“How does the universe work?” The WhatsApp version

Texting, Boy, Teenager, Sitting, OutdoorI can’t do the double thumbs typing on my phone.  I’ve tried, but no.  It’s a single index finger, along with copious bouts of fury at the idiosyncrasies of predictive text.  So it’s slow.

I do enjoy a challenge, though, and when the titular question was posed to me on WhatsApp last weekend, I couldn’t resist the challenge.  Here, for anyone interested, is how the conversation went:

So I believe there is consciousness, OK?  Loads of it, which permeates every portion of the universe.That consciousness could also be called spirit, energy, God, All That Is and many other things.  Can you accept that?


Good.  so this consciousness vibrates at an incredibly high frequency.  Notice that the word ‘high’ there is not a synonym for good, holy, spiritual or any other value-laden stuff.  It’s just a level of vibration.  Got that?


Fine.  Well as I understand it, at that highest level of vibration, the consciousness is a single thing – God or Oneness or All That Is.  However it has the ability to step its vibration down.  Just like an electrical current or the spectrum of light, as its vibration changes, it has different properties.  Can you accept all that so far?


Phew, this is hard.  OK, so imagine the vibration lowering just a bit.  What happens then is that the Oneness separates out into individual parts.  They are holographic, so still contain the highest level of vibration within themselves.  It’s like saying that your brain is an individual thing but it’s still a part of you.  Are you comfortable with the idea that at a slightly lower vibration, consciousness is differentiated into what we can call spirits or maybe souls?

I’m understanding what you’re saying.

Well the consciousness can continue to adjust and step down its vibration to lower and lower levels.  Like musical notes, lower is not worse than higher, just different.  Humans mostly don’t get that and associate higher with better.  At each vibrational drop, consciousness becomes – how can I explain this?  It becomes less identified with the Oneness and more identified with individuation.  Does that make sense?


OK, so imagine we’ve worked through many of those lowerings and reached a point where the vibration is so far removed from the top, that the vibrational energy can form matter around itself.  I mean encase itself in matter – a physical body – and create physical stuff like land and buildings and so forth around it.  It is consciousness that creates all matter.  The matter has no independent existence.  Again, most humans can’t get that.  Can you?


Great.  So I’m now talking about consciousness at a human level.  However there are different vibrational levels within humanity.  It’s a matter of choice.  Some of us opted to live very gritty, physical lives, cutting off almost all awareness of the higher vibrations.  When they die, even those beings will return to high vibration, but for now, they’ve chosen to avoid it.  Other humans retain some awareness of higher vibration, while fully engaged with physicality.  Then there are the ones who have chosen not to get too caught up in being physical.  Parts of it totally disgust them.  Aspects of it overwhelm them and make them feel sick or anxious or uncomfortable.  They struggle to get along in the physical world and feel more comfortable with thought and with non-physical aspects of existence.

I can see what you’re saying

So these higher vibrational humans are trying to do something very special and difficult.  They are trying to bring high vibrational systems into physicality.  This is the big new evolutionary step, not just for humans, but for All That Is.  If we can successfully combine the two, we will quite literally have the best of all possible worlds.  THAT is what mystics and spirit guides and so forth are guiding us towards.  That is why psychic and metaphysical skills are so precious and wonderful.  Now do you get it?


Good.  I’m shattered.  How did I do?

You conveyed your beliefs.  I’m not saying I disagreed with them.  I’m not saying I completely agree with it.  I haven’t tried to form an explanation to the workings of the universe

Maybe you should start…



8 comments on ““How does the universe work?” The WhatsApp version

  1. I can see how thinking that all out, and explaining it so clearly, would have worn you out. I often sense similar things but they’ve flown before I can get them into words. I once ( only once) had one of those ‘meaning of life’/road to Damascus moments when suddenly I ‘knew’ that The Two Worlds Are One. I’ve been puzzling about it ever since.

    At the time I felt it was something to do with the world inside your head and the world outside actually being the same place, i.e. I am creating the universe as I go along, no separation between ‘me’ and ‘it’. Now I wonder if I was, for a timeless moment, sensing those energy levels.

    Got to stop. I hate one-finger typing too and one of my thumbs = 3 letters on a tablet keyboard! : )

    • Love that – world inside the head = world outside. Beautifully put. Yes, I think we all get glimpses of it from time to time. It’s getting it into words that’s the tricky part.
      And yes, one of my thumbs = almost half the characters on my phone keyboard! 🙂

  2. Just wow… such brilliance in the way you’ve transformed an understanding, a knowing in your head into words that can’t get simpler and impart greater clarity. Quite simply, you amaze me!

    • Lovely to hear from you again, Swetha.
      Thanks for your kind words. Not all I wanted to impart, but given the limitations, I managed to get the gist of it across.
      I hope all is well with you x

  3. You must have blown their minds! Do you think the responses are automated? They are pretty general.

    I can’t do the thumbs thing on my phone either-too clumsy & now have arthritis in both thumbs and tendonitis in right forefinger. Got an iPad and that has a much easier keyboard & I can watch Netflix & TV episodes I have missed on it.

    Unusually cold temps here but no snow on coast. Plenty inland and north of here. I didn’t bring my warmest clothes, so staying in & reading. Have you read The Taxidermist’s Daughter? Set in Sussex in early 20th c. Quite gruesome.

    I mean to respond to many of your postings, but time gets away.

    Hope you are well,


    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

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