Hell Bent

This is me

This is pretty uncharted territory for me.  I’m not too sure how to work my way through it, so please bear with me as I make these faltering steps into an alien land.  

I’ve been trying to avoid writing about it for weeks now, but the synchronicities and situations have just kept building and the Universe is screaming at me, “Just go ahead and get it written down for heaven’s sake!  Why do you think you’re being shown this stuff?”  

So I will.

Deep breath.

If I were Hell bent…   If I were hell bent on lowering humanity’s collective vibration, on ensuring that people lived in fear rather than love, on making sure that they forgot that We Are All One, that we are stronger when we work together, that we are – every one of us – amazing, perfect, powerful aspects of The Unity, of All That Is, who need no leaders or advisers to enable us to live wonderful, connected, joyful lives, how would I go about it?

These are the things I would do:

  • I’d fill the news media with fear-based, negative imagery.  I’d suppress stories of hope and kindness, of care and humanity and promote those that encouraged distrust, bigotry, anxiety and hopelessness.
  • I’d flood  entertainment – sports, movies, TV dramas, soaps, documentaries, video games – with images of violence, anger, pain and strife.  In this way I’d brainwash the populace into craving scenes of animosity and destruction, conflict and heartbreak on a daily basis.
  • I’d work to promote and increase the divisions between rich and poor.  I’d reward the rich and undermine the poor and disempowered, ensuring they had to fight so hard to survive, they had no energy left to fight me or my system.
  • In time-honoured fashion, I’d use minority groups and immigrants as scapegoats.  It’s always worked, that trick – right through history.
  • Coal Fired Power Plant, Nuclear ReactorsI’d use every opportunity I had to limit advances in free energy technology, natural healing, remedies for disease and anything else that eroded the profit margins of the multinationals.
  • I wouldn’t fear business, because money talks there, and they’d be easy to buy off.  I would fear the caring professions though – people like health workers, educators and care workers, who put humanity above profit and gain.  I’d need to find ways to keep them down…
  • I’d regulate them.  I’d impose systems of control so rigorous and heavy-handed that they would have to work all hours to complete the paperwork and thus fall short of the standards of care they could achieve.  Then I’d hold up examples of failure for public scrutiny, convince society that I was protecting them against these inadequate individuals and impose still more regulation and inspection.
  • Doctors and teachers would worry me  particularly.  They are articulate and intelligent and tend to see the big picture to a worrying degree.  I’d need to think hard about silencing them.
  • I’d increase working hours, then, for the doctors and blame them when they fell to the ground with exhaustion or tried to flee the country and work somewhere more reasonable.
  • Empty, Exam, Hall, Deserted, NobodyAs for the teachers, I’d fill the curriculum with Junk Learning.  I’d insist the children were taught an unachievable and irrelevant mix of pointless and inappropriate facts and skills, leaving no room for critical thinking and creative endeavour.  I’d impose rigorous testing throughout the education system, changing it regularly and arbitrarily.  In this way I would exhaust and disempower the teachers, stress and break the spirit of the children and frighten the parents into putting pressure on both.
  • I’d feel threatened by the New Children – the ones born with sensitivities, understanding  and awareness at a higher level than those who had come before.  I would label them, where possible – dyslexic, dyspraxic, ADHD, autistic, Aspergers… and convince their parents they were disabled and wouldn’t function successfully in my world.  Many would be medicated.  Others would simply fail, because of the way I’d ensured the tests and schools were organised.
  • These and many things more I would do to maintain my status quo.

2014-10-15 18.00.04If I were Heaven bent, though…  If I were working to raise the collective vibration and help humanity to shift into alignment with its dreams of how Life could be, it’s simple:  I’d do the opposite of all the above.

Wouldn’t you?


12 comments on “Hell Bent

  1. This one will open a whole new can of worms.
    Hahaha. Oh, you don’t know the half of it. I’ve been thinking about it all. I mean, Capitalism? Capital punishment means death, right? I’m starting to wonder if the entire system is designed to harvest human energy in some way. No, I don’t wonder. I’m, almost certain of it.
    You see, there is a negative side to this magical reality we live in, and the people in control are having a great time abusing it. the entire legal systems is a giant ‘Magical’ contruct. But I guess whatever the system is, what choice do we have?
    And on the other hand, When do we say enough is enough?

    I don’t know. oh well.

  2. Good one, Jan! Now watch The Matrix series of 3 movies back-to-back. I am very sure you will see a world of different new story (I dare say, you may see the current world we live in differently after it).

    I am almost sure, guaging by the content of this post, that you are covering interesting grounds in depth with After Life. Death is a great teacher and has many a great lessons for those who care to live, rather than survive 🙂

    Looking forward to more!

    Much love,

  3. Whew! Good thing you got that off your chest (mind). You sound pretty angry. And
    shouldn’t we all be angry with much of what you state? It is that bad for some but
    not for all, and possibly right now more people trying to work for good than ever.

    I love the picture of you-how did you do it?

    • Well it is that bad in my country, Wendy. I can’t speak for others.

      The photo is of my aura. I had it done some years ago. I had to sit with my hands on magnetic plates. I don’t understand the science, but I look at it from time to time, to remind myself how much more we are than the thing we see in the mirror…

  4. Smashing! Simply smashing!! (Not sure just who put that word in my head because it’s not one I use). So that comes from me and?? Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for stepping up and stepping out and putting this down.

  5. never heard of putting your hands on magnetic plates to help photograph your aura, but it seems to have worked in this case.

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