“What’s Important Is The Journeys”

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So I have found another new route – my own personal trek through the myriad criss-crossing paths, just to see where they lead me and what I discover along the way.  I’m careful to vary my travels, to avoid retracing my steps.  I bypass the more obvious well-trodden roads, to scramble instead through almost-forgotten overgrown footpaths and bridleways.  I’m careful not to follow any track for too long; I’ll branch off sharply if I find that happening.

Not for me the ramblers’ group.  I’ll happily stop and pass the time of day with those I meet along the way, listen to their wisdom or local knowledge and thank them warmly before heading onwards.  Should anyone offer to guide me, though – to lead me to my destination – I’ll smile politely and decline.  Some of them, I’m sure, have perfectly lovely journeys planned, but this is my trek, no one else’s.

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Well yes, that’s a metaphor.  Too cold here at the moment to be rambling anywhere.  My journeys take place in this battered old computer chair with a log fire crackling away cheerfully beside me.  I simply want to convey that I choose my own path and am, in the late autumn of my life, content and comfortable to travel it alone.  A handful of people – mostly those who read these ramblings – have some idea of the journey I’m on.  Almost everyone else in my life – all relatives and almost all friends and acquaintances – regard me as strange at best, deranged at worst.  That’s why, to be honest, I left home (in my late fifties) and headed to a place where I would be, if not understood, exactly, at least tolerated.

I’m happy in my own skin.  I’m comfortable writing blogs and books that few will read and still fewer will understand.  I wake up each day knowing I have work to do – ponderings and wonderings and explorations of ideas.  I’m metafizzing with excitement as I find a new quote that fits with a recent thought or see ideas I can recognise and relate to in someone else’s words.  Would I swap all the richness of this life to be normal?  Hell no.

Let me be absolutely clear, here.  I am NOT deriding or criticising people whose lives revolve around celebrity gossip or the storylines of soaps.  That is their path and it’s totally right that they follow it.  Trainspotters and war gamers, Manchester United fans and ballroom dancers, shopaholics  and chocaholics, churchgoers and landscape painters, hypochondriacs and bankers… all of these people and many, many more make our world richer and wider and filled with variety.  I salute them all.

Every single one of us, I believe, has a higher Self – a consciousness more magnificent than we can fathom from this perspective.  In each case, those Selves have carefully chosen a Life to live.  They have elected to become totally engrossed in a human existence in order to try out new experiences, using feelings and emotions they want to develop and expand for the ultimate good of All That Is.  From that perspective, no one is worthier or stranger than anyone else.

We encounter each other in these odd little lives and act out our parts, re-acting to the others and building the great work of art that is an individual lifetime as we do so.

It’s magical.

It’s expanding the Cosmos.

If someone else (or even everyone else) is puzzled by the path I am taking, that very puzzlement is enriching for both myself and them.  In terms of Life-with-a-big-L, there are no wrong turnings, no wastes of time, no blind alleys.

“What’s important is the journeys.”







23 comments on ““What’s Important Is The Journeys”

  1. I really enjoyed this one, Jan. Particularly liked the phrase “metafizzing with excitement” and glad to have stumbled across someone who has the same instinct as I do for the higher self idea.

  2. Wow! Jan. Packed a punch in this one, is what I think. i may be wrong but it seems like you brought forth courage and audacity in writing this post. Unmistakable, in my estimate, the presence of personal power (or the effect of the Solar Plexus chakra, if you go by that school of thought). Did the course do that to you…or are you transforming, I wonder. My eyes are peering in anticipation of what else next after this one 🙂

    • I think the transformation has been gradual, Bitha, but both Nasim’s course and the conversations by the wayside – here, for instance 🙂 – have helped me to this point. Much time was spent (I almost said ‘wasted’, but I’d be contradicting myself if I believed that) worrying about why I didn’t fit in; wondering why, to borrow your example, others didn’t want to discuss death at the breakfast table and feeling it must be some fault in me! Age brings its compensations, and self-confidence is one of the best. x

      • I dare to think that you would then be one of the Versions (in the line of thought of Version 2.0); meaning, one of a kind of human beings if we range kinds of human beings, ranging from amoeba (monadic) through dinosauric/reptilian to the God-like divine …and of which Version 2.0 is a kind – range of kinds in human beings. The problem most often arises from comparison (like an amphibian comparing to a bird, for example; each organism has its own role to play in the system without which the system would be incomplete, and each organism contributes to and is contributed by other organisms and yet each organism is equally important…..so also each kind of human being is equally important coz each holds something for the system. My thoughts here are also influenced by the systemic or family constellation thinking originated by Bert Hellinger… definitely worth a lookup. I am studying a course in this school of thought presently). From your reply, I am thinking that at some level you are coming to your own (like a planet coming to its own orbit around the sun). I hope to be making sense to you as I am still working on semantic comprehensibility.

