Unempirical Science

Banner, Header, Mathematics, Formula‘An oxymoron, surely,’ I hear you exclaim.  How can science be unempirical?  Well I suppose all theoretical physics is, in that it’s unproven and incapable of being tested at present, but that isn’t what I want to talk about here.

In a way, the ‘science’ I want to describe to you will be tested – next Saturday at 9:30am GMT, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

I knew, last Sunday (4th September 2016), where I would be at 9:30 on Saturday 10th.  I go there every year.  I knew what I would be doing, where I would be sitting and what would be going on around me.  It seemed too good an opportunity to miss.  My viewing partner William and I have been experimenting, as I’ve already mentioned, with him remotely viewing my location at a specific time.  This has included viewings a day or so earlier or later than the actual event.  It’s all gone very well.

This time, though, it was different.  I asked him ( from 175 miles away) to view my location next Saturday, 6 days in advance, and to tell me – also in advance – what he saw.  So that’s what he did.

He described several features that fitted with the location (me sitting in a room, wide open space outside, trees behind, land rising behind it, a bus stop or similar small structure).  All of them fitted with where I would be but were not, of themselves, detailed enough to give a positive identification.  Then he added, “I got an image of an old fashioned looking phone box though that may be nothing.”

Image result for glastonbury town hall imageIt wasn’t nothing – it was the detail that clinched it for me.  The old, red, traditional telephone boxes have almost all been replaced by sleek, modern affairs in this country, but a few remain down here in the west.

I fully intend to be sitting in the room behind the green door on the right of this picture at 9:30 next Saturday, with the door open, to admit and register exhibits for our town’s annual harvest show.  As you’ll see, the old phone box is a couple of metres from where I will be.  He’d nailed it.

That was just the beginning!  I commented that he’d just done something rather amazing.  Will is not given to hyperbole but he agreed that there is no known technological method for observing the future and that “it does make understanding how time works rather difficult.”

Well, yes!

We spent the rest of the afternoon sifting through the repercussions and trying to fit them into known science and our current world view.

  • Did it mean that everything in the future is predetermined?  We both instinctively rejected that idea.  It made a nonsense of our very existence on the ‘planet of free choice’, as Seth calls it.
  • Was it more of a quantum wave/particle issue?  Had he, by viewing this episode in my future, ‘collapsed the wave’ and turned the pure potential of the future into a certainty; opened the box on Schrodinger’s cat, so to speak?  It was beginning to look that way.
  • Was his viewing happening in some other realm – some place where time held no sway?
  • What if I were to fall and break my leg on the way to the town hall?  Would he then have seen a hospital ward?  Did his viewing therefore guarantee my continued good health for the next week??
  • What if he attempted to view me further in the future – in 2056, say – when I no longer expect to be inhabiting this body, but he will probably still be around?  Would he just see blankness – nothing?
  • Is he potentially able to change or even create the future?

Time to get some guidance from another source, I decided.  Clearly there was no one on the planet we could turn to, so (very unempirical, I know, but in my experience very trustworthy) I turned to Koimul.  (Click on the name to view a post which explains who Koimul is, to the best of my ability.)

Globe, Clouds, Sky, Background, Earth“Please can you help us to understand how this fits into our world view?” I asked.

“ONCE YOU HAVE SEEN THIS YOUR WORLD VIEW CHANGES,” Koimul responded, rather drily. However the information which followed was fascinating.  I’ll do my best to summarise it:

