The Words of William

This year, William, my young aspie friend, turned 25.

It really isn’t my place to talk much about his life now; he’d prefer not to share personal information and I feel I must respect that wish.

Graffitti, Goal, Colorful, ColorHe lodges with relatives in a rather run-down area to the east side of London.  He holds down a job where his intrinsic aptitude and preference for routine and regulations serve him well.

He has created a cocoon of familiarity around himself and, within its confines, once again feels able to chat to me freely via texts and emails.  Regular readers of this blog may remember our remote viewing experiments, which still continue every weekend and are as wonderful and puzzling as ever.  See here if you’d like to read about it.

As you may have gathered, William has some unusual skills and what he terms ‘knowing’.  I suppose it’s an enhanced version of the intuition and occasional flashes of insight we all get from time to time.  He tells me that people with autistic perception ‘receive and process information differently’.

As I mentioned in my last post, William has told and sent me many of his thoughts through the years.  Whether it was a masterclass in moving objects through space using the mind or a detailed account of how ‘atom strings’ form the universe/s, I’ve always been impressed by his ideas and explanations.

E-book CoverI decided that, for his birthday, I would collect together all these conversations, random thoughts and articles, from childhood to the present, into a single file and  send them to him, so that he had a record of the development of his ideas.

I asked him whether he shows them to anyone apart from me.  He said he didn’t.  That seemed a waste.  So a further thought came to me.  What if I formatted them as an e-book?  He could then – if he chose – publish them and allow others to share his ideas and musings.

It took him six days to come to a decision.  I’ve learned to work with his way of dealing with the world.  I was texted a few times in the week and told ‘I’m still thinking’.  Pressing him for a decision or offering further information or suggestions would have slowed things still further and caused him additional stress.  He needed that time to work through all the repercussions of having his words OUT THERE.   Finally, late in the evening of the sixth day, the message came: ‘Publish it.’

So I have.

The Words of William are now available – for the cost of a cup of coffee – on Amazon Kindle.  The text is short – some 5500 words, and priced accordingly.

This shy but delightful young man spent many years struggling to find a voice for his thoughts.  I’d love him to discover that there are those who share his passion for all things metaphysical, multidimensional and magnificent in this cosmos of ours, so if your interests tend that way, please do consider taking a look and maybe downloading a copy or sharing the link with others who might enjoy it.

Amazon UK link

Amazon US link

Also available on Amazon worldwide.

Thank you ❤



21 comments on “The Words of William

  1. Dear Jan:

    Thank you for finding it in you to share the words of William. If synchronicities are anything to go by, and I am aware you believe in them, it is like a beacon in the dark saying ‘you are not alone.’


    • Dear Atxero,
      Your comment really touched my heart. I’m so very pleased that this post has resonated with you and helped you to feel connected.
      William is an intensely private person and he struggled to allow his words to be released. I’m sure that reading what you have written here will help him to see that he made the right choice.
      With love,

  2. I think William is a very interesting person. His ideas of different incarnations and living those different fractal incarnations is similar to my thoughts. I believe in the world built from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Meaning smaller worlds in bigger ones. When i imagine these field universes i visualize a bubble within a bubble colliding sometimes with each other inside a bigger one. I call it a sphere of influence. your organs have a field of circumstance and condition for events.. your body has a field of circumstance and condition for events. The inertia of the ground/earth you stand on has a field of circumstance and condition. The sun has a field of circumstance and condition for events. All variables including the solar system, galaxy, universe has a circumstance and condition that affects us to a degree. I also wonder if i have a level autism sometimes because when i communicate it’s hard for me to express myself the way i see it in my mind or when i sit down and write it out it seems much clearer. I get anxious probably for the most part,

    Too many things happening and too much pressure to get it done right. I finished reading the 30 page story about William and I can relate to alot of what he says. Though i do not have that ability to “know” places before i see them, i can’t relate there. But i remember saying something when i was really small. I was never exposed to the bible when i was small but i said “i will be king of kings.” in my backyard garden when i was really young like 7 or something. And i remember it so clear.. the quarter in my pocket was the size of my palm. And i never read it until in my twenties.

    My experiment with the dowser was really interesting though. It takes a while and there’s some weird letters that get in there sometimes but i can get some messages that actually make sense scarily. I hope dowsing will become more natural and easy in the future. Anyways i gotta get my new glasses today. See ya.


