Subtle energies

Every so often, my psychically gifted young friend William sends me another article he has written.  Recently, there has been one about the possible effects of electromagnetic radiation from phones, wi-fi etc. on subtle energies, such as telepathy and psychic skills.  In a second, he was trying to unravel the optimum conditions for successful remote viewing.  At some point, when I have enough, I’ll put his new articles together in Volume 2 of The Words of William.  (Volume 1 is still available in Kindle or paperback here.)

I can only think that the Universe had conspired to give us the answer to both of these lines of enquiry, using something along the lines of the law of attraction.

Last Sunday I was sitting, in the early spring sunshine, in a little courtyard within the Chalice Well Gardens, just along the road from my house.  We’d viewed in the grounds before, but never in this part of the gardens.  Will has never been there.  He was aware of the name of the place I’d be in, but nothing more.  He was, as always, in his home in London.  We’d arranged that at 2pm I would be in position and he would ‘tune in’ and try to pick up details of the place.  Fifteen minutes later, I would take a few photos and head home.  Meanwhile, he would be texting me whatever he had been able to view.

When I returned to the cottage, his words and a drawing were waiting for me.  Once they were received, I sent him the photos and some feedback.  Even by the standards of our most successful viewings, this one was remarkable.

WP_20160313_001He described features in great detail: A round central concrete structure with patterns carved around the sides, containing plants and probably water.  A green gateway or arch.  A large slab of concrete where he felt I was sitting. Two raised containers or flower pots full of plants.  Many overhanging branches.  The ground was tiled.  His sketch of the site showed all these items in relation to each other.  It was drawn from exactly the spot I’d been sitting in.

My photos showed the round well, surrounded by carved spirals and containing ferns and tiny damp-loving plants.  Water from the red spring trickled gently into it from an underground source.


The green metal archway and gate leading into this part of the garden was clearly visible from where I was sitting.  In IMG_20160313_141709this photo, too, the raised beds (his ‘concrete containers of plants’) and stone tiled ground can also be seen, along with the overhanging trees.

Set into the wall right beside my bench there was a large stone slab, drilled with holes for tea lights.  It’s an unusual feature, sticking out into the courtyard like a table.IMG_20160313_141613  Will’s ‘concrete slab’ was in exactly the correct position.

So why, I asked, had this worked so well?  He thought it could be because he’s known the name of the location and – even though he hadn’t ever seen the place – that helped him to home in.

Later in the week, though, I had another thought.  Usually we text when we’re ready, keep our phones handy and he texts as soon as he has all the information he can get.  The Chalice Well Garden is a phone-free zone, so we’d pre-arranged the time and there had been no messaging while I was at the site.  I wondered if that might have allowed us to focus better.

William had a further thought.  Perhaps, he said, the signals from our phones interfered with the subtle information passing between us.  Maybe the range of electrical devices in my home, for example, had been responsible for some of the fuzzy, less convincing viewings of objects done indoors over the winter months.

It was an intriguing thought.  I asked Koimul, my spirit guide, for some clarification.

I was told that everything – ourselves included –  has its own electromagnetic energy field.  These are very subtle.  Man-made devices, though, give off a far stronger – coarser – energy.  Koimul asked me to think of the difficulty we have trying to view the night skies with light pollution from street lamps.  The delicate twinkling of far off stars is concealed from us.  Once we are free of artificial light sources, though, the true radiance of the night sky can be seen.  The same is true, apparently, in our viewings.  We are attempting to focus on the subtlest of energies, and a blast of EM radiation from a mobile phone can easily mask almost all the signals.

It’s an intriguing thought.  Perhaps it goes some way to explaining how our ancestors were able to tune in so much better to the subtle energies of Nature.  I wonder if everything we make – not just the electronic devices, but man-made fabrics, buildings or vehicles – is to some extent masking our true ability to link to our planet, and even to one another.

19 comments on “Subtle energies

  1. In my estimate, just as how the human being as a species has come about from having survived through adversities by ingeneous methods, oftentimes making use of whatsoever material was available and turning it into his advantage which in due course of time became specialized fields of study for better use, specialization in itself may have been a furthering away from the harmony and wholesomeness of nature. When there has been too much specialization, it is almost as though fragmented from the whole, just like overdosing of a medication has deliterious effects on the body. Thusly, man-made specializations intrude in the part of us human beings that is one with nature and has us be part of the whole….in this case, impeding our ability to communicate through subtle energies. Conversely, I do also think that there is an advantage to there being electromagnetic waves from gadgets. Our innate abilities while still being operative, the variations brought in by gadgets should also hone our innate abilities, much like how the human species came into existence in spite of or because of adversities; that these abilities should only get more sophisticated. I, hence, dare think that there may be another explanation for why William was able to remote-view better this time…or not able to remote-view those other times.