  • All events in ‘reality’ happen at at once.  Time is only here to separate them out for our convenience as we live out our lives on Earth.
  • There is no way in which Will is ‘causing’ my future or able to alter it.
  • Free choice ‘MOST DEFINITELY ‘ does exist.  We are still deciding what to do.  It’s just that it all happens at once – in ‘THE ETERNAL NOW’.
  • When I asked about a viewing so far ahead that I would no longer be in this body, Koimul gently reminded me, “IT IS POSSIBLE BUT YOU ARE ETERNAL BEINGS.  HE WOULD SEE YOU FARAWAY OR AT HIS SIDE .”  I was going to say, ‘but I won’t be in time then’ but then I realised – he will!  So while he is in his body, he will be able to use his time as a marker to locate me, even though I will be in spirit.  “THIS,” Koimul added, “IS AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR BOTH OF YOU.”
  • I asked why Koimul and other channelled beings, such as Higgins, were encouraging us to work at our remote viewing.  I posed the question in this way: ‘We chose to incarnate on this planet which is bounded by 3 dimensions and time.  We are universal and eternal beings but we have opted into this limited reality.  Why, then, is it important for us to find ways out of it while we are still here?  We will get out when our bodies die, after all.’  I was told: “TO SHOW OTHERS HOW TO MOVE BEYOND TIME.  YOU ARE EVOLVING.  THIS IS THE GREAT EXPERIMENT.  IT IS TO LIVE IN YOUR EARTHLY BODY YET SEE INTO THE ETERNAL.”

I shared all this with Will, naturally.  We agreed that this information felt right and comfortable to us.

William, though, had one more question.  Maybe it’s also occurred to you…  I’ll detail that, and Koimul’s response, in my next post.











7 comments on “Unempirical Science

  1. WOW! What an interesting experiment! Rich in paradigm shift thoughts, of course, in agreement with Koimul answers!

    At first sight, it seems to verify Einstein’s view of time. “All events in “reality” happen at once”. Einstein had a little different view: he seemed to be convinced that free will is an illusion (in agreement with the laws of Physics that sketch a deterministic universe) and that time’s flow was also an illusion. As he showed that one same event could come before another one for an observer, and after the same one for another observer, depending on their movement through space, he viewed what has been called a “block universe” (http://www.jimal-khalili.com/blog/free-will.html) in which every event exists already somewhere and is perceived when consciousness travels through it, on a continuous movement from one end of the block (past) towards the other direction (future). As if consciousness was traveling through a book, one page at a time; the book exists already in a upper dimension, with all its pages.

    If this were true, then a seer could perceive future events as past ones. For this s/he should rely on a consciousness able to exist in a upper dimension in order to look before or after the present.

    Now modern quantum physics seems to complicate this picture! Many physicists begin to think that consciousness comes before matter and that we should begin by postulating the predominance of free will, because that’s what we feel.

    Some physicists think of the universe as a digital (http://www.digitalphilosophy.org/) cellular automaton, and not as a block universe. What is very interesting with this idea is that one can, at once, join predetermination and free will! Two contrary ideas at first glance. Here is how it could work:

    A cellular automaton (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellular_automaton) is completely determined by the laws that direct the evolution of each cell, depending on the states of the cells around the one that is calculated. John Conway (http://www.wired.com/2015/09/life-games-playful-genius-john-conway/) showed that some very simple laws could result in apparently very complicated evolutions that mimic indeterminate evolution. And S. Wolfram created “A New Kind of Science” (https://www.wolframscience.com/) developing these ideas.The cellular automaton is determinate because each cell is calculated one after the other, always in the same order.

    But what if consciousness (which isn’t mind: more on this below) could choose which cell should be the first to be calculated?! If free will chooses the beginning of the calculation of the evolution of every cell in the cellular automaton, then a new differently determined future would take place. This is because the neighbors of each cell could have different status, depending on where the refreshment of the automaton began.

    Your results could show that Will’s consciousness could perceive what would be the state of the cellular automaton if nothing interferes with its regular evolution. But this lets your own consciousness free to change the state of the automaton, by choosing another cell to begin with. This implies that the future doesn’t exist already, but is determined but the state of the universe at this moment. The choice of the cell that triggers the calculations is the result of your consciousness’ free will. Once done, everything resumes deterministic evolution until another free choice of the cell that will trigger the refreshment of the automaton. This speculation introduces another difficulty: each one of us, if endowed with free will, would live one’s own life, different from the other consciousnesses free choices! But it could explain how free will and determination could both exist, isn’t it?

