Thoughts on travels beyond spacetime

Logo representing spacetime.

That last post I wrote (or half-wrote; I had help) seems to have caused more than a little brain-ache for many of the brave souls who battled their way through to the end.  I’m not at all surprised, given that I’d been struggling with the ideas contained in it for some years beforehand.

That’s why I decided to see if I could make the main idea raised in it slightly clearer.

Putting aside for now the weird and unusual way that I am able to communicate telepathically with a friend in London, without his conscious knowledge, we are left with the information this higher dimensional aspect of him is able to share.

Will has autistic spectrum perception.  His diagnoses have included semantic-pragmatic disorder and Aspergers.  Diagnoses don’t interest me in the least, but I’m fascinated by the difference in the way people with ASP (P not D, as I see it as a different form of Perception, not a Disorder) access knowledge from the Cosmos/ Universal Spirit/ God Self  – or whatever you prefer to call it .

Русский: Эзотерика

In our metaphysical ramblings, Will has explained it to me this way:  All of us have higher aspects of ourselves, sometimes called subtle bodies.  In most neuro-typical people, our links to these dimensions are via the etheric body – an energy field that is measurable and even visible to some.  It acts, he tells me, the way the sat-nav in your car does – picking up messages from ‘above’ to guide us through our daily lives.

For individuals with ASP, the connection is different.
‘THE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE BODIES GO FAR DEEPER BUT CAN PULL APART,’  he explains, with typical understatement.  There, in a nutshell, we have the apparently positive and negative aspects of the autistic state – an ability to tap directly into higher dimensions of the Self and an equal ability to disconnect from aspects of themselves which can leave carers and friends baffled and concerned.

While he was in his teens, Will and I spent many happy hours together, discussing the kind of issues we now chat about via my pendulum.  Many aspects of his knowledge amazed me, especially when he  explained subjects I was reading about in information channelled from higher dimensional beings – the Seth Material and Conversations with God, for example.

He also confided that at times he found himself experiencing parallel lives – ones in which he and some other parts of his experience were the same, but subtle or sometimes greater differences were evident.  As this was involuntary, the poor lad became intensely anxious and nervous, stuck as he was in an Alice in Wonderland world where nothing could be relied on to stay the same.  I wonder if Lewis Carroll had similar experiences…


The compact disc

These ‘other lives’ have troubled and fascinated me ever since.   The closest I came to a rational explanation was a passage in Conversations with God, in which physical life is compared to a CD rom, containing every possible outcome for every possible choice we make.

Let’s assume for a moment that this cosmic CD exists (akashic records, perhaps?) in some realm beyond space and time.  While we are in our skin-suits – being human beings – we normally select one ‘track’ from the CD rom at a time.  As Will pointed out in my previous post, each time we make a choice, our personal time line changes. We jump to a new track.  It was this aspect of infinite pre-destiny/choice that prompted me to use the analogy of a video game in my book LIFE: A Player’s Guide.

So not only do I have ‘past’ and ‘future’ lives (the quotation marks are there to remind me that time only exists as an aid to sequential cause and effect in our 3D existence) but each of my lives – including the present incarnation – has an infinite range of options.  That’s where the Law of Attraction fits in, I suppose.  We can select which of the myriad lives we wish to put our consciousness into – miracles included.

The next part of Will’s master-class explained how the personality or essence of oneself permeates each of those lives and – this is huge – how what we do in one life has an effect on every other life: past, future, probable or possible.  That, though, will have to wait for another post.



Along Came A Spider: Manifesting for arachnophobics

spiders wallpaper

spiders wallpaper (Photo credit: jelene)

Notice the picture.  There’s no way I could bear to put an actual photo of a real spider up here.  Even this one makes me ever-so-slightly jittery.

So why am I writing a post about spiders, if I’m so terrified of them?

Good question.

It’s actually a post about manifesting and how easily it can go wrong.  All will become clear…

A few weeks ago I read an interesting blog post by a lady called Pam Grout.  I found that she appeared to share my take on life and had written a book called E Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

Well to be honest, I don’t think I’d have bought a hard copy, since my tiny house is already in imminent danger of subsiding under the weight of volumes it contains, but there was my dear little Kindle sitting beside me, all light and portable, so with that all-too-easy one click, Pam’s extravagant claims were zooming through the ether into my machine.

