Sense and Sensitivities

Solitude, Outdoors, Dark, Gloomy, ManThey’ve been showing up in my life far more than usual in the past week – the uber-sensitive young people who sometimes struggle to get along smoothly in this 3D world of ours.

The normally calm, cheerful and sorted 12-year-old arrives for her lesson clutching a cuddly toy, her face set and expressionless, her answers monosyllabic and robotic.  A mother of another child texts to say her daughter won’t be coming; she can’t face leaving her room today.  A teenager tells me how, when stimuli and situations become too overpowering, he climbs into his bed, pulls over the covers and dons a World War II gas mask – his own home-made isolation chamber.  “It’s the only thing that helps.”

Yes, all three have a tendency towards social isolation, anxiety and a certain rigidity of outlook.  Many home-educated children do – that often being their principle reason, of course, for coming out of school in the first place.  Why all of them together though, this week?

First week back to studies after the Easter break?  Possibly…  The obvious answer, though, from my perspective, is that they – collectively – have something to teach me, particularly since the ‘Version 2.0 kids’ have been on my mind recently, with regard to the ‘Deep Dimension’ I wrote about in my previous post.

So what is the lesson?  I sit quietly and wait until the nub of truth that these lovely kids have so painfully been leading me towards surfaces.  Something the sixteen-year-old said…

Display Dummy, Doll, Human, Man, Face“When I’m stressed, all my emotions shut down completely.”

That was exactly what the girl had been showing me – no expression, no visible emotions.  I’d seen her do this a few times before.  I’d seen it in other sensitive young people, struggling to hold themselves together as they experienced sensory overload.  Change their routine, their environment or their situation and this is how they cope.

As I’ve mentioned before, Seth states that our thoughts and emotions create our Earthly experience.  For me, this connects closely to the Akashic Dimension proposed by Ervin Laszlo, as described in the previous post.  True, Laszlo has not suggested that emotions play a part, but he does describe it as a ‘Self-Actualising Cosmos’ and points out that we can consciously link to this hidden realm by entering ‘non-ordinary’ or altered states – the hypnagogic (between waking and sleeping), meditative or trance states, for example.

I was curious.

“When you engage in remote viewing [surely as non-local a link to the Akashic Dimension  as one could wish for],” I said to my friend William, “Would you say you enter any sort of altered state?”

He was quite definite that he didn’t.  He merely focused on the target, and it appeared within his consciousness.

That was what I’d suspected.

Could it be that our highly sensitive Version 2.0 people, whom we know to be ‘wired’ somewhat differently to the neurotypical population, do not – as Laszlo asserted – selectively filter out the quantum-level signals containing information which “for most people… is unfamiliar, esoteric, and vaguely threatening”.

Archery, Concentration, Aim, Goal, Target, ArrowImagine, for a moment, that each of us arrives in the physical 3D environment with a ‘filter’ which not only allows us to block out unwanted sensory stimuli (background noise or distracting sights when we need to focus) but also – once we have been culturally influenced by our society – those ‘vaguely threatening’ other-dimensional stimuli.  In psychic circles, this filter is known as ‘the veil’.  Small children and pets, of course, often react to sights and sounds which most of us screen out.  Many of the children learn, within a few years which signals to respond to and which to ignore.  The imaginary friends and shadow people, the inexplicable fragments of knowledge and so forth become less frequent as they become immersed in the cultural values of their parents and peers.

Person, Man, Circle, Point Of ViewImagine now, a population of humans who are born with a considerably less dense filter – a kitchen sieve rather than a coffee filter, for example.  Not only do they resist adult intervention when told that they are ‘imagining things’, they often show unexpected and hard-to-explain skills and talents.  They are, I’d suggest, able to  tune consciously into a vast amount of the non-local, ‘esoteric’ information emanating from the Akashic Dimension.  These are the Version 2.0 people.

There is a downside, however.  They are also less able to filter out the everyday sensory information that the NT population can happily ignore.  A sudden unexpected sound, a smell of perfume from a shop doorway, flashing lights or even the strobing of a florescent tube can prove unbearable to them.  They pay a high price for this access to realms hidden from the majority of the population.

They become stressed.  And as my young students have been showing me, that makes them shut down their emotions.