    Now one should speculate that consciousness doesn’t belong to the space-time we perceive but belongs to what physicist David Bohm called the “implicite Universe”. In this Implicite universe space and time don’t exist as they do in our “Explicit” universe. Entanglement dissolves space and time. Matter (which is a form of energy only) is wavelike and changes to particles only when expressed in the Explicit universe. In this way, consciousness could benefit of informations beyond space and time, and could express free will. Consciousness won’t be the result of brain’s activity but would belong to another realm. The result of brain’s activity would be the mind, completely deterministic and linked to the lifetime of the brain.

    Will, as seers, could be able to calm his mind in a way that consciousness could express itself more clearly, as it does through altered states of consciousness. If true, then Will could “see” your consciousness in 2056 !

    Do you think these speculations could help explain some Koimul’s answers to your questions?

    • Alain, thank you SO much for taking the time and trouble to comment in such detail – and with such erudition – on our experiment.

      As I’m sure you’ll have gathered, I’m no scientist, although I am very interested in the subject and have read about several (though not all) of the theories you mention. You, and the various links you have provided, have added greatly to my knowledge and understanding.
      I particularly like your reference to David Bohm’s implicit and explicit universes. I agree that this gives the best theory to date for a resting place – if I can call it that – for consciousness. Certainly it is separate from (although in some ways overlaying) the mind.

      I will forward your response to Will and I’m sure he will also be fascinated.
      Strangely, last year I published a small book of his ‘words’, containing various musings and theories he has come up with. One of his thought experiments – put together when he was in his teens – he called ‘atom strings’ and it seems to me to bear a striking resemblance to the cellular automaton theory you mention here. I’d never heard of it before, so was stunned to discover that. Will himself has no idea where his theories come from – they seem to simply emerge from the strong focus he is able to give to problems, with his Aspergers mind.

      As I indicated at the end of the post, he was not completely happy with Koimul’s answers and had another question as a result of them. I will be explaining these and the response Koimul provided in my next post. It involves yet another of Will’s theories – one that links to aspects of theoretical physics neither you nor I have touched on yet. I very much hope that you will see it and be able to comment further.

      Thank you again for your help – Jan

      • Dear Jan,

        You’re right about Will’s words on string of atoms and they relation with what happens in a cellular automaton; amazing!

        Below is a link to my website where I introduce cellular automatons; you’ll be able to see for yourself that if you replace “atom” by “cell” , the behavior of Will’s strings of atoms is equivalent to the cells’ one! And “if chains of atoms could be controlled it could lead to the ability to alter future events as well as physical objects.” is in accordance with the hypothesis about our consciousness altering the working of a cellular automaton in order to change the future, isn’t it?!

        I’m currently working on a paper by 2 physicists who show that a universe running as a cellular automaton would naturally exhibit Einstein’s discoveries about light’s velocity, and contraction of space and time with the relative movement of particles! I’ll probably add this to my webpage when ready.


      • Dear Alain,
        Thank you again! It’s wonderful to get confirmation that these strange ideas Will seems to ‘pick from the air’ have a validity and are in line with aspects of scientific theory. It’s so very kind of you to take the trouble to explain it to me, both here and on your website.
        As I’ve said before, my scientific knowledge and understanding are very low. I had to read and re-read your words several times, and watch quite a few videos before I could understand the ‘game of life’ idea, but when I finally got it – wow! Quite amazing, and I can certainly see the links to Will’s concept.

        I’m thinking a great deal about how consciousness can change the future. Am I right in assuming that the CA runs at a kind of regular default setting, but that can be interfered with through conscious intent? (Sorry if my questions seem very basic, but this is all new to me.) I find myself increasingly interested in the mechanism for this because of my remote viewing work with Will. For example, he viewed – last weekend – where I will be tomorrow at 1pm. He has sent me quite precise descriptions of this location and it is not anywhere I recognise from his words. I have asked a friend (who knows nothing of what Will saw) to take me for a drive tomorrow, so that we end up ‘somewhere’ at 1 o’clock.
        Perhaps I will find myself looking at the line of tall narrow trees, the newly-tiled building, the statue and other things he viewed. Perhaps I will not. And of course, I have the option to stay at home and see none of it…