    • Fascinating comment. Perhaps Will’s trust in himself is ever increasing, thus producing better viewing? Or when he trusts himself more, what he can see is able to flow in more clearly, perhaps.

    • Some fascinating ideas there, Bitha. I agree completely with what you say at the start – beautifully expressed as always – but I don’t quite follow what you’re saying in the second part of your argument (that’s to do with my lack of knowledge about EM waves and so forth, rather than a problem with what you’ve written 🙂 ). I love the idea that the waves from our gadgets could ‘hone our innate abilities’, I just don’t quite see how… Something else to muse upon x

      • Let me try to explain. Waves from gadgets are much like the possibly adverse conditions during the evolution of man from apes (maybe man evolved from his ape ancestors because some of the apes withstood and got the better of the adverse condition and became human beings). Similarly, this human being has sophisticated sense organs that sets him apart from apes because of his survival instincts creating advanced versions of the same 5 sense organs (subtler sensibilities, lets say). Now working from the premise that human beings evolved from adverse conditions by better what he already had, waves from gadgets may be viewed as challenges to his innate abilities and it only then follows that if he can fare over the challenge posed by waves from gadgets, his innate abilities are only expected to get more sophisticated given human beings instinct to better adversities. (I know I have repeated myself several times…words repeated, maybe even the same idea repeated in different sentences…but I am trying to get an idea across. Excuse my semantic aphasia. Pls let me know if I have confused further..and I will attempt to paraphrase again).

      • No, you have not confused me more, Bitha. I now understand the point you are making clearly. Thanks for taking time out to explain to me.
        It’s an interesting idea, this thought that humanity requires adverse conditions in which to evolve and develop – something to push against, so to speak. I suppose at it’s most basic, that’s what physical life is all about – perfect aspects of Unity donning ‘skin suits’ (becoming physical beings) in order to test themselves and re-member. Whether I can go as far as to see adversity as ‘good’ for that reason, I’m not certain, but I’m willing to give it serious consideration. Perhaps, as another commenter here has suggested, such things are neither good nor bad – they just ‘are’.

      • Oh so beautifully expressed, Jan. The idea of re-membering resonates with my learnings from the systemic theory and practice in family constellations. The depth of thought in your comment is so soul-satisfying(like the feeling you get when you eat something you nych like and is fulfulling ..hehe). Thanx much for that 🙂

      • I must admit that I have never tried crystals (though have been curious about it from your posts) believing more that the human anatomy and physiology has enough crystals in them to enable it psychic abilities, which may be augmented by the stones/crystals (at least that is my reasoning on how crystallomancy works). I do wonder if Will may not be remote-viewing using his physiological crystals and being in the process of honing his skills because of which the earlier attempts may not have been as clear as the current (again, I am presuming here perhaps grossly incorrectly that all previous attempts were relatively hazy, which I suspect may not have been the case). I do strongly think that there may have been other reasons for the clarity this time versus others. I think I have created enough noise about the reasoning behind it, but hopefully some usable sounds can be gleaned from all this noise (thinking along the lines of gleaning order from chaos).

        Again, Jan, your post has created a furore of thoughts. Love these thought-inciting posts you have the talent to write about. 🙂

      • The physiological crystals are an idea I haven’t thought so much about recently, and although we’ve done several viewings involving crystals, we haven’t recently used them consciously to develop our skills. It’s certainly an idea worth pursuing.

        As for ‘honing’ his skills, the perplexing thing is that our success rate has been very erratic. In the year-and-a-bit that we’ve been doing weekly remote viewing sessions, they have varied from very clear and detailed (although not quite as good as the one documented here) to vague and fuzzy. On some occasions it’s been hard to rule out chance and identify much that positively matched the target. Because the results varied so much from week to week, rather than following a steady upward curve, we’ve both been trying to find factors that could have affected our results. Planetary alignments or moon phases perhaps, the underlying vibrational conscious state of either of us at the appointed time, the presence or absence of external factors which could affect the clarity… I agree though, that self-belief and confidence is crucial to the process.

        Thanks again for filling my mind with new and fascinating possibilities.