        Much love,

      • You make some excellent points here (and very lucidly!). Yes, the problem does come when comparisons set in. I live in a place renowned as a ‘spiritual hub’ due to the convergence of energy lines, sacred sites and so forth. Sadly, that brings forward an ‘us and them’ mentality amongst some spiritual seekers and teachers; if you haven’t had this attunement or followed that course, you are in some way less than those who have.
        Certainly some are studying metaphysics, others the form of horses in an upcoming race, but as you say, each has its place in the system.
        I spent many years hunting for what seemed to me my purpose in this particular lifetime. What I have now is my best fit. It could all change in the future, but for now I’m where I feel I should be.
        Thanks so much, again, for your interest and comments. xx

      • You are always welcome. It is such a pleasure interacting with you, Jan. Always some new perspective waiting to come forth from within the thinking that makes you You! 🙂

  3. Well put! And I also love your word metafizzing. Yes, I also believe it’s the journey that matters, it’s how we live, what we create as a life, and dare I say, how we touch people along the way. I’m so very glad our paths crossed this lifetime, even if it’s through the electronic ethers.

  4. Finding Your own Way, Huh. I always find myself furious that people have the audacity to make tourist attractions out of things, putting fences and the like. I guess I feel like that have no right to do so.
    But as for listening to the tales of the locals, that can be utterly fascinating. But yeah. Going ones own way. that is a lost art. once, before you could be considered an adult (or a man), you had to go on a journey.

    It depends on the culture, but it seems to be pretty universal. Interesting, that the words man and woman are rarely used these days… We call each other girls and boys. It makes me wonder. And we act like it too.

    • Your responses are never what I expect. I love that!
      An excellent point about the rites of passage. Yes, the Culture of Youth which started, roughly, as a reaction to the mess adults had made of the world in the mid 1960s was something dynamic and exciting. Initially (well I would say this, being a product of that era) it produced some radical and exciting shifts of consciousness. There was a downside, though. Life is all about experience, after all, so those rites of passage journeys served a purpose.
      Real progress will be made when we as humanity can embrace all our members, regardless of age, gender, social class, creed etc. etc. as valuable ‘locals’ to learn from.

  5. I love your spirit and courage… more so because I am not sure if I have it in me, yet. You are an inspiration. What I admire most is, in a world where we struggle and almost kill ourselves over trying to fit and conform you have broken out of it and followed your heart. You know your purpose and you have chosen your path. You do not much care for where it ends probably but you find great joy and peace in making the journey and your will is insurmountable. I admire you and someday perhaps hope to conjure half the passion you possess…

    • I don’t know how to respond to that, Swetha, other than thanking you for the lovely things you say. If I am some sort of inspiration to you, that’s good, because with a mind like yours, your journey could be truly epic and take us all in new directions x

  6. Dear Jan,

    Love this post. I understand where you are coming from, although I do not understand some of what you have previously written. About nine years ago I met a few people who helped me to steer towards a more spiritual path. And I started doing Tai Chi with a wonderful teacher, who made it a spiritual experience. I also started singing in a large, mixed chorus, which also could be a spiritual experience. When I sang with them in my first Gospel season, the concert was in a huge old Baptist church in Boston, and when we sang Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow, the hair on my arms absolutely stood up! Then I did my first trip with Freddy and stood in awe at some of the most Sacred places in England. One of which was the garden/springs across the street from you. On that trip was a very interesting gal from CA who helped me interpret some of the things we were experiencing, including when I experienced the energy at the Long Barrow. I have been in touch with her ever since and she is on a different path for sure.

    In recent years I have had the wonderful experience of traveling with you and Kate and revisiting Scotland, where it was a joy to introduce my cousin to some of these ideas, and also to find some new stone circles. I have had the good fortune to become friends with the Pastor of the church I sometimes attend, and especially when we found out that we were probably distant relatives on the Scottish side, both having had ancestors from the Isle of Mull! She is very open to out of the box thinking.

    I could lift some of your sentences and present them as my own. While I am not educated or inclined to metaphysics, I am in awe of what you can do. And I have seen you in action! As I said, I don’t understand much of what you write, I admire your ability to think and write along those lines. You express yourself so well.

    As you say, it is the Journey that is Important. And while I trip and stumble often, I slowly press on, hoping for the best.

    Thanks for all the inspiration,

    Wendy xo

    • Oh Wendy, what a beautiful message! Thank you so much for sharing your journey here.

      I think it would be ghastly if we were all on the same path – like a mass of automatons trudging mindlessly in the same direction, in some bad sci-fi film!

      I’m delighted that you and I have crossed one another’s paths several times, and will continue to do so. Your friendship means a great deal to me.

      Jan xx

  7. ” a mass of automatons trudging mindlessly in the same direction ” what a powerful visual picture that conjures up for me ………….. followed quickly by the vision of ” I robot” …………….. L

  8. Talking about death around the breakfast table ……am going to make a point whenever I am in social circles to ask that very question — ” did you ever want to talk about etc ” and state that I’d be interested to talk to them if they did !! ha ha . My mother said I was “morbid” child, often talking about death and dying also having a fascination with graveyards ……………mind you she also said she didn’t understand half the questions I was asking ,let alone being able to formulate a plausible answer ……..and left her feeling exhausted to boot ………….
    PS anyone seen the film ” Harold and Maude ? ” a black comedy ………….
    over n out as “they” say !!

    • I did see Harold and Maude, some time ago. I recall absolutely loving it, but can’t remember a thing about it now! I have a fairly narrative-specific amnesia, I think – always struggle to recall the plots of films, plays or novels I’ve enjoyed. Now you’ve jolted my memory, though, it’s one I’ll look out for again.

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