Looking at Light

7:56 in the morning.  I turn on my phone and a text message arrives almost at once.

English: 5D virtual 7x7x7x7x7 sequential move ...

I get a few normal texts – the ‘C U at 3.30’ type – but not so many.  Most of the texts I get are more like this one.

‘Earthman will soon discover that he is not a unique, independent creation but one of many forms of intelligence fashioned out of multi-dimensional light.’

I’ll call the sender Lucy, because it means light and she is full of the stuff, and light is what we were discussing when she came round yesterday.

She arrived clutching The Book of Enoch, a white primrose plant and a couple of custard tarts.  Within the space of ten minutes, she had given me the plant, eagerly seized one of my spare copies of The Words of William (“I just opened it at random, and he’s talking about something that links to this…”), shared the cakes, and settled down with a cup of herbal tea for one of our long, rambling discussions.

Ideas bounced and ricocheted around the room like cosmic ping-pong balls.  For about three hours, we quoted books, dreams, visions and images.  We spoke of life, death and everything between; we spoke of other worlds and dimensions, paranormal experiences and what-it-all-means.  It was exhausting and invigorating, all at once.

We’re not walking the same path, Lucy and me; we’re not even heading in similar directions, but we are finding enough synchronicities and similarities on our routes to make discussion well worth while.

Then, this morning, that text, followed half an hour later by another, insisting that

…it is important to teach the scientists that matter is generated from Light…

I’d been telling her about my thoughts, you see, about our Selves (I mean the whole divine holofractalgraphic  – Nassim Haramein’s word! – Selves) as beings of Light creating physical human selves and the matter around them.  I couldn’t say how, exactly.  I was describing this great stream of white light consciously and intentionally moving through something like a prism, or a rainstorm… the ‘veil’ perhaps? … and separating into a spectrum of rainbow colours.  I get lost in physics, and need analogies to help me find my way.

Aura, Chakra, Color, New Age, CenterSo now I had the Light Self vibrating into these different frequencies – very high vibrations up at the purple end and lower ones down at the red part.  Could that, I wondered, be where we get the idea of the subtle bodies from – the ones nested inside each other like rainbow-coloured Russian dolls?  Was that what the chakras were – aspects of our shining Light, stepped down so that we could spend a while experiencing physical life on this planet?

Not, of course, the only way that Light could be separated out: she spoke of other types of being our Selves could try out. Our imaginations conjured star beings in dimensions overlapping ours, glimpsed as orbs or flashes of light or quite unseen by us, but quite real and solid to themselves, just as we are to ourselves.

The conversation made perfect sense to us.  To others?  Not so much, perhaps.

I’m lucky to have friends like ‘Lucy’.  I’m lucky that conversations – and texts – like that are part of my everyday life.



24 comments on “Looking at Light

    • Synamex — I am Jan’s friend . Kind of you to leave a reply ……….. I liked the fact that J. referred to me as “Lucy” . we were talking about “Lucifer” and the fact that the name means “light bringer” despite the bad connotations that the general public have about the name ………did you know that The Theosophical society at the turn of the century – under the steerage of Madame Blavatsky brought out a newsletter entitled “Lucifer !” – always fascinated me ………………L

      • Oh that’s really cool. Light bringer is actually a very cool name, when Lucifer was the light bringer of course. The best angel of them all, now he’s a fallen angel and nothing like that. Interesting fact is that The Theosophical Society came and tried to explain alot of Esoteric Knowledges at the turn of the century and kind of failed to explain to the masses what it was really about coherently. The new movement is now found in the purity of Esoteric Studies. What was in that article?

  1. Just reading about your conversation makes me want to join in! Reading the first text, I thought, well, yes, of course! We are such egotistical creatures to think that we are the only beings in our entire galaxy and beyond. But then again, most people don’t think multidimensionally. How fortunate that you have a friend to have these sorts of conversations with. Just from the tidbit you wrote about here, I’m already intrigued and thinking about a few things that I hadn’t (to do with the aura). I do know that my son can sense beings that I do not. I have captured some in photographs, however, that show up as whisps of mist, streaks of light, and orbs. They were verified by a small handful of people I am in touch with, who could see beyond what I see. Wonderful post!

    • Interesting you say that, Sue. That’s another thing we were doing yesterday – looking through my friend’s photos of strange faces and orbs that appear on her bedroom wall! Wish you could have joined in! x

  2. I have one friend like Lucy, but usually I’m the one talking wierdness, overlapping ideas and bringing the multidimensionality into everything. Because, well, I can’t help it. That’s what is interesting. I wish you lived closer; I’ll bet we could have fun sharing a spot of tea!

  3. I can totally relate to all of this. I too welcome these kind of conversations. Is light a ladder from red to purple? The physical universe is always pointing to what creates it and transcends it. Perception is the only thing between us and understanding.

    • Yes, I believe you’ve absolutely nailed it there. I suppose that’s why the analogies work so well for me.
      ‘A ladder from red to purple’ – beautiful! I’ve been pondering the relationship between white light and the visible colour spectrum. Probably a stupid question but if there is a ‘speed of light’, is the violet ray faster than it… or the red slower…? Perhaps someone will, er, enlighten me 🙂

      • Oh, I’d never put together the idea of the royal colour as being closer to God – makes perfect sense, though. I know that for a long while commoners were forbidden to wear it.
        Thanks for the clarification and link. You have such a clear way of expressing complex ideas.

      • It is said that if you cannot explain the complex on a child’s level, you really don’t know your stuff. So I take that as a compliment. Thank you!

  4. … ah thanks Jan ,, the reason for the short comment was that I was having difficulty “posting” .. where was I …. yep purple wavelength… In the film ” Turner” an artist friend of his stumbled on the fact that when a needle is placed in the violet/purple wavelength from a prism having split the colours from the sun it becomes magnetised !! this does not happen with any other of the colours ……. from my experience this is key re an individual’s spiritual development via the chakras as once an individual has got to the stage of the crown chakra being accessible / vibrating – along the vertical line of the spine (” kundalini” “rising ) then all manor of wonderful things start happening ……………. this coupled with the auric photo above from the horizontal perspective forms the CROSS ie Christ consciousness…………

    • I haven’t seen that film, or heard of that discovery, Linda. How totally awesome!! I was watching a documentary about James Clerk Maxwell (Scottish scientist who inspired Einstein) the other night and one of his discoveries was that if an electric field changes, a magnetic field forms around it, and vice versa… Light being an electro-magnetic wave.

      • …….as you know ,us humans have an electro magnetic field around our bodies . it is important to be in electro-magnetic balance and also to have right/left hemispheres of the brain balanced for optimum health and well – being .Unfortunately in the west there has been a tendency to revere left brain thinking at the expense of right brain activity – thinking in pictures is a R. brained activity and a lot of people on the autistic spectrum who are able to tell us – report that they tend to “think” in pictures …. as you (Jan )know . I have taken to attempt some electro – magnetic balancing with strong magnets on key chakras – and must say that I am able to feel a shift / balancing effect and have generally felt better for the practise………….

  5. just another gem from ” The words of William ” ………..Einstein did acknowledge that thought can travel faster than light making telepathy / remote viewing / etheric transportation across vast distances viable …..ie in William’s words … ” thoughts aren’t bound by conventional laws of space and time ” ……….. awe inspiring !!

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