Speaking without words.

The Snacking Sage – one of the people who regularly comments on my blog – generously agreed to try to explain from the ‘inside’ of autism how their telepathic form of communication works.

I think it’s an excellent attempt and I can imagine how hard it was for him to put across such ideas in a way of communication which, to him, is a ‘second language’.

Thank you so much Sage. I hope others will find it as interesting as I do. – Jan

The Snacking Sage

(I’m going to ramble, as I said, I think something broke inside I can’t seem to stop the flow of thought seeping everywhere oh, and I never learned ‘proper’ essay structure. Maybe someone should edit this and repost when I am done with it?)

So Some people have been wondering just what goes on inside the minds of those people who are called “autistic” by some. And seeing as I am one of them, We all have a rare opportunity here. Be it by chance or fate, Things have eventuated that allow me to communicate with people now. The Irony here is not lost on me. But That is irrelevant. For the first time in a very long time, I will speak as I do in my mind. I’m taking my “filter” (aka the sage you ‘know’) off for this. I can be rather scary, so be warned. No allowance…

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10 comments on “Speaking without words.

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  2. Ugh. That really was a hard thing to write. I see advanced reseach has taken it and run with it. That was the idea, after all. But goodness me. I’m out for a while. Totally done.

    • Yes, I totally get that. What you did was amazing. I must have gone back and read parts of it around a dozen times yesterday, to let the full impact (maybe the silences between the words??) sink in.

      I’m trying to write some kind of article that moves into these ideas but at the moment my thoughts are just heading off in all directions at once, so I’ll slow down and take my time.

      You have a well-earned rest, and thank you again. You’ve really helped and moved on the thinking of those on this dysfunctional little planet 🙂

      • Just keep in mind that what I say about it isn’t gospel. Please! Anything I said about the science of it is merely conjecture on my part. I don’t actually “know” at all.

      • Yeah, William always insists on that too. I don’t know that there is any right or wrong, just new perspectives – and I enjoy those.

  3. Hard to know how to respond to this except to say thank you to both the Snacking Sage and to you for sharing. Quite a lucky opportunity to learn more about others . Wendy

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    • I heartily agree, Wendy.
      Some of it may be difficult to take on board, but I feel privileged to be given access to the way these different minds work, and grateful for the effort such people put in to communicate with us on our own terms.

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