupulous dealers were flooding the market with bits of coloured glass and passing these off as andaras.

The internet was similarly cautious.  Several articles screamed, ‘Don’t buy these things – they’re fake!’  Several friends gave similar warnings.  So I did what I always do on such occasions – I went within and asked my Guides for some clarity.  They told me I could trust the site my friend had recommended and they told me the andaras would be beneficial for me and for my young aspie friend in London.

IMG_20150201_213919As regular readers will know, this friend has not been the most communicative over the last few years, except via a telepathic link I’ve forged with a higher aspect of his entity.  I duly asked ‘Higher Will’ whether I should get him a crystal too.  The reply was rather oblique.  I was told he would acquire one but I wasn’t directed to buy it for him.

Naturally I emailed (physical) him the link and asked whether he’d like me to get him one, but when there was no reply, I sadly put aside notions of getting him the beautiful green Andara I’d considered and ordered three stones for myself.

A few days later, my order arrived.  There were four – the three Andaras I’d ordered and a smaller stone in exactly the shade of green I’d been considering for Will, with a note to say the retailer had felt the need to add the extra crystal as a gift.

Right.  Magic was starting to gather.

Clearly it was destined to belong to Will, so I posted it off with an explanation of how it had come to be his.  To my surprise, he responded with far more enthusiasm than is normal.  The cursory ‘thanks’ was followed by comments about how much he liked the colour and how he’d never worked with anything like this before.  I could feel his interest being sparked and I knew the guidance I’d received had been spot on.

What happened next was not at all what I would have expected, but that will have to wait for a further post…

8 comments on “Crystal clear

  1. oh no, you’ve left us hanging & wanting more. a good trick!

    “Do the best you can until you know better then when you know better, do better. –Maya Angelou”

    • More down to lack of time than trying to produce a cliff-hanger, Wendy! A succession of house guests on consecutive weekends means I have a limited ‘blogging space’! Will try not to leave you hanging there too long 🙂

  2. I just love how this whole thing went down! Your crystals are beautiful, indeed; and just looking at their photos and reading this story has a place on my left leg and around my heart literally tingling just now. I now know that if a person’s consciousness isn’t at the level of an Andara, they will perceive the crystal as nothing but a piece of glass. They are indeed magic and I’m thrilled that you, Will, and the Andara resonate with each other.

  3. Would you consider passing on the website where the Andaras were? I’m literally vibrating from head to toe right now and my puppy – always snuggled on my lap wilst I type is wriggling almost as much.
    Blessings, Susan ❤

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