        I wonder whose consciousness – his, mine or my friend’s – is affecting my destination tomorrow. Was he viewing a probability, a default destination I would reach if I did nothing to alter it, or has it – at some level – already happened, so that I will just be catching up with ‘time’?
        Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to answer all my questions – just pondering!
        Fascinating to converse with you.
        Best wishes,

      • Dear Jan,

        I assume that you’re convinced now that remote viewing is a fact, even if it’s so far from our current view of what reality should be, and even if we can’t understand how it could be so. We’re living in a very interesting period of our history since Science (Physics) has clearly shown that our view of reality: our paradigm (only matter is real and obeys to natural laws described by Physics…) has to be changed. It’s time to experience with a mind free from acquired dogmas and to refresh our understanding of our universe and ourselves.

        You have the chance to communicate with Will who seems to “pick from the air” strange ideas which could inspire interesting experiments as you did already with success.

        The CA model of reality seems to be a good illustration to work with, even if we know that it’s very ambitious to pretend really understand the nature of reality one day! You’re right when you see CA as running with a default setting with which we could interfere. The model I suggested makes the hypothesis that Consciousness could decide to change the origin of the calculations leading to the new status of the cells in the CA, and this would affect the future aspect of the CA; the future won’t be completely determined by the Natural Laws and could be sensitive to free-will. BUT we can’t go very far from here since we don’t really know what is free-will at its core and we aren’t sure to think about the same concepts when we utilize the word “consciousness”!

        I suggest to use the word MIND when we think about the entity with which we speak in our head all day long. The mind is sensitive to the working of our brain since it changes when we are intoxicated or ill, sleepy, hypnotized… The principal feature of mind could be awareness. This awareness is the result of perceptions of the world outside and inside our body, through our senses (hearing, vision…) and the analysis our brain does, which is the result of associations between perceptions and with our memories.

        But we’re usually not aware of the huge unconscious workings of our brains that takes place outside our awareness. For instance, we don’t know how we remember something we’re interested in; we just express our interest and let our brain do the job! We don’t really understand from where our ideas come… Therefore we’re invited to define a SUBCONSCIOUS in which the vast majority of the working of our brain takes place, before being presented to awareness. Of course, we can’t understand what takes place in this subconscious, except through experiments like the ones Benjamin Libet did on free-will for example (http://www.nature.com/news/2008/080411/full/news.2008.751.html). He discovered that a decision takes place unconsciously half a second before it becomes conscious! The interpretation concludes that free-will seems to be an illusion! At least, it doesn’t come only from awareness!

        We can go farther when we add what alternative scientific experiments find; experiments on remote viewing, telepathy, mediumship… Their results are so different from what our current paradigm expects that we have to seriously study how they are done and what conclusions can tentatively be drawn. The best way to cope with them is to reproduce them ourselves in order to become rationally convinced of the reality and importance or not of their findings.

        After decades of interest in philosophy of science and experiments, I’m nowadays rationally convinced that our personality is far from circumscribed to our awareness and its boundaries within our body. We can access informations from outside our biological organs of perception; we can even access to informations related to the future! I tend to attribute these properties to an immaterial UNCONSCIOUSNESS which could be thought of as an immense interaction network, maybe through many layers, each of these incorporating more and more families of interactions. We could for instance think of a layer in which we find parents and friends, another in which are our partners in life, then our relations in culture, our species, mammals, animals, living organisms… and so on. We could somehow access informations from this realm, through our subconscious then awareness. C. G. Jung worked on what he named our “Collective Unconsciousness” where archetypes can have important influence on us.

        These are wild speculations of course, but we need models to think about ways to make progress in our understanding. And this model seems fruitful I think.

        With these definitions, it becomes clear that it isn’t awareness that can change the future since we aren’t aware of all these interactions and how they take place, even less so how we could affect the working of the hypothetical CA! But maybe unconsciousness could!

