Darth Vader enters my Reality Field

Photograph of "an unusual atmospheric occ...

It’s all coming together – as indeed it should.

Two themes have been running through my recent posts: my unexpected ability to communicate with a friend who had passed over, and the ability we have to create our own reality.

The two are clearly linked; if we believe something, then it lies within our ‘reality field’.  If it’s within that field, we can access it.  If not, we can’t see or otherwise sense it – it doesn’t exist for us.

That explains why some people can see UFOs, angels or fairies while others can’t. It explains why some people can levitate or live for years without food.  It explains why some people can communicate with those beyond the veil by holding a dowsing pendulum over a board with the alphabet printed on it (or, as I do nowadays – over a computer keyboard)…

Last month, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my elderly, severely disabled mother died.  I’d had to make the choice between sending her to hospital or allowing her to leave quietly in the comfort and familiarity of her lovely, nurturing nursing home.

Rationally, I knew I’d made the right choice; emotionally, I couldn’t be certain.  Maybe that wasn’t what she had wanted.  Maybe she had more to do here…

Gradually it dawned on me (I can be very slow sometimes) that if I was able to hold a conversation with the departed mother of a young boy, in order to bring him peace (see previous post), I should be able to use my pendulum to contact my own mum.

A séance

It wouldn’t be within most people’s reality field, perhaps, but it was there in mine.  So feeling like a character at a séance in some grainy old black and white movie, I sat down at my computer, held my pendulum in one hand and typed:

Mum, are you there?

Immediately the crystal started to twitch.  Calmly and smoothly it moved to Y…E…S then circled in neutral position.

That was easy.

So I asked some questions.  The replies flowed effortlessly and clearly.  I’d apparently done the right thing by letting her go.


She was able to tell me some of the things I’d said during those last days at her bedside and she told me she approved of the funeral plans – even thanked me for it.

That all felt great.

Next I asked whether she had any message for my brother.  Predictably, she said he was working too hard and should take more time out to be with his wife.

Predictably!  That was my problem – it was all too predictable!  I was allowing those nagging doubts to start encroaching on my reality field:
Was I imposing what I’d like her to say on my pendulum?  Was it picking up my expectations rather than her words?

So I did what I always do when such doubts start to emerge – I asked for proof.  Could she, I asked, give me a message that would be meaningful to herself and my brother, but not to me?

The response was smooth and instant: V..A..D..E..R

Vader??  Well it certainly meant nothing to me, but I duly passed the whole message on to him and waited.

He picked my email up when he woke in Hong Kong, the following morning.  Later in the day, he sent me this response:

Having read this message quite early this morning, I carried on and got ready for a production meeting we were having in town for an event this week. The Vader reference from Mum I thought was going to be a sign for me to see, as I had no memory of Mum and I discussing the intricacies of Jedi ways or indeed Lord Vader himself! Eddie Izzard’s wonderful sketch about Darth Vader turning up in the Death Star canteen went through my mind but again I never remember sharing it with Mum!

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Pano View from ICC

I got on the train and went to my meeting. I arrived for the meeting which was being held in an amazing meeting room on top of the highest hotel in the world, The Ritz Carlton. It is often in cloud but today the clouds were passing quickly so every few moments they unveiled a stunning view of Hong Kong Harbour. ‘It’s a bit like heaven here sometimes with all the clouds’ said the lady who showed me to the meeting room.

Star Wars - Darth Vader

The meeting started just after 10.  J_ the video man arrived late. He entered the room, apologised and sat next to me. I looked across as he placed his Mac Book Air on the table. On the top of his computer he had a large stencil of Darth Vader…………Hello Mum!




For more information on ‘reality fields’ and creating your own reality, see LIFE: A PLAYER’S GUIDE