    • Thanks so much for your fascinating and detailed comments, Nam.

      By synchronicity, I was watching an interview last night in which Rupert Sheldrake was explaining his theory of ‘Morphic Fields’ to Deepak Chopra. They sound a lot like your ‘spheres of influence’. (This is the link, in case you’re interested:

      Interesting that you, too, had one of those ‘Biblical prophecy’ moments as a young child, despite no exposure to the Bible. Years ago I remember reading a book on ‘Indigos’, which listed their attributes. One was something like ‘they behave as if they are gods’. Of course I’d argue that they ARE! I’d argue that each of us is a holographic fragment of Source or God or whatever, but that while those of us playing the Game of Life at a basic level are not born with any memory of this, those playing the updated ‘2.0 version’ of The Game arrive with that knowledge and have a far more direct connection to the true nature of the cosmos. I wrote quite extensively about this in Life: A Player’s Guide, also mentioning that many of the Version 2.0 people processed information in non-typical ways. This has resulted in many (though by no means all) of them being labelled ‘disordered’ by society – often with autistic spectrum conditions such as Aspergers. That, of course, is due to the educational and medical establishments being unable to understand the way such people’s minds work, not any failing on their part. Society’s stigma, however, often leads to feelings of anxiety, isolation and even depression in these individuals.

      Consequently, when I published The Words of William, there were two distinct kinds of reaction to it. People like yourself (the Version 2.0 types) were able to read it easily, understand the points he was making and relate them to their own views and beliefs. Others – and I have to include myself amongst them – initially struggle to understand the complexities. We need to read them through several times to grasp the full meaning, as they are written from a paradigm we struggle to comprehend. I have a similar reaction to much of your writing. Definitely worth the effort, though!

      William tells me he isn’t sure it’s possible for people like me to ‘upgrade’ to his/your way of interpreting the cosmos, and he’s probably right. I’m enjoying trying, though, and doing my best to persuade the rest of humanity to stop side-lining such extraordinary people and to listen to what they have to teach us.

      Very best wishes,

      (Will talk more about the dowsing soon – whole different area 🙂 )

      • I’m still reading your book a player’s guide currently, i’m on the part about upgrading to 3.0. I’m glad you like reading my content and that you enjoy exposing yourself to the 2.0+ perspective. I’m also learning alot about myself as i go along. I think it isn’t really a paper understanding of what i try to express but more of a relating through experience and making the right connections to immerse yourself in my perspective. It takes time i think. Thanks for your in depth answers i really enjoy engaging in fun conversations like this. This microcosm and macrocosm thing and how you reincarnate into different fractals i was talking about is also a Buddhist line of thinking except for the fact that they think you can accidentlly go the reverse direction and instead of progressing into higher life forms go into lower life forms. I also am pretty sure i don’t have autism clinically anyways, but am suffering from what you call “a shaman’s calling” if you know what i mean. If not it’s fine we can leave it at that. I’ve been medicated for it for years ignoring it. I want to make sure i make clearer posts next time so that you’ll have more fun reading my stuff.

      • I know exactly what you mean by ‘a shaman’s calling’ and I think it’s an excellent description.
        You call it suffering… I wonder if you’d swap it for an ‘ordinary’ life… 🙂

  3. sorry i just realized that i meant i’m reading the upgrading to 2.0. if i were actually reading your book i would probably know that you don’t go to explain higher then 2.0. duh. Though for all i know i could be working on 3.0 and not even know it. What would 3.0 be like anyways. lol

      • It’s funny. I read the part where Will said he ran into financial problems in the future. I played around with some tarot cards just yesterday and it kept telling me i was going to run into some myself in the future. Probably hasty spending etc. I guess i should be concerned about my spendings from now on.

  4. Maybe i should compile a small book based on articles i’ve already made online. I wonder how much it costs for a good publisher. Would you be interested in helping me sort out my stories with its 212+ articles to make a book? I would be grateful, willing to pay for the work. =3 Just need to sort what works and doesn’t. A bit of proofread and sorting through the good and bad articles. Maybe 7 months to 1 year time?

    • Hi again Nam,
      I’m afraid that’s too big a job for me to take on. Sorry.
      As for publishers – by all means try to find one, but your best route would probably be to self-publish. Amazon provides free and pretty easy formats and instructions for creating both Kindle and paperback books. Best of luck with it.

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