Super Powers

I don’t know how it works, and to tell the truth, I’m slightly embarrassed by it, but I am able to pick up – channel – information or wisdom from the non-physical.

Psychic, Psychics, Psychic ReadingLet me put this into context for you.  I live in Glastonbury, the hippy capital of England.  The place (much as I love it) is positively seething with people offering – for a price – soul readings, spirit readings, mediumship readings, life path readings, oracle readings, angel readings and countless other variations on the theme.  Then there are the endless lists of workshops and courses offering ascension, renewal, illumination, soul healing, just-about-anything-you-can-think-of healing, release from karma/ trauma/ tension/ retention and the list goes on, and on.  And there’s me – hardened cynic who neatly side-steps all the above – yet finds herself channelling, well, stuff that defies reason.

I have no problem with the esoteric, none at all.  I suppose it’s a bit like when I lived down the road from the Trebor sweet factory as a child; the sickly-sweet smell from the works so penetrated and overwhelmed my senses that I was never tempted by the delights of the sweet shop that so enticed my friends.

Anyhow, overwhelmed senses lead me rather neatly (and unexpectedly – didn’t plan it that way) into the latest message from Something Out There.

Train, Station, The Traffic Light, CloudBoth of us were feeling vaguely grumpy and frustrated yesterday afternoon.  The January weather was that damp chilly grey murk which didn’t improve our tempers.  I’d had bad news about a family member and was still feeling the reaction from that.  We were trying to have a discussion about where to go now with the remote viewing (again) and were just going round in circles.  I put forward ideas.  Will refused.  I asked him for his ideas.  He didn’t have any.  The idea that ‘theoretically’ he could view anything and that only his lack of self-belief was holding him back, was frustrating and annoying him.  We were on the point of giving up our conversation when I remembered something.

I can sometimes channel what I can only describe as his Higher Self.  This, er, entity? revealed itself to me a few years ago, when the physical Will had closed the door on all communications.  Quite suddenly, in a way I’m totally at a loss to explain, I found myself receiving astonishing and brilliant messages from this spiritual aspect of my friend – keen to explain that Will was alive and well, but currently not very identified with his physical persona and was occupied in other realms – astral travel and stuff like that.  The personality I was communicating with had distinct personality traits in common with the Will I knew so well, but was drawing on a knowledge base far beyond anything I had encountered.  He answered my questions and shared observations which astonished me.  He also told me when to expect a renewed acquaintance with the physical version, and it happened just as Higher Him had predicted.

You may be feeling at this point that I’m delusional at best, fraudulent at worst, and of course there’s nothing I can say to dissuade you.  All I know is that for me, it happened.

When Will began to chat to me again, through the usual physical channels of text and email, his Higher Self stepped back.  I would ask questions and, instead of spelling out all manner of answers, my pendulum simply circled mutely.  Oddly, it was that which convinced me more than anything that I hadn’t been inventing the whole thing with my mind.

Very recently, though, I did get through, telling Higher Him that it was ‘physical Will’ who wanted answers to his questions.  So yesterday I offered to act as go-between for Will and this higher aspect of him.

Pendulum, MetaphysicalHe wrote down some very specific and uncompromising questions: Should he keep working on remote viewing? If so, what aspect of it?  Most crucially, what steps should he take to improve his success? – And he did NOT want to be told anything about believing that he could do it!

So I opened up my computer, typed the questions, one by one, into Word, and used my crystal pendulum to dowse the responses.  I don’t go into trance.  I don’t need anyone else present.  I usually don’t know what is going to be spelled out, but I sometimes telepathically pick up the gist of what is coming, or the odd word here and there.  When asking about what he should do to improve, for example, I felt the word ‘lazy’ with a certain amount of humour, before receiving the full response.  I’d like to share just that part with you, because it brings up a point that may be of interest to other aspies and people with high sensitivity to sensory stimuli.


Head, Spiral, Self-ConfidenceStrong smells, loud sounds, the touch of certain textures against his skin – all those and more have caused Will distress throughout his life.  I know there are many fellow sufferers from sensory overload out there.  Probably, like Will, they have developed coping mechanisms to shut down or sideline these unwanted intrusions when possible.  The idea, though, that the strength of these perceptions actually make it easier for him than for most other people to pick up the infinitely fainter and subtler non-local sensory signals that come to psychics, telepaths and remote viewers was quite new to both of us.  It also makes perfect sense, now I think about it.

Next weekend, we’ll begin a series of multisensory viewings, using much of the other material provided to us in this rather magical way.

8 comments on “Super Powers

  1. Jan, it is nice to know that Will (and his several selves) has you to ping info on and get feedback and improve, a bit like a soundboard. As I read through your post, I realize that I have been pretty much working by myself (well, I cant say working by myself truly because of what follows after this sentence) trying to figure things out and arrive at my own Theory of Everything in attempting to make sense of the world and All That There Is.