        Now, when we think about it, we tend to conclude that unconsciousness is not related to individualities but to much larger entities. Individualities are related to different awarenesses, but if we can access informations from outside perception organs and awareness, it seems that the personality has to be thought of as much larger than our body, without well defined boundaries. One of the fathers of Quantum Physics: Erwin Shrödinger who has been interested by eastern philosophies, wrote: ” “There is obviously only one alternative, namely the unification of minds or consciousnesses. Their multiplicity is only apparent, in truth there is only one mind.”
        Mind and Matter (1958)
        I think he thought of what I defined here as “unconsciousness” when he wrote “one mind”. If so, we could postulate with Schrödinger only one Consciousness (which is paradoxically unconscious!) that harbors multitudes of individual awarenesses, unaware of their true nature. And this Consciousness could mysteriously interfere with the CA. And what Will “picks from the air” would come from Consciousness.

        To come back to your experiments with Will, you could maybe explore how he perceives these interactions; are we somehow only nodes in a huge network? Does he perceive layers, groups of different kinds of interactions…? If Consciousness could affect the future, can it affect also the past?!
        It seems ridiculous to think that the past could be changed, of course! But… have a look at the “Mandela Effect” (https://blog.theuniversesolved.com/2016/08/26/dolly-jaws-and-braces-the-latest-mandela-effect/) and this confirmation (http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-29160096). I personally experienced a hugely disturbing event that convinced me of this conclusion. Fortunately I wasn’t alone but we were 2 and therefore it can’t be explained by a hallucination! Does Will have an idea about an eventual influence on the past?! It could have huge implications on our understanding of reality and time, of course.
        How did your last experiment on remote viewing went? Did you decide to stay at home to see what would happen?!

        I’m very happy to have these conversations with you.

        Best regards;


      • Dear Alain,
        I so enjoyed reading your reply, although it has taken me quite a while to fully absorb all that you’ve said.

        As you have seen, the ‘unknown future location’ experiment went better than I could have expected and gave both William and I something to think about! His comment about it was delightful: “The issues around viewing undetermined future events which, on a cause and effect basis at least, are virtually impossible to predict do certainly provide very strong support to the lack of understanding of space and time in a scientific sense, though that’s of little surprise.”
        I suppose at some point – in order to ascertain that I still have some measure of ‘free will’, I will have to sabotage one of our experiments and stay at home when he’s seen me elsewhere, but I’d find that difficult to do. I’m so enjoying the results!

        Yes, the Consciousness/ Mind/Free Will dilemma has been in my mind a lot lately. The best answer to it I’ve yet found is in the writings of the wonderful Ervin Laszlo. His Akashic Field theory seems to me to link closely with your observations here and – at a deeply intuitive level – it feels ‘right’. I wrote about it here, in case you’re interested: https://janstoneblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/07/under-the-akasha-tree/.

        I’d quite forgotten the Benjamin Libbet experiments until you jogged my memory, so thank you for the timely (!) reminder. Dean Radin did some extraordinary experiments into influencing the future, as did Bob Jahn and Brenda Dunne. My only source for that is the chapter entitled ‘The Endless Here and Now’, in Lynne McTaggart’s The Field. In fact it’s that chapter which gave me the idea for trying Remote Viewing with Will in the first place.

        I wasn’t familiar with the Mandala Effect – fascinating. However the experiments I’ve just mentioned did try going back in time and changing things too – with success!

        So far we have avoided any attempt to alter the past or future, but maybe that’s a direction to explore next.
        I’m heading off for a couple of weeks in Mallorca in a few days. Not a sun-and-sea holiday, but a psychic research project with a couple of like-minded friends. There are some very unusual sites there, which yield interesting results, both to those of us present and to Will as he views the proceedings from London! This time, we have past and future viewings to add into the mix, so it should be intriguing…

        I’ve forwarded your comments here to Will but have not yet received any response to them. I’ll let you know if he is able to answer your questions regarding layers.

        Thanks again for taking such an interest in our study and for giving us so much more to consider.
        Very best wishes,

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