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More musings about ‘reality’ – whatever that is…

IMG_20150915_220735Sitting on the desk in front of me here as I write is a crystal.  I believe in it.  I can even post a photo of it, so that you will believe in it too.  There.

The thing is, I don’t know where it came from.  I’m not even sure what the possibilities are, because they range from the ridiculous outwards into that fuzzy place where nothing works the way we expect it to.


Monday morning:  A heating engineer was coming to measure up for my new wood burner, so I made sure to give the fireplace a thorough clean.  This fireplace has been used over the last year to light countless fires.  The brick surround has been rendered and painted.  The chimney was swept a couple of weeks ago and I had just vacuumed the whole fireplace with my very powerful little cordless cleaner.

The engineer duly arrived.  He was on his knees measuring the fireplace.  I was sitting on the sofa watching.  Then, quite suddenly, he reached down to the tiles in front of the hearth – the just-cleaned tiles that had been empty a moment before – picked something up and said, “Oh!  What’s this?  You’ve got a crystal or something here.”

He handed me the crystal that’s now sitting on my desk.

So let’s start with rational possibilities.

  • I own quite a few crystals, so it was one of mine that had fallen there.  –No.  I know all my crystals and this wasn’t one I recognised.  In any case, it would not have evaded my mega-powerful Dyson.  It’s sucked up quite a few crystals in its time, which I’ve had a messy time retrieving.

Chimney sweep in the 1850s

  • Someone who lived here before me had lodged it in the chimney and it had just fallen out.  –Highly unlikely.  It was so clear and clean – no soot, no tar, no cobwebs, no fingermarks even.  It was pristine.  In any case, surely the chimney sweep would have dislodged it.
  • The heating engineer had been carrying it in his pocket and it had fallen out.  –He really didn’t seem to be a crystal-carrying type.  Anyhow, he seemed as surprised by it as I was and assumed it was mine.
  • A passing magpie or jackdaw dropped it down the chimney at that precise moment.  –Believe it or not, that’s the closest I can get to a rational explanation.  Odd that the engineer didn’t see it fall and neither of us heard it clink as it hit the tile, but still.

Now let’s try the irrational.  That evening I consulted a few of my crystal books.  The first one I opened said something like this:

Crystals will reach their owners when they are needed.  Most commonly, people are drawn to buy a particular crystal in a shop.  However they can be received as gifts, found or they may just appear in the owner’s house.

IMG_20150915_220944Several of the other books and many internet articles spoke of crystals simply appearing and disappearing, as if this is really quite commonplace.  Certainly I’ve had crystals that have mysteriously disappeared, but then that happens with socks, books, notes…

I look again at my crystal.  Which is more unbelievable – the thieving magpie or the spontaneously quantum-type appearance from somewhere, um, non-local?

Whichever I choose to believe, this crystal has suddenly and strangely manifested in my life and I’ll treasure it, for as long as it chooses to stay around.



8 comments on “Back to Belief

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  2. Love this! You must be getting sick of my comments, but I must tell you: today I found a white feather on the draining board of my kitchen sink – the last place I would expect to find one! I picked it up and just smiled. It’s been such a funny day: it’s my birthday, people have been calling – some who I haven’t spoken to in months, and I was wondering why people who don’t feel the need to contact you the rest of the whole year think that they need to do so on your birthday. And then I glanced down and saw the feather – perhaps I shouldn’t be so ungrateful – maybe that was the message …:)
    Do you know the name of your crystal? Do the attributes resonate with you?

    • Happy birthday! I’m honoured that you seem to have spent much of it rooting through my blog! Yes, white feathers are very special, and it sounds like yours had immaculate timing!
      I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten the name of the crystal, although I did find it out. There were aspects of its attributes that resonated, but then there always are, aren’t there?

      • Thank you Jan! Yes it’s strange how these things happen – I wasn’t sure how I was going to spend the early part of my day – but it seems that was what was planned for me. And very enjoyable I must say!
        I must be crazy expecting you to remember something that happened almost 2 years ago. :)))

      • I think that’s partly why I write – to hold on to the shifting sands of my thoughts and experiences :)Hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday x

      • Yes, I enjoyed the rest of the day, thank you Jan. I didn’t do very much else, but have plans for the weekend. I so want to tell you ALL of the strange things that have happened to me, but I realise that just because I find them fascinating – doesn’t mean you will too.:))) I’ll drip-feed you them over the moments we have together to come – aren’t you lucky? *she says laughing her head off* Take care Jan in that lovely cottage of yours …

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