It’s official – we are time travellers

Clock, Clock Face, Date, PresentBack towards the start of the century – which is actually beginning to feel quite a while ago now – we used to sit, Will and me, chatting about the possibilities of time travel and teleportation.

Will was just a kid then – a bright, perceptive teenager who had reared himself on a mix of Star Trek and metaphysical ponderings and resolutely refused to close his mind to anything.

That, I think, was one of the most valuable lessons he taught me.  I started to learn his way of being open to all possibilities; if we could imagine something, that act in itself gave it reality.

Clock, Clock Face, Wave, Present, YearIt didn’t take us long to establish what, exactly, we wanted to manifest: an ability to travel at will and instantaneously to other geographical locations and into the past and future.

Nothing was ruled out – we considered everything from magic carpets to time machines, via lucid dreaming, astral travel and much more besides.  I poured over the ‘popular science’ books that proliferated around that time.  He indulged in thought experiments of epic proportions.  We’d meet up every few weeks to discuss any new ideas and insights we’d received and to bounce ideas off one another.  The only thing that never occurred to us was that we would fail.

And we were right not to doubt.

Because that’s the way – as I now fully understand – to bring about what you desire.

It’s been a fascinating journey, and many have helped and advised us along the way.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything and nor, I’m certain, would Will.

So last Saturday, Will sat in his room in East London and ‘travelled’ to where I would be the following day at 10.30am.  I wasn’t aware when he was doing the remote viewing, any more than I was aware where I would be on the Sunday at the specified time.  So let’s just make that very clear – Will was gaining a clear visual image of a location, distant in both time and space, where I would be at a specified time which had not yet occurred.  He was doing that simply by focusing on me at the given time.

On the Sunday morning, I took my four-year-old grandson into a nearby city.  I was very caught up in my conversation with the little one and only remembered that I was supposed to photograph my 10.30 location five minutes later.  I judged how long it had taken us to walk during those five minutes and went back and photographed a few likely locations.  Bear in mind here that because I was walking, I was a moving target.  Will would have needed to locate me on the very instant of 10.30.  We can also rule out conscious telepathy, as I’d forgotten what I’d planned to do and wasn’t giving any attention to the viewing.

Here is what he sent me, when we had a chance to feed back later in the day:

I got a large arch with lots of pattern/symbols on and I think it’s concrete.  a concrete wall with something like plants/weeds growing on it and possibly has a curved top.  A flat round thing sticking out of the ground – again think concrete.

So this is where I was:
In the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace – a ruined stone ecclesiastical building in the city of Wells.  I passed through two archways, the first ornately carved with gargoyles and symbols.  20160830_151457The ruined walls are lushly covered with climbing plants and, just to the side, stands an isolated crumbling tower (see right) on the lawn, rising from the ground and surrounded only by trees and shrubs.

A perfect match!


Not quite the Star Trek-type teleporter he’d imagined all those years ago, or the magic carpet I’d visualised the ancients using to move between pyramids and towers across the globe… but we have proved – to our satisfaction – that it’s perfectly possible to remotely travel to other places and other times instantaneously, and to receive visual and sometimes auditory stimuli from those locations.

I think the us who co-exist in the early 2000s approve wholeheartedly of the progress we’ve made.




8 comments on “It’s official – we are time travellers

  1. Fabulous. It beautifully demonstrates that time doesn’t exist in dimensions that Will and others can reach. I believe that when I heal things in me that seem to have become stuck in time (from years ago), I time travel as well. But more and more, I believe that it’s just in a different dimension that is reached through an altered state.

    • I’m quite certain you are right, Sue. I believe that all of us – given sufficient focus and patience – can reach into that dimension, where there is ‘time no more’. Awesome!

  2. I wish I could say I’m suprised, But I’m not. On the other hand, I’m really impressed that you and Will have managed to refine the art so much. I don’t think I would have the patience. As In It’s really cool!
    Magic Carpets? hmm…. I forgot about those! I wish I could sit down with someone and they could get my mind going. I get the impression that it doesn’t really matter what you use as long as you can sit on it. I wonder…

    • Thanks, Sage. No, it doesn’t really surprise us, either, but it is – as you say – pretty cool.
      Your comments on magic carpets are intriguing… I still haven’t discounted that theory. No smoke without fire. I believe that many of the fantastical ideas which have been preserved in fable and fairy tale have their roots in a reality that has been all but lost to us. The tales have preserved them for us, so that we can reach in and retrieve them; or maybe it’s more like the Terry Pratchett narrativium concept you introduced me to. I wonder too…

      • I guess I was remembering flying brooms and guess the reason they used them is because they were easily avaliable and light.
        Speaking of that reality I’ve almost finished writing my next post. It barely scratches the surface yet again I’m afriad but unless I write a novel that can’t be helped.
        Terry pratchet comes from a scientific perspective and obsesses about monkeys and apes crawling out of oceans. But It is facinating the idea of the power of the story. (belief) It makes me think that a good luck charm is like a wall of belief protecting you.

      • I’d never put flying broomsticks and carpets together in my mind – but now you come to mention it, yes!
        I also love your idea about the lucky charm. It gives a window into the power of such things – once so important in people’s lives and now so often trivialised.
        Original and thought-provoking as always. I’ll head over and take a look at your post now.

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