Explaining the 2016 Presidential Election Result

I’m not an American, but like the rest of the world, I’ve followed the US presidential election – and the reactions of both sides – on the media.
I’ve spoken before of the brilliance and clarity of the information Cheryl Jensen channels from Higgins and I’d urge everyone to read and share the wisdom here.
Jan x

Ask Higgins

Offering from Higgins:     Let’s try to explain the election results. For ease of understanding let’s assume there are two possibilities, Democrat or Republican.

The people of your country, both Democrat and Republican, are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo and want some kind of change. On a subconscious level you all know that the Democrats will not be able to bring substantive positive changes. Also subconsciously, the Democrats are afraid of the change and afraid to lose a sense of control. The Republicans on the other hand, are expressing their desire for change in a more heated way, they are angry.

We now have two dominant emotions: fear and anger. Of the two, anger is the more powerful emotion. Fear is a powerless emotion. We also have a need for a presidential candidate who meets BOTH emotions, one who reflects the fear of the Democrats and the anger of the Republicans. Enter Donald Trump.

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5 comments on “Explaining the 2016 Presidential Election Result

  1. Hmph. Right. *sulks* (Sulking is fun) But hey, I didn’t expect this to happen. It’s wierd! What are they doing!? (as In, “the shadow goverment” that actually does everthing) Look, Left hand, Right hand, Who sees the hidden hand? Gosh, This is such a complicated mess to try and nut out.
    The world really is heading in a strange direction.

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