Warning: Incorrigible Optimist At Work

You saw it coming, didn’t you?  Some of you even commented on it…

What do you get when you stick an incorrigible optimist in the bleakest and most desperate situation anyone could imagine?

Fantasy, Clock, Statue, Light, SpiralMagic – that’s what.

Only we know, don’t we, that it isn’t magic at all – it’s natural.  It’s the way life really can be.  It’s far, far more natural than cause and effect, far more natural than coincidence or random chance, far more natural – I’ve recently discovered – than synchronicity, even.

So, taking a deep breath, I’m going to say it:

There is no such thing as objective reality.

Certainly there IS such a thing as default reality.  That’s where almost everyone lives for the majority of their human life.  It’s the way Life goes when people believe they can do nothing about what happens, because it happens TO them.  It seems so self-evident and relentless that many people never dream that they can escape the tyrany of Fate, Luck, Chance or whatever deity they hold responsible for the events that go on around them.  Grimly and doggedly they struggle on through Life at default setting, feeling cheered when things go well and depressed or angry when they go wrong, but never thinking for a moment that they could take responsiblity for these events – far less that they could choose and affect the outcome.

There are others, though, whose lives turn out very differently.  There are those (and I’ve had many amongst my family and acquaintances) who expect things to go wrong, expect to be cheated, disappointed, short-changed and beset by inconveniences.  Sure enough, Life delivers.  They are not surprised.  They expected nothing more.

At the other extreme there are the optimists – those who expect that, regardless of setbacks, Life will turn out well and they will find something great and precious emerging from every situation.  They expect nothing less.

I’m one of the latter group.  Not every day and in every moment of course.  There are times when I can rail against my fate with the best of them, but it only takes a little nudge from a caring friend or a tiny synchronicity for me to remember, “Hey, yes, I’ve got this covered; I can choose how it works out.  I can learn something valuable from it.  Let me just think for a sec about why it turned up in my Life at this point.”

That’s what I’ve been doing this last week or two.

Certainly, some of the issues I’ve been dealing with have been serious and life-changing, but the example I’m going to give is of a much lighter kind – just to give any doubters amongst my readership confidence to start by choosing outcomes for the small stuff before building up to bigger and better things.

Sunglasses Glasses Fashion Style Summer HoA week ago I lost my sunglasses.  They were prescription lenses, as I’m quite short-sighted, and designer frames, so replacing them would have been costly.  I was irritated, naturally.  I searched everywhere I’d been and wondered where they could have gone missing.  What I didn’t do was to give them up for lost.  I maintained a conviction that they and I would be reunited.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a phone call from a staff member at some beautiful gardens I’d visited on the day the glasses disappeared.  I’d first noticed they were missing as I’d got out of the car when we arrived, so hadn’t been wearing them on my visit.  The other relevant fact is that I’d loved the gardens so much that I’d bought a season ticket, filling in a form with all my contact details.

“Is that Jan?” asked a cheery voice.  “I think I’ve found your sunglasses!”
I was stunned for a moment. “Well I have lost them,” I said.
“I KNEW it!” she squealed triumphantly. “I just KNEW they belonged to you. Describe them for me.”
I did so and – naturally – they were mine.
“But how did you know they belonged to me,” I asked. “The only name on them is Ted Baker’s!”
There was a slight pause before she responded, “I don’t know. I just looked at them and a sudden inspiration came to me that they must belong to you. I remembered you buying the season ticket and I knew they had to be yours.”


I’m happy to say that the important issues are changing too.  Since I arrived in my new temporary abode to support my family, one thing after another has slotted neatly into place.  My daughter is now also a believer in manifesting a great future and together we are planning and choosing each next positive step along the road to recovery and towards building a new, happy life for her and her children.  Still a long way to go, but all will be well … because that is what we have chosen.

In case anyone who reads this would like some specific help in manifesting change in their lives, I’d like to add a link to the wonderful words that helped us climb out of the abyss in our darkest hour and allowed us to move forward: Cheryl’s Prayer of Choices.

There is also a children’s version which I worked on with Cheryl here.


13 comments on “Warning: Incorrigible Optimist At Work

  1. “There is no such thing as objective reality”

    Do you mean that we live in a virtual reality? If so, then more and more computer scientists and physicists (even some philosophers like Nick Böstrom) think so also. They find what Eastern philosophies discovered since millenia!

    My blog is about this model of reality as it appears in its name!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful life experiences in a beautiful language!

    • A year or so ago, I would instantly have said, “Yes! Ours is a virtual reality.” It certainly has many features in common with virtual reality. More recently, though, I’ve come to believe that ‘reality’ is still more bendy than that. We are literally creating it as we go along. All possibilities are there at any point, but those we experience depend on our emotions, our expectations and our intention. The more powerfully and unwaveringly we hold each of these, the more completely they manifest in our lives.

      I wish I could explain it more clearly, and thank you for your thoughtful and kind comments.

      • You wrote « We are literally creating it (reality) as we go along. »

        Isn’t this view compatible with a virtual reality (which is created continuously: in a video game the screen is refreshed every 1/100th second) in which our material body (including our brain and our mind) would be our avatar and our Consciousness, a Player?

        What if, by « Consciousness » we would mean a number of properties paradoxically most of the time out of reach of vigilance: of self-consciousness. This understanding of Consciousness would expand beyond the subconscious that remains linked to the activity of the classical brain, beyond the impressive work that the mind does before presenting the results to vigilance. What if Consciousness would be the source of intuition, inspiration, creativity and probably could use emotions to convey informations to the mind. And what if the mind could use intention to communicate with Consciousness?

        Physicists have shown that matter is, at once, particle and wave (vibrating energy). We are therefore particles and vibrating energy. Particles are located in infinitesimal small space, but waves can expand in huge volume. This could be compatible with a reality in which our avatar (body and mind) would represent the particle part of matter, and its wave nature would be the realm of Consciousness, the Player.

        Although virtual, we would not be insignificant; we would be Players completely dissolved in the Game and we could only rely on the very subtle link of intuition to stay “online” rather than completely drowned in virtual, but so realistic, events! The evolution of our own virtual games clearly leads us towards a more and more total immersion in the game: it would be exactly the culmination of this evolution that we would experience in Simulism: the paradigm that suggests we live in a virtual reality.

        Wild speculations of course, but maybe helpful as a work-hypothesis?

        Best wishes.

      • Your response is as deep and thought-provoking as ever, Alain. This virtual reality game is more or less exactly the analogy I used in my little book (Life: A Player’s Guide) back in 2012, although you express it better!
        I suppose I have moved away a little from the analogy recently because I wanted to explore the aspects of consciousness that are not covered by it.

        I love the part where you say: “What if Consciousness would be the source of intuition, inspiration, creativity and probably could use emotions to convey informations to the mind. And what if the mind could use intention to communicate with Consciousness?”
        I think there can be a constant two-way interchange between the brain/body self and the greater Self that we are calling Consciousness. The more emotion and intention we use, the further we move into conscious creation and away from simply reacting to stimuli in the default reality so many of us have become mired in.

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