I’d argue that it’s because our emotions are what create the world of matter around us.  They need ‘less world’ so they isolate themselves from the mechanism that creates it.  At an intuitive – maybe even a semi-conscious – level, they recognise the power they have over their surroundings.  We all possess that power, of course; we are all creators.  To be constantly aware of it, though, is quite a burden to carry.  What might they create, if they gave free rein to the emotions their stress could give rise to?

These words – an extract from The Words of William written when he was eleven – give some insight into the dilemma these very special young people face:


I spin and destroy
Even though I don’t want to.
I see people become terrified in an instant from seeing me.
Maybe I should ignore my feelings
And destroy everything in my path
Using my spinning powers.

14 comments on “Sense and Sensitivities

  1. This dimension seems to be opening up more and more, even in souls that once had a thicker veil. To the children of this generation it will be natural, as they come on the scene with the latest upgrade of present consciousness (at least this has been my observation).
    To the world in which we create, this is fascinating material. The linkage, I believe, will become increasingly real as we proceed, and not, as you mentioned, from altered states.
    The very fabric of our reality is changing.

    • Yes! I don’t know about you, but I already feel that happening. These kids have been at the leading edge, perhaps. I’ve been watching them appear in increasing numbers as each year passes. Now, though, I’m increasingly finding that ‘the veil’ is thinning. There are still those who filter the link out, of course, but to those of us who wish to see, it’s becoming increasingly visible.

      • Yes, it seems like it is already becoming a choice now. One can choose to stay in the old reality with the veil intact, or choose to enter the new, where the veil seems to be disappearing.

  2. “When I’m stressed, all my emotions shut down completely.” I see this as closing our heart. And I believe we create through our heart space. My son’s filter most definitely allows more information through, information his brain struggles to recognize or categorize (hence anxiety). I think it has to do with his being created with the Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness. He is wired for Oneness with a heart of gold, and is more tapped into divinity, to creation that most. He has a very difficult and painful time being fully in a physical body in our duality world, and when his anxiety hits, he leaves his body (he knows this). And as you are aware, his anxiety has been at an all time high for the past few months. Didn’t realize he’s not alone in it right now.

    “They need ‘less world’ so they isolate themselves from the mechanism that creates it.” Interesting proposal. Will have to mull that one over for a while. I really enjoy your thought provoking posts! Great one Jan!

    • Yes, Sue, there does seem to be ‘something in the air’ right now that is making things extra difficult for these youngsters. Not sure what but doubtless there are many theories out there.
      Your comments on how your son perceives the world are fascinating. As I’ve commented before, I’m so glad he has a mum who ‘gets it’. It’s a great gift for him and doubtless a pre-life contract between you.

    • I coined it in my Life: A Player’s Guide book a few years ago, because I wasn’t wild about the connotations of all the Indigo/Crystal etc. children. It smacked too much of one-upmanship amongst a certain type of ‘spiritual’ (I use the term loosely!) parents. I was similarly unhappy with all the dis-/dys- labels this population were acquiring from the medical profession. I saw them more as an upgrade to the program most people were running!
      Thanks for your comments. I must catch up with your blog again 🙂

  3. Hmmm. I don’t have this problem as much as I used to, But then again I religiosly avoid situations where I will feel like that. I have found that learning shielding techniques or as I call it: Putting up your “bubble” can really be a lifesaver. It’s kinda like a visulisation mixed with a protection prayer when I do it. But when 3 people or more are talking at once? You can hear it all at once. Unless you withdraw emotionally.

    • Always great to get the perspective of a genuine ‘version 2.0’, Sage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      The bubble sounds a useful idea. I might share that with my students.

      As for being able to follow three people talking at once – whoa! That’s a perfect example of what I was attempting to describe. No wonder the human experience can be so stressful and exhausting at times, yet it makes me realise just how limited NT perception is by comparison.

      • I’m glad to be able to provide some insight. another thing you might like to consider is the obsession with routines. To me, it is a way of making ‘grooves’ or tracks to move along in this ‘density’ so that we can function. I know from experience that when I don’t I fall apart. I can’t function here. Like water eating away at rock. Carving a stream.
        Anxiety is a result of other people’s energies (auras) mixing and interfering with your own, and so on. once you understand that you can take precautions to avoid this. closed body posture closes your aura off. Like closing a circuit. Some people even can drain you without realising it.
        Many of us are higly empathic. picking up other people’s emotions and confusing them for their own. Grounding, Shielding are extremely important! and I hear almost nothing about them.

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