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I create my day

I create my day (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

Do you ever wonder if all those people who write books about manifesting abundance are multi-millionaires?

How about the ones who write about creating health and wellness – are they all lithe octogenarians who jog up mountains and haven’t had so much as a cold since 1952?

Or am I the only person who has written a self-help type of book, believed it completely, but been (if I’m totally honest) just a little way off putting everything I wrote into practice every day of my life?  Or even most days?

From time to time, that’s bothered me a bit.  I’ve wondered what I’d say if some heckler at one of my talks asked what kind of reality I was creating for myself, given that I tell everyone it’s possible.

My mind kept wandering back to that man in What The Bleep Do We Know!? who sat in his study and explained to camera how he consciously plans every day out, decides what he wants and then enjoys what the Universe brings him.

I’m not sure that I made a conscious decision to start living like that – ‘on purpose’ as they say – but it’s happened.

English: Shower

There are many New Age phrases that slip off the tongue so easily.  ‘In the Flow’ has to be one of the most clichéd.  What I’m learning, though, is that it describes exactly how this manifesting lark works.  If you imagine this stream of excellent, abundant experience flowing into your life like a warm shower, you have to concentrate and avoid wandering away from it.

For example: In a recent post Of Rusty Keys, Unicorns and Leaky Roofs you may recall that I said this:

Ideally I’d like the surveyor’s report to highlight all the problems, but not find anything too structural that needs repairs beyond my rather limited means.

What I got was just what I’d requested – a surveyor’s report that highlighted urgent repairs with an estimated cost of exactly the amount of money I have in the ‘rather limited’ piggy bank.
Tile Roof Pattern

At that point, for about fifteen minutes, I moved out of the flow.

I panicked.

I started wondering what would happen if builders uncovered unexpected and expensive problems that couldn’t have been foreseen.  I was miserable at the thought that my life savings would be swallowed up by decidedly un-sexy re-pointing and roof felting, with nothing left for the transformations I was dreaming of – the upstairs bathroom (conservation officer said ‘Yes’!), the butler’s sink and oak kitchen, or even redecorating the rest of the cottage, which currently boasts peeling white wood-chip paper in every room.

It takes practice, this business of creating and allowing the Universe to provide.

I’m getting better at it, though.  Soon I had moved back into the flow of that lovely warm shower.  I’d been given exactly what I’d put out for – because that’s the way this works.  So I swallowed hard, put in an absurdly low offer on the cottage and, within an hour or two, we had haggled our way to a price both I and the seller felt happy with.  That means the piggy bank is looking a little plumper and in any case, if more money is needed somewhere along the line,  I’ll just say, “Ideally I’d like…” and wait for it to arrive.

As you may have noticed, I’ve already – within two weeks – received the first three items from my ‘wish list’ in that previous post.

The magic continues.

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Shifted or Shafted – Whatever Happened to 2012?

new dawn over Tor
Sunrise at Glastonbury Tor on December 21st 2012.

Erm, was that it then?

You were expecting what, exactly?  Epic, Hollywood disaster movie scenarios?  Beams of something-or-the-other from that cosmic alignment with the galactic centre?  The much vaunted birthing of the New Earth/Age/Consciousness?  The End of Time, perhaps?

Hasn’t it all gone quiet?  Apart from this, of course……………

What if I were to suggest that everything has shifted – in the most fundamental way possible?  Allow me to share my take on the 2012 Shift with you, but remember this is just MY truth.  It may not be yours, and that’s fine.  We all have our own truths now.

So – A New Cycle:

When we were very young and new to all this, it was made nice and easy.  If we wanted to cycle, we were given a dear little toddler trike with three wheels for extra stability and in most cases a watchful parent who checked up on us continually.  In Life: A Player’s Guide I call this humanity’s infancy – the time when all the rules were made for us by ‘God the Father’ and we would be rewarded or punished according to how well we behaved.

As we got older we wanted a bit more independence.  We graduated to a bigger bike – one of those brightly coloured ones with the two little stabilisers at the back, just to hold us steady.  We pedalled off, ever further from Our Father and into what we called The Enlightenment.  Here, the twin stabilisers of Reason and Science allowed us to think (or ride) for ourselves, but they held us in check, saving us from tipping too far.  This was humanity’s childhood.

The time was bound to come when we wanted the stabilisers removed.  We longed to ride off by ourselves, taking true control of our journey.  No doubt you remember that transition from your own childhood.  It involved some very painful falls and knocks before you mastered the skills.  Possibly that patient parent was called back into action, holding on to the back of the saddle and puffing along behind you, wheezing, “Keep pedalling! (puff… gasp) I’ve got you…”

I’d argue that this is exactly where we’ve been for the past few decades.  We’ve had an explosion of channelled material,  self-help books, articles, workshops and gurus offering all the support we could possibly need.  Many of us have had dreams, inspiration and ideas from guides, spirit, angels or whatever aspects of Consciousness we believe in.


Cycling (Photo credit: Neo-grapher)

We’ve grown in confidence with that  guiding hand on the back of the saddle.  But then there’s a moment when we realise we can’t hear the footsteps any more.  They’ve let go!  For a moment we wobble madly, but we stay upright.  We’re doing it – we can ride on by ourselves!


You can build your own reality now.  It’s all been building up to this.

You know that you are made of atoms, and those atoms are made – quite simply – of energy.  It’s your consciousness that decides where you put all that energy.  You’re steering the cycle yourself.  Those are your hands on the handlebars.

So give it a try.  Put your energy into, say,  catching a cold.  Work at it  and you can have one within 48 hours, or decide not to.  It’s not luck or chance.  Many people put huge amounts of energy into being ill.  Others don’t.

I’d suggest getting into the habit of directing your energy into positive places all the time.

I’d suggest giving none of it to judging or condemning yourself or others.

I’d suggest searching out the wonderful, the inspirational and the beautiful – in the world and in the mirror.

I’d suggest – because I’ve no right to do more than suggest – that when you’ve mastered that, you’ll find that you’ve shifted into a New Cycle.

More advice – should you want any – is available in my book Life: A Player’s Guide