I’m about half way through it.  It’s an interesting book.  The genre is midway between Wayne Dyer and Spirituality for Dummies; the style slightly High School Musical in places (I’m trying really hard not to judge the use of  ‘Daddy Alby Einstein‘, and failing so far) but there’s some excellent stuff in there and a brilliant range of quotes by all my favourites – William James, Fred Alan Wolf, Amit Goswami, Peter and Eileen Caddy and many more.

So, true to her word, Pam offers a series of simple-to use ‘energy experiments’ designed to banish any lingering doubts about the Law of Attraction.  I’m already a convert, but I decided it would be fun to work through them.

Number 1 involved finding evidence for what she calls the FP – an overarching consciousness of some description.  I had to give this FP a set amount of time to provide me with something great that incontrovertibly appeared out of the blue.  Sounded good, so I put the intention out and waited.

At the start of day two, as if by magic, I woke with not just the title, but the entire layout of my new book lodged in my head.  Neat – as Pam might say.  I rushed off to scribble it down and returned enthusiastically to my Kindle.

Number 2  was close to my own heart and something I’d written extensively about in Life: A Player’s Guide – the idea that you see exactly what you expect to see.  The method was slightly odd.  I was supposed to focus on seeing sunset-beige cars.  Beige isn’t a colour I readily associate with sunsets, so I was finding this one rather tricky to visualise.  Also I’m not a driver and struggle to take any interest in cars, but on the second day  I did have to step back hastily when a boy-racer in a beaten-up old car of a rather sickly beige hue came zooming round the corner as I was preparing to cross the road, so I counted that a success.

Number 3 was fun.  True, she called it the Alby Einstein Principle, but there was a very clear and well-written account of energy fields and the chapter culminated in using dowsing rods in a way I’d not tried before.

Nederlands: zelf gemaakte foto

Then came Number 4: manifesting.  So now I was on familiar ground.  Feeling smugly confident, I read the chapter, nodding and smiling as I went.  Yes, this all made sense.

All was going brilliantly until I read her anecdote about a friend who had been so irrationally terrified that one day she would reach into a drawer and close her hands around a huge spider, that one day it actually happened. She’d used the ‘s’ word!  Worse yet, she’d used it in the context that whatever we give our attention to, we draw into our lives.

I started to remember how almost exactly that fear had dogged me when I first moved out of the family home and went solo, in my mid fifties – leaving behind a husband and two brave sons who had always done the spider-removing bit while I trembled pathetically in a corner.  Now it was down to me.

For the first couple of years, an inordinately large number of great hairy eight-legged beasts would appear in the bath, on the white tiled floor and – once – in my bed!
‘Of course,’ I nodded sagely as I read, ‘I was giving attention to spiders, so spiders appeared.  Then I got relatively used to removing them, the terror and attention started to subside and, well, I haven’t had one in the house for around a year now.’

Patting myself on the back, I read on and set about deciding what to manifest within the given two day deadline.  Recalling that book sales had been a bit flat recently, I decided to manifest three sales of ‘LIFE’ – paperback or Kindle edition – within the allotted time.

At the end of day 1, I checked to see whether any sales had turned up on Amazon.  Nothing so far, but there was another day to go.  I kept focusing on the sales.

Day two arrived.  Still nothing.  Then I went downstairs.  Sitting on the front door mat, grinning up at me was – you’ve guessed it – the most massive, full-bodied, terrifyingly angular looking spider I’d ever encountered.

Cursing the Law of Attraction, I fought to control the panic and brushed it out of the door.  Then I stood and shook for ten minutes.

The book sales didn’t appear, which taught me about where I’d actually been putting my energy: every time I thought of manifesting the sales, I thought of Pam’s book and that made me think of memorable parts of the book and that made me think of manifesting spiders…

I’ve probably ruined all hope of manifesting positive experience for huge numbers of arachnophobia sufferers now, unless, like me, they are able to use this as a salutary lesson in how often we allow our attention to rest on precisely what we DON’T want to bring into our lives.

I’ll plough on with the second half of Pam’s book, having learned a valuable lesson.

And by the way, I’m not too bothered about the two day deadline, so if anyone would like to purchase a copy of my entirely spider-free book on the purpose of life and manifesting your own reality, please feel free to use that handy one click and bring it into your life!

Available in paperback and Kindle editions

Available in paperback and Kindle editions