Inspired to see

Not for the first time, I find myself inspired by a post from Cheryl and the wonderfully wise Higgins.

Their short yet profound post can be found here:  and is well worth reading.

One sentence particularly drew my attention:

Everything you see around you is a metaphor for your own expectations about your life and this is how the Universe notifies you continually about what’s coming.

In a sense, it’s the usual Law of Attraction stuff – you get whatever you give your attention to – but it goes further, and it has the deepest of messages for us in these times of news, fake news and confusion.

It made me stop in my tracks and think hard about what I give my attention to – what I ‘see around’ me.

Crowd Of People, Crowd, People, BlurYou could place one hundred people in the same department store, mosque, sports centre or field, but they’d all ‘see’ something different around them.  What we see is far more than the built or natural structures. We interpret them, and the people, objects and creatures within them, the temperature and light levels, the humidity, sounds and smells through the screen of our own – very personal – expectations.

Do we feel comfortable and at ease here, or threatened and anxious?  Do we feel excited or bored?  Are we filled with awe or revulsion?  None of that (or the myriad possibilities between those extremes) is a product of the location itself; it is a product of each person’s way of viewing it.

Digital, Zeros, Ones, Woman, StylishSome people are particularly sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others.  They can ‘catch’ fear or anger.  As it grows stronger and passes from person to person in this subliminal way, such a feeling can grow in intensity, so that even the least sensitive individuals begin to pick it up.  We’ve all seen examples of how terror, fury or hostility can spread through a mob.  I suspect that is as true for social media as for people in a physical location.

In these times of high density living and high impact digital interaction, it seems to me, it’s doubly important to step back and to take a careful look at everything we see around us, and HOW we see it.  If we can view it as a metaphor for our expectations about life – and consequently what we are about to create as our ‘future’ – we may want to think about altering our perspective somewhat, both as individuals and en masse.



6 comments on “Inspired to see

  1. I love this Jan. Yes, Higgins post was Law of Attraction: focus on a better thought. Finding a perspective that makes us feel better will bring better feeling things into our life. I constantly find myself asking, what’s preventing me from feeling better? Why do painful thoughts keep popping up (for the ones that I don’t seem to be able to brush aside)? And it always comes down to a belief I have. In healing the belief, it makes it much easier to focus positively. As for individuals who pick up everything around them, I am learning that as they are able to more fully embody themselves, and are able to be their own authority, others’ thoughts and opinions won’t sway them so badly. Yes, it’s so important to find that perspective that brings a feeling of ease in us.

  2. These are trying times but I agree that we have the ability to choose our own attitudes and perceptions of a situation and not give into group anger or despair. About his time spent in the concentration camp, Auschwitz, Viktor E. Frankl said “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
    I do believe though that if we have the opportunity to do more than think positively we should also act to make needed change happen in our world and our lives. I’m thinking especially of the environment, here.

  3. Great post. “And what we are about to create (our future)” Great point. We are all constantly creating. When we really sit down and think about this and just how far this goes, it can be mind blowing. Especially when we realize just how true it is. Peace and Blessings.

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