Can I Let Go of Objective Reality?

Image result for burrow Mump imagesI remember exactly where I was when I first encountered the idea that reality may not be what it seems.  I was sitting on Burrow Mump (a kind of mini version of Glastonbury Tor – thanks Wiki for the photo), staring over the Somerset Levels on a lovely spring morning with a friend.

I can’t remember what I said, but my friend replied that there is no such thing as imaginary – because if you can imagine it, it exists.

I struggled with that.  The rational mind fought against it.  Metaphorically perhaps… when we say things like, “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”  But literally?

The idea wasn’t going to go away, though.  Once it had been planted there, it kept on returning.  Here’s an extract from one of the articles my friend Will sent me.  Some of you may remember it from The Words of William:

A universe will be created for every possible outcome of an event.  For example, if one was taking a walk and for whatever reason turned left another universe will be automatically  created where the person did not turn left.  There would be universes where one turned right, one stood still, one carried straight on and for every other possibility.

I was kind of happy with that, just as long as all those other universes kept a respectful distance and didn’t interfere with mine.  The thing that bothered me, though, was that if I was the person turning left, who would be the ‘me’ in all those other universes?  Did I have an infinite number of stunt doubles, ready to leap into action each time I made a choice; each time I imagined anything?  It all felt very unwieldy, to say the least.  And how me-like were these other versions of myself?  Were they as real and valid as I felt myself to be, or rather shadowy and wraith-like?  Part of me wanted them not to be too real.  I felt vaguely disturbed by them.

Globe, Earth, Country, Continents, ManyWhatever I did, though, they wouldn’t go away.  Not only were these infinite alternate me’s busy having their subtly or massively different lives, it seemed there were intersections along the way where I could jump from being ‘this’ me, to one of the others.  I found it in Seth, in Conversations with God, in Ask the Council, in Abraham Hicks, in Ask Higgins…  Reality, they all seemed to be saying, is not fixed or objective.  It’s fluid, it’s subjective, it depends completely on how we are feeling it, seeing it, imagining it and – ultimately – creating it.

OK, yes, that’s just what I was saying in my last post.  The world is different to every one of us, because of the way we feel about it.  I suspect, though, that I’m not the only one here struggling to drop the belief that there’s a definite, solid, indisputable world there and we all just perceive it slightly differently.

They prove it, don’t they – those scientists with the measuring implements and the calculations and tests and so forth?  Well admittedly, the observer does, it seems, influence results, and there are often anomalies, but basically, those careful meticulous people in lab coats know what the world is like.

And they’re right.

Because that’s the way they see it.

Flat, Earth, Myth, Rocks, World, EdgeAnd when humanity believed the earth was flat, they were right too. (WHAT???)  Because that’s the way they saw it, so that’s the way they created it. (See this amazing post from Ask the Council to understand where I got that one from.)

Seth says the same:

Your many civilisations, historically speaking, each with its own fields of activity, its own sciences, religions, politics and art – these all represent various ways that man has used imagination and reason to form a framework through which a more or less cohesive reality is experienced.

So can I let go?  Can I head off into a world where every possibility exists simultaneously and nothing – no matter how solid and unyielding it appears to be – is set.  Am I ready to believe that I’m really creating my reality, in a completely literal sense, with my every thought, action and idea?

Are you?


15 comments on “Can I Let Go of Objective Reality?

  1. Hmm, this is a dangerous path to walk on. This is true, but yet also not in a sense. Our beliefs are not all-encompassing. Influence reality? yes. Dominate it’s content? No. IF that was the case then people couldn’t ignore something and bear the consequences. Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll go now.

    • Never apologise for putting forward your opinion, Sage!
      I take the point you make. It’s a good one. I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out and all the logic in me is screaming, ‘NO, it CAN’T be right!’ But there’s a little voice wondering in there somewhere, and wondering is always good.

  2. I also read somewhere that what happens to one of the ‘me’s in one of the lives, can affect some or all of the ‘me’s in all the other lives – i.e. that all the ‘me’s are linked. So it might be possible to conceive of all the interlinked ‘me’s as a single Being functioning in an infinite multiplicity of modes, times or narratives simultaneously? This would probably mean that time, as we experience it, is an illusion, with everything simultaneously happening, having happened, being about to happen…

    Well, that’s worn me out for the day. I think I might go for a little lie down… : )

    • Wow Rosie – that’s brilliant. And I strongly suspect you’re right.
      I stopped believing in time (other than as a type of measurement) quite a while ago. (Just realised what I said there – oh dear!) Anyhow, yes – that’s exactly the way Seth explains it somewhere and it does sort of work for me.
      I just wish I had your command of language to express it as well as you have here.
      Thank you x

  3. All of this talk about how we perceive our reality is beyond synchronous for me right now. Yes, every time we make a choice, another world representing the choice we didn’t make will exist (at least for a while), however, we merely don’t perceive it. I have discovered, through healing many subconscious beliefs I carried, that my choices have been changing significantly from those I would have made if I hadn’t done healing on myself. Because of that, what I am able to perceive of myself and my world has been changing significantly. It’s not necessarily that I have changed, but that the version of me that I now perceive as physical me is different than the version of me that still exists in the dimension where I never discovered energy healing. It’s all about my individual perception. Energy healing shifts how we perceive ourselves and our world. How I perceive the world and what world I perceive is wholly dependent on my beliefs. Just working on writing this one up for my blog. As science learns how to explain and measure non-physical elements (quantum science), more people will be able to grasp new concepts and shift what they can perceive.

    • Yes, synchronicity played a massive part in putting these ideas together for me, too. It’s just been one of those weeks when every article I read, conversation I had or book I picked up was shouting, ‘Notice this!!’ at me.
      Thanks for sharing your take on it all. Look forward to reading your next post.

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  5. I have struggled with this, too. Yet what a wonderful tool it is, if one understood how to access it, to go back (or is it crossover?) and make corrections at key life points or relive the most excellent times just for fun.

  6. I was introduced to this theory when I read the book called “The Secret” a long time ago. It blew my mind, nonetheless, I began practicing its methods half heartedly. The theory has been ever present in my mind and I do believe it is possible. My feeble mind is still unable to do what I want, but I guess it’s a muscle I have to build. Right?

    • Sounds to me like the theory isn’t going to let go its grip on you! It sort of hangs around on the edge of our minds, biding its time, until we are ready to give it some attention. If you believe it’s possible, then it is!

  7. hi janonlife i came here from askthecouncil. I currently have so much struggle and resistance to accepting this idea, to radically believe that everything absolutely everything is based on beliefs. life loses its meaning like this. i need some guidance and help.

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