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Swim, Ritual, Meditation, SuicidI’ve been quiet recently – for me.  In that cogitating, contemplative space patiently (fairly patiently) waiting for answers to emerge to new questions.  Probably really old questions, phrased in a slightly different way, but I needed some new answers.

I asked someone I didn’t know that well, but respected.
“Ho’oponopono,” she told me.  “It changed my life.”
I groaned.  Anything but that! I’d first encountered it at a symposium.  A young female speaker standing before us, tears flowing down her face, urging the whole audience to repeat with her, over and over, “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.”
I had no idea what I was supposed to be apologising for, nor yet who I was apologising to or claiming to love.  We were given no context, just and hour and a half of wailing and weeping.  I wasn’t moved – or impressed.
Nevertheless, I agreed to read the book my adviser suggested: Zero Limits by Dr Joe Vitale.  The writer seemed genuine and convinced, but all he said left me cold.

Confused, I turned to Koimul, my Spirit Guide.

That was a relief.

Fantasy, Portrait, Eyes, View, FemaleThen, gradually, I became conscious that some words had appeared in my mind: The Nature of Personal Reality.  They kept repeating until I finally took notice and wondered why they sounded familiar.  Eventually it dawned on me that it was another book title.  Not a book I’d read, but one I’d heard of:  one of Jane Roberts’ Seth books.  Instantly, I put in an order for the book.  It finally arrived yesterday and because I was inspired to find it, I know it will help.

Koimul hadn’t finished dropping clues in my path, though.  I was led to explore a post on a scientific website.  It was about an article that has recently been published in a peer-reviewed journal called, promisingly, NeuroQuantology.

I like it when scientists clamber nervously out of their little boxes and start trying to join things together.  After all, we’ve gone over 100 years now with ‘mainstream’ science insisting that the rules of quantum science apply only to very small and – OK, grudgingly, it seems – to very big things but not to the everyday stuff in between that works fine with good old Cartesian Newtonian principles.  Seriously?

So anyway, this magazine is apparently exploring ways of mixing neuroscience with quantum theory to study the vexed matters that conventional science has no answer to: The Consciousness Question, for a start.  About time, one might venture…

The hero of this tale is one Dr Kirk Meijer, working at a university in The Netherlands.  A cautionary note here:  As a non-scientist, all I have to go on is a very brief overview of his findings, as reported by someone on a website who had read his article.  I could attempt to read the original, but I’d probably fall at the first sentence, such is my lack of scientific knowledge.  What follows, then, is the briefest summary of a summary of a summary of this man’s cutting edge work, but it fascinates me.

Knot, Fixing, Connection, Torus, MoebiusConsciousness, Dr Meijer seems to be saying, resides in a field surrounding the brain, but in another spatial dimension.  This field can pick up information from anywhere and transmit it instantaneously to the brain – the whole brain, not just certain areas – by a process called Quantum Wave Resonance, a wave pattern that encompasses all neurons.  It’s then down to the brain to interpret what consciousness has passed to it, along the neural pathways it has established.

Wow!  Finally a theory that is starting to sound right.

It follows, you see, that because each individual ‘mental field’, aka Consciousness, can access other fields, this could allow for the existence, so long denied by mainstream science, of what the article calls ‘anomalous phenomena’ – remote viewing, telepathy, déjà vu, dowsing, channelling and the like.

Best of all, the article I read gives this utterly delicious quote:

Consciousness can be regarded as the most basic building block of nature and consequently is present at all levels of the fabric of reality.

Just think of the progress humanity will make when the brilliant minds of scientists are unleashed to encompass what spirituality has been telling us for so long.  Zero limits indeed.

And maybe my ‘mental field’, linking as it does to all others, can go by the name of Koimul.

13 comments on “Personal Reality – More of That

  1. I have heard of this, too, and it resonates with me as well. Maybe the scientists are finally putting things together, but because they don’t know how to test it, they don’t know what to do with their theory.

    • I know, and it’s good, in a sense, that they proceed cautiously. I think, though, that when they finally see that this is the only way they can resolve the problems they are having trying to confine and locate consciousness within the human brain, that they won’t be left with any choice but to accept it.

  2. Absolutely delicious! Love it. And I believe that field, consciousness, not only interacts with the brain, but affects how our DNA is expressed. It would explain how I can sit in a chair, alter my brain state using hypnosis, have a “journey” that ends in an emotional release, and change my physiology (heal physical diseases and ailments that supposedly have no cure).

  3. I suppose scientists provide the nuts and bolts by which we can finely appreciate what our spiritualists have been telling us over the ages. In my estimate, science is a methodical inquiry into phenomena, where large parts of phenomena is unknown but it is the known bits by which the unknown can be pieced together in new or hitherto far unthought of ways. A true scientist, hence, in my estimate is such an inquirer – a walker in between the known and unknown. I have for quite some time now been calling ‘sciency’ people (those who are stuck with a linear logic way of thinking) as scientists until I come to think that spiritualists are circular logic people and are also ‘scientists’ in that there is an attempt to rinse and repeat what they discover (for example, how to meditate, how to be in touch with higher energy fields, how to be in the presence of Grace, etc). The difference between a sciencer and spiritualist then would be that spiritualists prefer to stay more with the circular logic than be bothered with the linear logic, whereas sciencers refuse to consider the possibility of circular logic even though they dabble in the unknown in the course of their inquiry to discover something. Would love to hear what you think 🙂

    • Oh I love your explorations of the finer points of language, and where they lead us! That is a particularly wonderful route, and very helpful.
      You know, literally two hours ago, I was sitting with one of my students, helping him to organise his ideas into an assignment he’d been set in Religious Education. His task was to identify the key differences and similarities between the Christian and Hindu concepts of creation. (Bear with me – this is going somewhere!) The boy sat reading through his notes on both, then said, “I think it comes down to Christians thinking life goes in a straight line from just one starting place and Hindus seeing it as going round in circles.”
      Putting that together with your insight, I wonder whether (very simplistically) the West has been more inclined to logic and science, and the East to spirituality.
      Anyhow, i think your idea is amazing!
      Jan x

      • Oh, wow! What and amazing bit of insight the boy and then you had. The East and West ‘culture’ has been thusly distinguished in India since a very long time. We call it the western materialism and eastern spiritualism, and about the cultural differences getting thinner with the “internationalization” of our cultures, which to me sounds like the emergence of a “world culture” since consciousness is now being looked at from a more comprehensive perspective (the initial topic that sparked our discussion). In India, we have been noticing an increase in the degree of awareness that people have, and it has been theoretically attributed to a “tilt” in an invisible consciousness plane cosmologically which apparently catapults our human consciousness to, what is called the, Golden Age. (If interested, you may want to read up on the time-wheel/Yuga cycle in Vedic philosophy; absolutely delicious material, in my estimate).

        “Explorations of the finer points of language and where they lead us”, what as astute observation! A mark of a clear intellect, in my estimate; a rarity these days!

        The pleasure is mine in interacting with you 🙂

        Warm regards,
        atxero Bitha

      • How lovely to hear about the perceived increase in awareness in India, and its possible causes. There is much similar speculation – especially from channelled sources – here in the West, too, Bitha and I’m certain you’re right – that as the boundaries between cultures disintegrate and we have a world culture (just as the barriers between science and spirituality topple as well) the next phase for humanity sounds very exciting. So lovely to chat to you again!
        Love, Jan x

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