Following the Hunch

Play Your Hunch

They’re so fleeting, aren’t they – those tiny feelings we get that we should do something/ say something/ turn down that street?  We call them hunches, intuition, funny feelings – and even when we know we should pay them attention, that little self-effacing doubter in our minds tells us not to be daft and insists it was ‘just’ our imagination.

I really do know better than that.  I know we create our own reality.  I know the hunches help us to do it.  I wrote a book about it, for goodness’ sake.  Just lately, though, I haven’t been giving the hunches enough attention.  My more-aware-self decided, in the nicest way you can imagine, to wake me up a bit.

Hunch 1:

English: email envelope

Last week I’d sent an email to a friend, praising a piece of writing he had done.  It was a small enough thing to do.  I’d then moved on to concentrate on other things and a day or so had elapsed.  Suddenly though – right out of the blue – I could feel that friend thinking about me.  It was a very happy, proud feeling.  I could ‘see’ a lovely red glow swelling around my friend’s heart.  That was when I remembered the email.  I took a look to see what I had written, to see if that could be the source of this happy feeling.  Just as I did so, a message appeared from the friend.  He was asking a question about some detail in my email, proving that he had indeed just seen it as I experienced his feeling of pride.

Hunch 2:

I’m not much of a gambler, but just occasionally I buy a National Lottery instant online.  Bored with the wet weather (and filing my tax return!) I decided to have a bit of light relief.  I selected a game and began playing.  As I was doing so, I saw a different instant game in my mind.  It was the briefest of views – a sudden image of a grid of coloured words.
“Hmm,” I thought, with a grin. “Pity I didn’t play that game instead.”
Well I won my stake money back.  Was my life giving me a chance to follow the hunch after all? Normally I’d have been pleased and stopped while I was no worse off. Just this once, though, I decided to find the grid game I’d  just ‘seen’ and have a go at it.  I had to scan through several of the games until I saw one that looked like my hunch.  At last I found it.  I started playing.  A £20 win came up!  Then a bonus game.  On the bonus game there was another £20 win!

Not a fortune, perhaps, but  an interesting reminder that while such feelings could be termed imagination, they’d be none the worse for that.

Both experiences were very welcome.  They served as a reminder that there’s more to each of us than I tend to remember at times.  I’m a holographic part of the Cosmos, after all, so it’s hardly surprising that I can pick up on the way I’ve helped a friend to feel about himself, or see things just slightly out of time.  And no, before you ask, I don’t have this week’s lottery numbers…!




Without doubt, our skills at creating have been quite awesome. As you might expect when a few trillion holographic parts of God formed into something with tremendous curiosity, drive and intention – not to mention imagination – the creation really went into overdrive. From the wheel to the microprocessor, people have created some pretty amazing new stuff.

Life: A Player’s Guide


9 comments on “Following the Hunch

  1. not everyone has your skills!

    The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand. ~Frederic Lawrence Knowles

  2. I can relate to this. Most times when I think of calling my Mum, she calls me at that very moment, and vice versa.
    Sometimes, when a friend’s name pops up in my head out of the blue, chances are that they are close-by or end up dropping by.
    I’m all about following hunches. 🙂

  3. Yes! From time to time I follow those impulses to turn left instead of right while I’m out walking. Maybe the only thing that I notice is a deer or coyote but isn’t that more fun than not turning and not seeing anything?

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