Free E-Book for five days

I’ve mentioned my full length book, LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE, in several posts recently and sales are jogging along nicely.

But for anyone who would just like to dip a toe in the waters of my philosophies, so to speak, Amazon is givinlifeisagame-coverg away FREE downloads of my mini Kindle book: LIFE IS A GAME: YOU CREATED IT from Monday 1st to Friday 5th June.

Here’s the blurb:

A very short mini E-book to introduce readers to the ideas in Life: A Player’s Guide by Jan Stone.
It looks at questions about ‘Life’ such as ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What’s the point?’ and ‘Why is my life so rubbish so much of the time?’

I hope the promotion works outside of the UK – always struggle to understand the small print on Amazon deals.  If not, it would cost you $0.99 in US, or equivalent.

The price returns to normal from June 6th onwards, so grab it while you can.

If anyone who reads it would like to post a review on Amazon, that would be very welcome, as it doesn’t have any yet, although there are some lovely ones for the full length book on Amazon UK.

Click THIS LINK FOR THE FREE DOWNLOAD on during the next week.

Click THIS LINK FOR THE FREE DOWNLOAD on during the next week.

Otherwise just enter the title on your local Amazon site and it should appear.

Hope you enjoy it.  🙂

2 comments on “Free E-Book for five days

  1. Dear Jan:

    Any chance of getting to read the children’s (9-12) version of the book that you mentioned about in your previous post? The excerpt from the book did catch the imagination of the child in me, and the writing is much like seedless grapes, I thought – easy to consume. I will be downloading the adult version of it, of course, but yet..


  2. Ha ha! I have to confess, Atxero, I never finished writing it. However if Danny continues to enjoy it, I’ll have to finish it off and if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

    If it’s any consolation, both the cut down version I’m giving away and the full-length book are – I’m told – written in very simple language. In fact the wonderful Jude Currivan PhD, who helped me unravel some of the quantum science I needed insisted it was aimed at kids when she read it through.

    I hope you find it relatively seedless, although the odd pip may have strayed in…

    Jan 🙂

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