    I figure that every person would be pretty much like a clump of clay or simply IS (because even the word singular gets meaning in relationship to things that is more than just one, i.e. plural is many where singular is one, but if we dont consider things in numbers and just take a thing as IS then singular/plural becomes irrelevant). A person who IS gets definition of who the person IS by pinging/boinging against things and persons other than oneself. So other people and things are pretty much like mirrors against which one looks and sees what cannot otherwise be seen. Meaning, if I never looked at myself in a mirror, I would never know how I looked; of course, I can feel my eyes/facial features, etc. but I would never really know how I was put together and how it all appeared if not for a reflective surface or thing or person who reflects back on how I am, what my characteristics are, what I have, dont have…which is why critics and feedback is so important because they show us what we cannot see by ourselves; they are the mirrors in a sense, if you know what I mean and consequently what I am getting at. I degressed. So, what I was arriving at is that, for Will, you are one of the mirrors in his world. His Higher Self or whatsoever aspect of him that contacted you, contacted you in a particular way so that the physical Will got a ‘reflection’ of what he needed to know to go to the next level. I figure that I have been working by myself per se but in truth, the several aspects of me have been pinging/bouncing off other people or things or sensory inputs (may be even taking feedback from overwhelms, like saying enough of the overwhelm, I am just going to square up and see it in the face for what it is, and lo and behold I get another insight, and thereby my next leveling up).

    I just thought it kinda important to share this thinking with you.

    Been really enjoying the thoughts you have been sharing on your posts lately and the work you and Will have been up to. Do convey my regards to Will too.


  2. As an aside, can you imagine that with my way of wording through things (I know I kinda make complex sentence, pretty much multifaceted sentences which when I reread gets me dizzy until I reread slowly word by word and then join the words into phrases and make sense of my own sentences, which makes perfect sense!), I have been seeing clients in healthcare and they report benefit, but I gotta dialogue with people, and I have managed to make sense to people (somehow!) and that gives me confidence in making more attempts to convey my thoughts and communicate what I really think with people, and the world becomes a little less perplexing and a little more friendly, and gives me hope that I would be able to make a difference in the world and leave the world a better place to live in for those who come after me.

    (Thought it important to also convey this thinking). Sorry about spaming your reply corner.

    • My dear Bitha,

      You could never be accused of ‘spamming’ me! I love your wonderful, meandering journeys into truth and realisation and they always contain new and fascinating insights for me (and, I’m sure, other readers).

      Your point about ‘pinging and boinging’ off others is a case in point. I hadn’t looked at it in that way, but yes! In order to bounce ideas off someone else, you first need to have some ideas. When you’ve reached the point of not having any, what a gift to be able to grab some from an aspect of yourself that does. That very thought has sent me off on a whole new way of thinking about this – admittedly strange – ‘ability’ of mine.

      I guess all of us have aspects of ourselves we wonder about – why on earth was I born able to do this, or feel that, or just ‘know’ the other? By the pinging and boinging process, Will was able to find a value in the sensory overload that has cursed him throughout his life. By your comments, you have shown me the value in my ability to pick up aspects of people not consciously known to themselves. In fact, your words inspired me to offer the same service to another friend who finds their ‘gifts’ and dissimilarities from the majority of humanity quite a burden at present. Thank you!

      We all have our own unique, magical set of abilities, skills and challenges. The trick is to find where that little piece fits into the great jigsaw puzzle that is life. It sounds, from what you say, that you are making great progress in finding the perfect space for yours, and I am overjoyed to hear that.

      Fondest regards,

      • The kindness and quick graspability with which you replied is soo endearing. Thank you.

        I have for so long now maintained that ‘each of us is unique and not, and both is true’ (I have written a looong post about it to which we had such long comment-chat). I find that my way of thinking tends to connect apparently disparate thoughts into a coherent whole, and that my main interest is healthcare. I think I have spoken to you about this, but if not, please read a bit of what I do (I call my work Body Intelligence Therapy) on I am yet to put up a lot of stuff, mainly about the science behind it…but am geared to do that in the coming months.

        If anything that I wrote has another human being feel less burdened/alien/overwhelmed/broken in some way, then I am ever so glad. Each person/form of life that comes into existence has a reason/purpose for coming into existence (Nature is too intelligent to just let things come into existence for nothing, and even if it was for nothing, that ‘nothing’ has a purpose, surely), and their set of gifts/abilities (and disabilities) comes with the whole package of their reason for coming into existence. The sooner people realise that, the faster they would go about doing their ‘job’/minding their own ‘business.’ Please also do tell Will this. From what you wrote in your post, he is also ‘burdened’ by his abilities. I am reminded of some wise person’s prayer/advise that say “…you are exactly how you are meant to be.’

        Much Love,

      • You had told me something of the work you do before (and I’d wished that we didn’t live at opposite sides of the world, so that I could have a treatment with you!) but I took a look at your website. Beautiful! And so lovely to finally see what you look like – so much lovelier than the balloon!!

        I will certainly share that gem with Will, and I hope you don’t mind, but I have also taken the liberty of sharing it with the other young person I am hoping to help in this way. It is exactly what they needed to hear at this point in life. I just can’t ignore synchronicities that strong!
        Thank you again. ❤

      • Gee..good to hear you compliment my looks 🙂

        Please feel free to share with anybody and everybody you think would benefit, but of course I am just stating what need not be said.

        I watched the movie, Moana, yesterday. Mother Nature really heals faster when her children are not needlessly beating themselves up and directing their attention instead to what needs to be done and finding the courage within themselves to just do the needful.

        Thank you again.

        Much Love,

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