      • I have been thinking about psychic abilities quite a lot with my clinical work and it is in connection with this that I spoke of physiological crystals. In my clinical work, I do sometimes get visual, audio, sensory effects and somes orchestra of subtle perceptibilities which I think are only possible because the human structure is endowed with several features, much like an electronic gadget, of which some have tapped into and honed some features so that they become skills while others have into other features. Having said that, I do find that the msg from these ESPs come through from being tuned in to the ‘frequency’ of, say a visual input. My ability to stay tuned in to the frequency constantly is sometimes when the whole picture comes through and then further details about it. I dont know remote- viewing but I dare think ESPs have some basic maybe even common requirements for clarity, something like foundation blocks, and the more firmer the basics greater the clarity. I am a Body Intelligence practitioner cum therapist and my belief and confidence with the work increases as I explore further the ‘how’ of it, not just intellectually but at a felt sense exploration ( how my body feels when I perceive something..and using that sensation as ‘bricks’ in developing the ‘how’ of it) ..a bit like a scientist with a difference ;-). I, hence, dare think that success rate curve may not be smooth upward curve yet because perhaps now Will needs to fine-tune his ‘antenna’, which I dare say would be his body (how is his physical health I wonder..and also his diet…also does he drink enough water? Does he consume stimulants like twa, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes…does he consume them during your sessions together?)…My clinician/’scientist’ brain is clicking away to glory. I better stop now…but perhaps there are sone thought-nuggets here.

      • Nuggets indeed, Bitha! Many things to consider. Will tells me he is following our discussions here, so he will be aware of all that you are saying, asking and suggesting. The body care issues were certainly a challenge at one time, but I can’t comment on the state of things now. I do remember one occasion, though, when he declined to do a viewing because he’d been drinking alcohol and he felt it would affect his ability to tune in, so I suspect that he is aware of such things.
        I agree with you that the various ESPs have certain characteristics in common.

        We had another very successful (and phone free!) viewing yesterday, followed by a long discussion of possible reasons for the recent improvements. We are agreed that the phones were a distraction and we are both able to focus better without them. He also tells me that whereas he used to try to translate the images that came into his head into words (often far from easy) he now uses drawing as his primary recoding tool, only later trying to translate the images he’s drawn into words, rather than doing later sketches from his written description. This makes the images topographically accurate and definitely drawn from the exact point at which I was viewing them. Magic!

      • Ok! Good for the exploration in remote-view for the two of you! Wish you and Will the very best with this. I have nothing further to comment. The whole experience as described by you sure did jog my brain for a bit and that was kinda fun 🙂

        Looking forward to how things develop with your inquiries about the success rate. I could have my theories and you could have yours and Will his, and the reason could be an entirely different fourth. Perspectives – love them. They help to add more dots to in time dash and the whole picture emerges over time, sometimes more mindboggling than anything ever imagined 🙂

  2. I love when you write about Will and your interactions with him, like remote viewing. I like the description of energy from our electronic devices as being seen as stronger and coarser. It makes a lot of sense to me. One time when I was visiting with a very intuitive friend on the phone (cordless house phone), I noticed the power flicker and anticipated that it might go out, as it was very windy outside. Mid conversation, I unplugged the cordless phone base and plugged in an old corded phone, never losing the call. As soon as I spoke using the corded phone, my friend commented on how grounded I’d suddenly become.

    I’ve read a bit about orgonite and how it neutralizes EM radiation from all sorts of electronic devices and even things like cell phone towers. I bought the ingredients to make some but haven’t done it yet (resin, a few different metals like copper wire, and crystals). Are you familiar with it, or do you use any?

    • I have an orgonite resin block right here beside me at my computer! Maybe I should carry it next time I do a viewing session with Will. Thanks for the suggestion x

  3. Ok, I will be mulling this for quite some time.
    I am already aware, in cases of successful telepathy, or spiritually reading another soul, that the focus needs to be on that soul. From this focus we can get some very clear pictures.
    However, the interference, as you’ve pointed out, can take an innate ability and make it fuzzier. It almost seems as if it is a deliberate, artificial replacement system. The farther one moves away from their real abilities and moves to artificial means to replace them, the more controlled one seems to become.
    Very interesting insight. Very insightful, indeed.

    • Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. The ‘deliberate artificial replacement’ has crossed my mind too. I’ve always shied away from such theories, not from naivety, but because it’s easy to get hooked into negativity and – since we create our own reality – I prefer to dwell on the positive. I don’t think you’re wrong though…

      • I’m such a realist. I don’t tend to think of these realities as necessarily negative, but rather only real. Our awareness is only another factor in the puzzle. If we know and are aware of reality, then we should find ourselves that much better off.

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